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3 days ago

Do you prefer playing games alone or with others? 👥 ________________________________________ My usual sidekick is my dog 🐶 if you saw my story today, you'll see that she needs some persuading to sit through Fallout sessions sometimes 👀 in general, I'm a big fan of the single-player campaign experience. In saying that; I really enjoy couch co-op with my partner and also enjoy hanging out with my friends across the globe on multiplayer mode 🙏🏻 so my question for you today, is which do you prefer and why? ________________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @ruthlesslyruffles @metalgearkitty @deadbeatgamer @reddensraids @ratchet301 @pause_gamer @scottish_gamer_guy @sunnysterr @brad0nl1ne @sir .prox @sixxinski_gaming @_itsmanna_ @shiftyaura @gamer_attitude @jessicas_arcade @amy_amy_amyyy_gamer @gamerartistic @thewildhuntress_ @geekyreaper @sikvsski ________________________________________ #gamingpartner #interiorinspirations #scandiinspo #daschundsofinstagram #couchcoop #multiplayergaming #multiplayergames

6 days ago

Are you a Fallout fan? ☢️ ________________________________________ Lately I've found myself exploring the vast wastelands of Fallout again and I'm enjoying every second of it. Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 are both very divisive games in their own right but I'm a massive fan of them both. Recently picked up the steelbook edition for Fallout 4 and I can feel myself falling in love with it all over again. Are you a fan of the Fallout franchise? If so, which is your favourite game and why? 🧐 Hope you're all doing well and have the best weekend; whatever you are able to do 🦁 ________________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @ruthlesslyruffles @metalgearkitty @deadbeatgamer @reddensraids @ratchet301 @pause_gamer @scottish_gamer_guy @sunnysterr @brad0nl1ne @sir .prox @sixxinski_gaming @_itsmanna_ @shiftyaura @gamer_attitude @jessicas_arcade @amy_amyy_amyyyygamer @gamerartistic @geeky_reaper @thewildhuntress_ @sikvsski ________________________________________ #falloutgame #vaultboy #lockdownlife #falloutnewvegas #fallout3 #wastelandweekend #steelbookcollection #quarantinelife

2 weeks ago

If you could only take 3 things with you to a deserted island, what would you take? 🏝️ ________________________________________ I couldn't find any cherries or pears, so this particular shot includes; badly bruised apples, oranges and a random frozen berry mix which started melting immediately 😅 technicalities aside, the new Animal Crossing is insanely good and couldn't have been released at a better time. Since the last Animal Crossing I played was Wild World when I was around 10 years old, it's a total nostalgia trip intertwined with some really cool new features and I'm totally addicted ✨ ________________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @ruthlesslyruffles @metalgearkitty @deadbeatgamer @reddensraids @ratchet301 @pause_gamer @scottish_gamer_guy @sunnysterr @brad0nl1ne @sir .prox @sixxinski_gaming @_itsmanna_ @shiftyaura @gamer_attitude @jessicas_arcade @amy_amy_amyyy_gamer @gamerartistic @thewildhuntress_ @geek .disorder ________________________________________ #nintendoswitchgames #animalcrossingnewhorizons #newhorizons #fruitbowl #switchgames #quarantineandchill #gamecollection #tomnook

2 weeks ago

Do videogames help you with stress? 🤯 If so, which ones help you the most? ________________________________________ Good morning everyone ☕ hope you're all well. I've been playing a lot of Animal Crossing lately, which seems to have had a massive calming effect and inspired me to make this post (so essentially, Tom Nook is responsible for this one 😅 ). Some of you may enjoy the repetitive nature of simulation games and find that it can help you relax and unwind. Others may enjoy the sociability of playing online and exploring vast landscapes with friends, or getting high kill streaks in competitive shooters. Or maybe you find that games which incorporate problem solving elements are particularly therapeutic 🌿 either way - however you play - let me know what helps you the most 🙌🏻 ________________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @ruthlesslyruffles @metalgearkitty @deadbeatgamer @reddensraids @ratchet301 @pause_gamer @scottish_gamer_guy @sunnysterr @brad0nl1ne @sir .prox @sixxinski_gaming @_itsmanna_ @shiftyaura @gamer_attitude @jessicas_arcade @amy_amyy_amyyyygamer @gamesartistic @thewildhuntress_ ________________________________________ #nintendoswitchgames #animalcrossingnewhorizons #coffeeprops #nintendoworld #gamingphotography #quarantineandchill #chocolatechunk #maldonsalt

