@weirdleo981 Maryam💜🖤

You're always with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company. 😀Morning person😀 Yoga - Beginner (Almost intermediate ) Makeup Lover🤓🙈🧕

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2 days ago

I am sick 😭 @k_k_1425 because I stayed up late 😒 Aristotle P.S :- I ENJOYED THE WEDDING ❤

5 days ago

Skincare !!! 👉👉👉👉 Swipe right for the pictorial Pic 1:- Final face Pic 2:- I cleansed my face first with a @biotique_world cleanser and then applied Charcoal mask *it isn't harsh for your skin unless you have a sensitive skin type* Pic 3:- oats mask ( oats and honey mixture, leave it on for 10 mins and then wash it off with luke warm water ) Pic 4:- Gramflour (besan ), half a pinch turmeric powder and milk (make a thicker consistency ) Apply it and leave it on for 10 - 15 mins and wash it off. Lip mask (just fresh cream *malai* ) Pic 5:- Just for the extra glow I applied raw honey ( u can skip it if you want )

4 weeks ago

🤪blues❄ Foundation and Concealer :- @maybelline maybelline Fit me Eyeshadow :- @morphebrushes Jaclyn Hill and @hudabeauty Nude palette Brows:- @maybelline Lips:- @maybelline Highlighter and Contour:- @wetnwildbeauty

last month

Be grateful for everything! 🤩 Moisturiser: - @pondsindia Primer:- @maccosmeticsindia Foundation and Concealer: - @maybelline Eyeshadow:- @hudabeauty @morphebrushes @mynykaa Lipstick:- @mynykaa @huda Highlighter :- @swissbeautycosmetics Contour: - @wetnwildbeauty Lashes:- @kissproducts

last month

Ahh!! Sunday evenings are the best ❤ Books with some Yogi tea 🤩🧘‍♀️

last month

Happy NYE!! Excited? Alright! See you next decade 😂 #nye #nyresolution #instamakeup #makeupaddict #makeuplover

last month

Happy Holidays!! ❤

Dec 2019

Morning!! 🌞 Is it just me or does everyone like their fruits with spices? 🤣

Dec 2019

Love that chiseled cheek when love pizza too much 🍕

Nov 2019

Half cut crease and an Ombre` lip - Purple 💜 Moisturizer:- @ponds Primer:- @nyxcosmetics Foundation:- @maybelline Concealer :- @lagirlcosmetics Eyeshadow:- @hudabeauty Nude palette Brows :- @maybelline Highlighter:- @maybelline Contour:- @wetnwildbeauty Bronzer:- @trysugar Lips:- @hudabeauty Bombshell and Crush Setting spray:- @nyxcosmetics

Nov 2019

Sunset look 🌅.. 😖It took me an hour to do one eye .. by that time I was pretty tired and so I did not complete the face ... And I couldn't decide what to post so I posted both the pics I took .. swipe ➡️to see the detailed look.. Did my first colourful look .. Using Eyeshadow : @hudabeauty nude eyeshadow palette .. And @morphebrushes @jaclynhill palette Eyebrows:- @wetnwildbeauty @maybelline Highlighter: - @maybelline In gold Concealer :- @lagirlcosmetics @makeuprevolutionindia Primer :- @nyxcosmetics_baltics Setting powder :- @maybelline Eyeliner : @lakmeindia Eyeliner in waterline @lakmeindia eyeconic kajal in green .. HOPE YOU LIKE IT ❤

Nov 2019

Feeling cold already .. "Winter is coming" P.S:- My nose is running!

Nov 2019

Happy Sunday!! 🌞 Moisturizer:- @ponds Lip balm:- @niveaindia Foundation & Concealer: - @maybelline Eyeshadow:- @hudabeauty NUDE PALETTE & @morphebrushes @jaclynhill Palette Contour: - @wetnwildbeauty Bronzer:- @benefitindia Highlighter: - @wetnwildbeauty Eyeliner: - @lakmeindia Mascara:- @maybelline Setting powder:- @lakmeindia Lipstick :- @colourpopcosmetics #instamakeup #makeupaddict #makeuplover #quadfam #skincare #happysunday #fall #eyebrowsonfleek

Nov 2019

I don't know what it will take me to smile😂 but my brother's camera is GOOD !! We all love a good glowy and dewy skin in winters and as "WINTER IS COMING" I have posted this look .. Thanks for giving love and inspiration @sumannirankari4801 Moisturizer:- @pondsindia Lipbalm:- @niveaindia Liquid highlighter:- @swissbeautycosmetics Foundation:- @maybelline Concealer: - @maybelline Brows:- @wetnwildbeauty Eyeshadow:- @morphebrushes @jaclynhill jaclyn hill palette Liner:- @lakmeindia Highlighter:- @wetnwildbeauty Blush:- @lakmeindia Lipstick:- @nykaabeauty Gloss:- @covergirl #makeupaddict #instamakeup #skincare #dewymakeup #winter

Oct 2019


Oct 2019

Really enjoying SHORT hair .. 💜🖤💜 Look inspired by @smithadepak

Oct 2019

Huff!! My arms got sore after braiding these french braids.. Btw In love with this look and also I got my eyeliner perfect!! ❤❤⚡⚡⚡❤

Sep 2019

Happy Sunday!! 😻

Sep 2019

God!! I am bored!! 😭🤢

Sep 2019

Black Smokey eye and an Ombrè lip 🤪 Primer- @lakmeindia Foundation - @maybelline Concealer- @lagirlcosmetics Face powder- @lakmeindia Contour- @wetnwildbeauty Bronzer - @trysugar Highlighter- @makeuprevolution Eyeshadow- @hudabeauty and @swissbeautycosmetics Lip- @hudabeauty and Lip gloss- @covergirl Definitely not a beauty guru angle 🤣 All of my creativity oozes out during examination Swipe ➡️

Sep 2019

Looks like I am turning into Voldemort😂😂look at my hand 🤣 AVARA KA DAVRA !!!!! #glsuniversity #presentation #voldemort #avarakadavra 🏰✉⏳⚡

Jul 2019

"It's going to be a bumpy ride!!" -Harry Potter in a knight bus Greasy Face and scrambled scarf 🤯💩😹🙉🧕 @anushkajog .. this pic is without any sort of makeup 😒

Jun 2019

I hope my highlight doesn't blind u people 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓😅😅😅🤘🤘🤘What is up! #domfam #quadfam #dominiquecosmetics #smittens #livingmybestlife #womaninblack

Jun 2019

🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪OBSESSED with those specs ❤❤❤👓🙈 Makeup inspired by:- @denitslava Hijab:- @saimascorner and confidence:- @christendominique ❤🙈