2 weeks ago

Have you played the Resident Evil 3 Demo? 🧟‍♂️ ________________________________________ Managed to play through it earlier without having a heart attack but I'd be lying if I said I didn't scream on a few occasions 👀 as much as I like them, I'm a nervous wreck when it comes to horror games. Racoon City looks absolutely amazing and Nemesis is as terrifying as ever 💀 although I was on edge throughout the entire thing, I had a lot of fun. Once I've completed a few more titles in the old backlog, I'll definitely be picking this up at some point in the future. Hope you're all having a wonderful evening ✨ ________________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @ruthlesslyruffles @metalgearkitty @deadbeatgamer @reddensraids @ratchet301 @pause_gamer @scottish_gamer_guy @sunnysterr @brad0nl1ne @sir .prox @sixxinski_gaming @_itsmanna_ @shiftyaura @gamer_attitude @jessicas_arcade @amy_amyy_amyyyygamer @gamesartistic ________________________________________ #residentevil #racooncity #capcomgames #residentevil3 #jillvalentine #residentevilnemesis #nemesis #zombies

3 weeks ago

If you could have any superpowers, which would you choose? 🦸🏼‍♀️ ________________________________________ Good afternoon to you all 👋🏻 I hope that you're all well. Later this evening I'm planning on finally playing Control. It's all installed and ready to go and I can't wait to dive in and explore the oldest house 👀 I love the case for this particular edition, it reminds me of molten lava or some kind of interdimensional monster. On another note, wouldn't it be great to have a superpower right now? Out of everything I'd probably choose telekinesis! Essentially, I just wanna be like Jesse Faden or Eleven from Stranger Things 😅 teleportation would be a great power to have right now and I've always liked the idea of flying too, I just don't think I'd manage to pull that off very gracefully! Which superpowers would you choose? ________________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @ruthlesslyruffles @metalgearkitty @deadbeatgamer @reddensraids @ratchet301 @pause_gamer @scottish_gamer_guy @sunnysterr @brad0nl1ne @sir .prox @sixxinski_gaming @_itsmanna_ @shiftyaura @gamer_attitude @jessicas_arcade @amy_amyy_amyyyygamer ________________________________________ #controlthegame #jessefaden #theoldesthouse #xboxcontroller #gamingaccessories #steelbookedition #limitededition #superpowers #telekinesis #teleportation #gamingaddict #alanwake

3 weeks ago

Do you have a sweet tooth? 🍭 Ventured out yesterday in search of a sugar fix from my favourite local coffee shop and bakery. It was well worth it and the double fudge brownie doughnuts were out of this world 👏🏻 ________________________________________ Spent the majority of the evening trying to relax by making my way through Death Stranding. I've officially decided that the BTs terrify me. When they appear, it kind of reminds me of that feeling you get when you've walked through a spider web but can't see the spider 😬 still enjoying it a lot so far. I really enjoy the methodical process of planning delivery routes. It's very therapeutic, even though it often doesn't go to plan 😅 As a new week begins, I hope you're all in good health. Remember to check up on those you care about today, especially those that are particularly anxious. We're all kind of like Sam Porter right now, reaching out across the world and making tiny connections that bring us all closer together. ________________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @ruthlesslyruffles @metalgearkitty @deadbeatgamer @reddensraids @ratchet301 @pause_gamer @scottish_gamer_guy @pausegamer @sunnysterr @brad0nl1ne @sir .prox @sixxinski_gaming @_itsmanna_ @shiftyaura @gamer_attitude @jessicas_arcade @amy_amy_amyyy_gamer ________________________________________ #doughnuts #deathstranding #consoleexclusive #normanreedus #hideokojima #sweettooth #donutsandcoffee #deathbeforedecaf #flatwhite #coffeetime

3 weeks ago

What brings you joy in times of despair? 🤔 ________________________________________ It's not everyday you come across a burned out car while walking the dogs 🤷🏼‍♀️ it almost felt like a sign of the times and reminded me a lot of The Last of Us Part 2 PS4 theme 🌿 It also made me think. Although the Coronavirus poses a real threat to the physically vulnerable individuals in our society and the global economy, it's all the news is focusing on lately and it's very disheartening 👀 As a result, I've found myself actively looking for things that bring me joy. I find that humour seems to be universally appreciated in times like this, so if you have a good joke, I invite you to tell it in the comments and maybe make someone forget about their worries for a minute or so. If not, let me know what brings you happiness ✨ ________________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @ruthlesslyruffles @metalgearkitty @deadbeatgamer @reddensraids @ratchet301 @scottish_gamer_guy @pause_gamer @sunnysterr @brad0nl1ne @sir .prox @sixxinski_gaming @_itsmanna_ @shiftyaura @jessicas_arcade @gamer_attitude ________________________________________ #naughtydog #thelastofuspartii #thelastofusremastered #consolegaming #postapocalypse #theroad #dyinglight #dyinglight2 #survivalist #gamingcommunity #consolegamer

3 weeks ago

Do you prefer exploring cityscapes or natural environments in games? 🌃 ________________________________________ This morning I was playing The Last of Us and the thought occured to me, "do I find urban landscapes or natural surroundings more interesting to explore?" and I couldn't come to a conclusion. I pulled a few screenshots of different games I've played over the past year and decided to ask you guys your opinion on which you prefer 🌿 I would say both are equally as exciting to explore, but it very much depends on the context of the game itself. Hope you're all having a wonderful week so far 🦁 ________________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @ruthlesslyruffles @metalgearkitty @deadbeatgamer @reddensraids @ratchet301 @scottish_gamer_guy @pause_gamer @sunnysterr @brad0nl1ne @sixxinski_gaming @_itsmanna_ @shiftyaura @sir .prox ________________________________________ #urbanjungle #naturalenvironment #thecapturedcollective #gamergram #tombraider #reddeadredemption2 #arthurmorgan #grandtheftauto #thelastofusremastered #joelandellie

4 weeks ago

1000 followers ⚡ We now have 1000 lions and lionesses in this wonderful pride and I can't thank you all enough for your continued support 🦁 for so long, I wanted to make a page where I would be able to share my passion and engage with people from all over the world in discussions about various topics. I'm so happy that I did. I've made some lovely friends on here and I really enjoy hearing everyone's different perspectives and seeing the unbelievable amount of creativity. I appreciate each and every single one of you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you 🤍 Also, we can't forget the question of the day! So with the theme of the post in mind, I want to know.. what's your favourite type of cake? 🧐 mine is red velvet, or anything with sprinkles 🥳 ________________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @videogames .addict @ruthlesslyruffles @metalgearkitty @deadbeatgamer @reddensraids @ratchet301 @scottish_gamer_guy @pause_gamer @sunnysterr @brad0nl1ne @sixxinski_gaming @_itsmanna_ @shiftyaura ________________________________________ #milestone #communitysupport #gamingcommunity #sweettooth #whitelions #consolegaming #xboxexclusive #playstationexclusive #retrogames #minimalis #gamecollecting #instagames

4 weeks ago

Do you like Stranger Things? If so, which is your favourite season? ✨ ________________________________________ Started playing Stranger Things 3 on the Switch yesterday, which I didn't know existed until about a week ago! It's an Arcade style game with lots of puzzles and different levels to explore. They've got the soundtrack spot on and multiple choices have been incorporated into it. The loading screens are a bit of a pain and I wish they'd added a bit more lore and collectables, but overall if you're a Stranger Things fan like me, I'm confident you'll enjoy it 🙌🏻 This game has me thinking though.. I'd really love to see a fully fledged open world RPG Stranger Things game. You could have different chapters and a couple of playable characters throughout. Imagine being able to explore Hawkins on a bicycle and play games in the Palace Arcade with the gang, or eat Eggos with Hopper and then fight Demogorgons ⚡ ________________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @videogames .addict @ruthlesslyruffles @metalgearkitty @deadbeatgamer @reddensraids @ratchet301 @scottish_gamer_guy @pause_gamer @sunnysterr @brad0nl1ne @sixxinski_gaming @_itsmanna_ @shiftyaura ________________________________________ #strangerthingsgame #hawkinsindiana #hawkins #arcadegames #retrogaming #strangerthingsseason3 #nintendoswitch #nintendo #digitallibrary #gamingonthego #vhsaesthetic #90saesthetic #minimalism

4 weeks ago

What would you want to see from GTA 6? 🧐 With reports of Rockstar working on their new game, you can't help but wonder what the future is for Grand Theft Auto. If we get a sixth installment, I'd love to see the influence of Vice City in terms of aesthetic and soundtrack and also have a female playable character to switch things up. In saying that, I'd be more or less happy with whatever direction they took it, as long as the story was good and it had similar gameplay mechanics to Red Dead Redemption 2. What would you want from the game? ________________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @videogames .addict @ruthlesslyruffles @metalgearkitty @deadbeatgamer @reddensraids @ratchet301 @scottish_gamer_guy @pause_gamer @sunnysterr @brad0nl1ne @sixxinski_gaming ________________________________________ #gta5 #gta #gtaonline #rockstargames #vicecity #gamingcommunity #gta6 #bully2 #20thanniversary #ps2games #retrogaming #playstation #xbox360games #ps2collection #nostalgicgames

4 weeks ago

What do you want to see from The Last of Us @hbo series? 🌿 Last night, @lvlup_gaming informed me that HBO have commissioned a series on TLoU and I was absolutely blown away. This company have produced some of the greatest shows, including The Sopranos, Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire so I'm absolutely delighted that they've added TLoU to the list. I'm so happy it follows Joel and Ellie as opposed to being a new spin off. I would love to see parts of Ellie's life we miss between Part 1 and Part 2 of the games, and @lvlup_gaming was telling me how amazing it would be to see an episode with our man Joel before the Cordyceps Virus sh*t storm kicked off which would also be brilliant. What do you want to see from the series? 🏹 Also, please excuse the lack of sharpness in the photos. I've tried to lighten them up a bit but they don't have the usual pop, apart from that nasty cut on Ellie's head 😬 ________________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @videogames .addict @ruthlesslyruffles @metalgearkitty @deadbeatgamer @reddensraids @scottish_gamer_guy @pause_gamer @ratchet301 @sunnysterr @brad0nl1ne @sixxinski_gaming ________________________________________ #thelastofuspart2 #hbo #neildruckmann #consolegaming #playstation #ps5 #playstationexclusive #thelastofuspartii #ellie #apocalypse #postapocolyptic #hboseries #thesopranos #boardwalkempire #tlou #naughtydog

5 weeks ago

What is your favourite type of Arcade game? 🤔 Dropped by NQ64 in Manchester last week and wasn't disappointed. For all it was a modest size, it was a neon-lit paradise. They had drinks based on classic videogames and tonnes of Arcade games including: Street Fighter, House of the Dead, Tekken 2, The Simpson's Arcade game, Double Dragon and all the good stuff! Personally, I sway more towards beat 'em ups like Mortal Kombat or shooters like Time Crisis or T2: Judgement Day 🦾 what about you? __________________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @videogames .addict @ruthlesslyruffles @metalgearkitty @deadbeatgamer @reddensraids @scottish_gamer_guy @pause_gamer @sunnysterr @brad0nl1ne @sixxinski_gaming @_itsmanna_ __________________________________________ #arcadegames #nq64 #manchester #nightlife #arcadephotoshoot #tekken #doubledragon #streetfighter2 #streetfighter #pinballmachine #pinball #xmen #starwarsgames #houseofthedead #timecrisis #retrogames #retrogaming #80saesthetic

last month

Do you think Ellie will survive in The Last of Us Part II? 🌿 Let me start by saying I really f*cking hope so! However, it's a question I've been debating ever since the first few trailers dropped. I know that a lot of us are worried about the fate of Joel - which is enough to give anyone sleepless nights - but my concern also lies with the fate of Ellie as she travels down this dark path. After all, vengeance seldom brings what the avenger seeks. What do you guys think? Also, a massive thank you to the legendary @lvlup_gaming for giving me this Ellie art piece a few weeks ago 🤍 I'll pop some more photos in my story so you can see it in more detail. __________________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @videogames .addict @ruthlesslyruffles @metalgearkitty @deadbeatgamer @reddensraids @scottish_gamer_guy @pausegamer @sixxinski_gaming @brad0nl1ne __________________________________________ #thelastofuspartii #thelastofus #naughtydog #thelastofusedit #gamergram #gamingaddict #girlpower #thelastofusellie

last month

Is there a game you'd love to play on a particular platform that isn't currently possible? 🎮 Good morning! Hope you're all well and have had a great start to your weekend 🙌🏻 Lately, I've been thinking about the much anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 and how I'd love to be able to play it on the Switch so I could take it everywhere I go. Although CD Projekt Red recently released The Witcher for Switch, I just can't see the device being able to handle the demanding specs of Cyberpunk 2077 from a graphical and technical standpoint. At this point it seems like it's just wishful thinking, but I suppose a girl can dream 😂 _______________________________________ Also, a big shout-out to @ludostechs . Bought these earphones around a month ago at a very reasonable price on Amazon and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of them. And obviously, had to go for the black and yellow Kill Bill colour 😅 _______________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @videogames .addict @ruthlesslyruffles @metalgearkitty @deadbeatgamer @reddensraids @proximos_lair @ratchet301 @brad0nl1ne @scottish_gamer_guy @pause_gamer @sixxinski_gaming _____________________________________ #cyberpunk2077 #nightcity #cdprojektred #manchester #girlswhogame #playstationexclusive #xboxexclusive #gamingaddict #gamingonthego #nintendo #nintendoswitch #gamingaccessories #keanureeves #cyberpunk2020 #sciencefiction

last month

What is the hardest decision you've ever had to make in a game? ✨ I love having a sense of agency within videogames so last night I started to play through Detroit: Become Human for the second time. I attempted to choose different paths I normally wouldn't go down and so far, it's been bloody hard 😭 The relationship between Kara and Alice pulls at my heartstrings and the first scenario always has me in tears. So much appreciation for this beautiful game. If you haven't played it, right now the PlayStation store has it on digitally for £9.99 which is the cheapest I've seen so far. In my opinion, it's worth every penny. It really challenges your concept of morality and ethics and I truly feel that it's a game everyone should play at least once 🙌🏻 __________________________________________ Also, just a heads-up that I'm in Manchester for the next few days and I'll be running around like a headless chicken so I won't be as active on here as I am normally. If you've entered the giveaway, don't forgot that the prize draw is on Friday and to tune into my stories where I'll be revealing the winner. Have a good week guys!🤘🏻 __________________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @videogames .addict @ruthlesslyruffles @metalgearkitty @deadbeatgamer @reddensraids @ratchet301 @sunnysterr @proximos_lair __________________________________________ #detroitbecomehuman #artificialintelligence #capturedcollective #gamergram #gamingonthego #girlswhogame #ps5 #gamingcommunity #detroitbecomehumanedit #playstationexclusive #multiplechoice #virtualphotography #ethicaldilemma

last month

Which stack would you choose? 🥞 Happy Pancake day everyone! I usually forget about it every year then remember 3 days later and have a frantic attempt at making some, but not this year as thankfully my girlfriend reminded me 😅 so in an attempt to make 'Birthday cake' style American pancakes I discovered inspiration for this photo. My physical collection of games is nothing to write home about but if I'd added a few more, the pancakes themselves would have been like the leaning tower of Pisa 🥴 also, one last important question. Which is superior.. waffles, or pancakes? 🤔 __________________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @videogames .addict @ruthlesslyruffles @metalgearkitty @deadbeatgamer @reddensraids @ratchet301 __________________________________________ #pancakeday #shrovetuesday #stackedup #xbox #retrogames #handheldgaming #girlswhogame #wintersun #birthdaycake #americanpancakes

last month

*CLOSED* There are now over 500 of you following me, so I've decided to do a small giveaway as a token of my appreciation. __________________________________________ Prizes include: Minimalist Death Stranding print (12.7 x 17.78cm ) Death Stranding wristband. Fragile Express sticker (suitable for your laptop or your forehead ). Plant not included 😂 __________________________________________ All you have to do to enter is be following me and comment below telling me something you are grateful for in your life. Whether that be videogames, your dog, or that really nice cup of coffee you had this morning! Whatever it is, let me know in the comments below 🧐 tagging or sharing this post is not necessary, but if you decide to do either it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support, it means the world to me. We're almost at 700 followers now and I can't believe it! I hope this small but humble offering shows you how much I appreciate you guys 🤘🏻 Last but certainly not least, good luck! __________________________________________ PLEASE NOTE: I will be using a random name generator so everyone has an equal chance. This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram. This is also an international giveaway and I will be shipping it to you at no cost. The winner will be announced in my stories on the 28th February 🎉 __________________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @videogames .addict @ruthlesslyruffles @deadbeatgamer @metalgearkitty @reddensraids __________________________________________ #deathstranding #deathstrandingedit #consolegaming #consolegaming #winter #gamingcommunity #gamergram #normanreedus #coffeetable #playstationexclusive #hideokojima #minimalism #aesthetic #minimali

last month

Has there ever been a game you're really wanted to complete, but everytime you try something comes up? 🤔 With a new Bioshock in the works, it got me thinking about the original trilogy. I played these games so much throughout my teenage years with the exception of 'Bioshock: Infinite', which I've tried on at least 5 separate occasions to play through but have never made it all the way, which is strange because I enjoyed the gameplay and thought that the environment was a refreshing change.. even though Rapture is by far my favourite 😅 hope you've all had a wonderful weekend so far ✨ __________________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @videogames .addict @ruthlesslyruffles @deadbeatgamer __________________________________________ #bioshock #bioshockinfinite #bioshocktrilogy #rapture #andrewryan #playstationnation #consolegaming #classicgames #bigdaddy #gamergram #seasideview #seaside #beach #rainydays #wintersun #consoleplayer

last month

What was the last game to make you laugh and why? 👀 Not so long ago I started playing 'West of Loathing' which is a bit like Red Dead Redemption's long lost cousin 🥴 I play as 'Shelley Simmons' who has decided to leave her family home and find herself by travelling around the Wild West. She meets a whole host of colourful characters and there have been multiple times where I've laughed out loud at the silliness of some of her encounters. She also has a horse who I particularly like named 'Sly Sue', who has a nervous disposition and is always on edge. However, underneath the humourous storyline and ironic art style lies quite an in depth RPG that you could spend hours on. Well worth picking up if you have a Switch 🙌🏻 if you're an Xbox or PlayStation gamer, what other games have made you laugh? __________________________________________ THE LION'S DEN 🦁 @lvlup_gaming @rebelmantis @cristianstarkiller @weirdogamer_ @gtvreviews @lilleblake @gamerdad16 @_thelastofusfanpage @mingeyflan_games @videogames .addict @ruthlesslyruffles __________________________________________ #handheldgaming #handheldgames #handheldgamer #nintendo #tabletopgames #rpggames #saturdaymorning #gamingonthego #gamergram #gamingcommunity #consolegaming #westofloathing #switch

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What is your favourite game based on a Movie franchise? 🎥 This feels like the most controversial question I've asked yet 😅 we all know that historically, the majority of Movie tie-in games are pretty bad.. time and time again we've told ourselves the same lie, "but maybe this one will be different!" only to be bitterly disappointed once more 🤷🏼‍♀️ but that's not to say that there haven't been a few exceptions over time. For me, those exceptions have been Spider-Man 2 (those pizza delivery missions were the bomb ), King Kong and the Jurassic Park arcade shooters 🦖 __________________________________________ #jurassicpark #arcade #arcadegames #arcadeshooter #spidermangame #arcadeclub #videogames #kingkong #krakowarcademuseum #80saesthetic #90saesthetic #movies #retrogames #retrogaming #retro

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What was your favourite game when you were a kid? 🎮 In those days, I feel like I was much more satisfied playing one title for months until a Birthday or Christmas came around and I could get a new game 😅 even though I have more choice as an adult, I do miss when I was able to have one game for ages and not feel I was missing out on some other amazing title 🤔 imagine the backlog if I did that now though, it's already long enough 😅 My ultimate game when I was little was Jak & Daxter on the PS2 🙌🏻 other games I considered top tier and played throughout my childhood were Ratchet & Clank, The Simpson's: Night of The Living Treehouse of Horror and this PS1 game called '40 Winks' which I don't hear a lot of people talking about and it was so much fun, if not a little infuriating when you died! (patience was not my strong point as a 5 year old ). What were your favourites? ✨ __________________________________________ #handheldgaming #treehouseofhorror #handheldgamer #gameboycolor #gameboylife #thrifted #90skid #90saesthetic #gamingcommunity #handheldgames #gamecartridge #retrogames #girlawhogame

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What would you want to see from Spider-Man 2? 🕸️ The thought struck me a few days ago after hopping on the PlayStation to play the first game and grab some screenshots. Shortly afterwards, I met up with my good friend @lvlup_gaming and was kindly gifted the beautiful Spider-Man Art of The Game book as one of my late birthday presents - which I took as a massive sign - and had to start a discussion about it with you all and hear your opinions 🤔 (spoilers ahead ) I feel like the last time we saw 'Spider-man' and '2' in the same sentence, we were blessed with one of the greatest movies in the franchise, alongside the PS2 game that came with it. Though Insomniac did a stellar job with the latest installment, expectations are naturally high for a sequel. Even if there was a second game and it wasn't that great, I'd probably still play through the entire campaign and love it, aslong I was in the Sam Raimi suit 😂 ideally though, I'd love to see Mysterio or Venom as one of the main villains and see Miles explore his new found powers. Though in this universe, I really hope Peter Parker doesn't die. I'd be devastated! What are your thoughts? __________________________________________ #spiderman #spidermanfans #samraimi #gameartbook #gamingaddict #gamingcommunity #stickandpoke #gamingaddict #playstationexclusive #insomiacgames #consolegaming #ps4 #peterparker #marvelfans