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Embrace the good in every day with #twogoodyogurt 2g of total sugar ✨ per 5.3 oz cup 🥄

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3 weeks ago

This parfait is BANANAS!🍌 Sub out the ice cream for Two Good Greek lowfat yogurt to make this banana split yogurt parfait! Just slice a banana down the middle and layer with Two Good, fresh berries, granola, and peanut butter🥜​ #TwoGoodYogurt #GreekYogurt #Parfait #BananaSplit #Breakfast

4 weeks ago

To everyone who purchased Two Good or donated directly to @cityharvestnyc or @wedontwaste during Earth Week, thank you for helping us reach $100,000 that will help feed over 1,000,000 families! Making food go further is always good for you and good for others. So let’s keep the good going every week! #MakeFoodGoFurther

4 weeks ago

Take some time for yourself and enjoy breakfast in bed this Mother’s Day!💗🛏 #twogoodyogurt #mothersday #breakfastideas #breakfastgoals #breakfastinbed

5 weeks ago

Not that we need another excuse to eat tacos but today is Cinco De Mayo AND Taco Tuesday!🌮 Swap out sour cream for this yummy Lime Crema made with Two Good Plain Greek lowfat yogurt! In a bowl, combine Two Good Plain Greek lowfat yogurt, fresh lime juice, minced garlic, lime zest, and cilantro.​ #TwoGoodYogurt #CincoDeMayo #TacoTuesday #Tacos #GreekYogurt

last month

Talk about a berry GOOD way to start the day!☀️ 1. To make this easy Raspberry Chia Pudding, combine ¼ cup of chia seeds and 2 cups of vanilla almondmilk in a mason jar and let sit in the fridge for at least 4 hours. 2. When the chia pudding is set, layer crushed raspberries, chia pudding, and Two Good Raspberry Greek lowfat yogurt. 3. Top with fresh raspberries! #TwoGoodYogurt #TwoGoodRecipes #ChiaPudding #BreakfastIdeas #YogurtParfait #BreakfastRecipes #BreakfastGoals

last month

We’ve teamed up with renowned Chef @tomcolicchio in our mission to make food go further during Earth Week! Wet your appetite for this exclusive mini episode where Tom shows you how to prevent food waste at home while preparing one of his wife’s favorite recipes! Today’s dish: Yogurt Dressed Salad with Crispy Chickpea Croutons. Click the link in our bio to learn more about Two Good and how you can join the #MakeFoodGoFurther  movement. @cityharvestnyc @wedontwaste #FoodWaste #WasteNot #RecipeInspo #WhatsInYourFridge   #CookingVideo #HealthyRecipes #RecipeShare #EarthDay   #EarthDayEveryDay #LoveOurPlanet #GreenPeace

last month

In our mission to make food go further during Earth Week, we’ve partnered with renowned Chef @tomcolicchio for an exclusive mini recipe series—in Tom’s own kitchen! Tom shares tips and tricks on how to prevent food waste at home while making a 5-star recipe with Two Good lowfat yogurt. Today’s entree: lamb, eggplant and roasted tomato with yogurt relish. Click the link in our bio to learn more about Two Good, including how you can join the #MakeFoodGoFurther  movement. @cityharvestnyc @wedontwaste #FoodWaste #WasteNot #RecipeInspo #WhatsInYourFridge #CookingVideo #HealthyRecipes #RecipeShare #EarthDay   #EarthDayEveryDay #LoveOurPlanet #GreenPeace

last month

Trying to find ways to stretch food supplies at home and still eat well? You’re in luck, because we’ve partnered with renowned Chef @TomColicchio to bring you an exclusive mini recipe series—right from Tom’s own kitchen! In our mission to make food go further during Earth Week, Tom shows you how to make the best use of every ingredient to prevent food waste at home. Today’s entree: a savory salmon with asparagus and yogurt chutney. Click the link in our bio to learn more about Two Good and how you can join the #MakeFoodGoFurther movement. @cityharvestnyc @wedontwaste #FoodWaste #WasteNot #RecipeInspo #WhatsInYourFridge #CookingVideo #HealthyRecipes #RecipeShare #EarthDay #EarthDayEveryDay #LoveOurPlanet #GreenPeace

last month

Right now it’s important that we make our food go as far as possible. That’s why we’ve joined forces with @tomcolicchio to show us how to #MakeFoodGoFurther . Tune in during #EarthWeek for delicious recipes that make the best use of your food AND learn about our passion for food rescue and fighting hunger.

last month

That little bit of food every American throws away adds up to 38 million tons annually. Two Good wants to fight against food waste and food shortages/hunger at this critical time by partnering with food rescue organizations who are working to rescue food and fight food shortage. We've also teamed up with Chef @tomcolicchio during #EarthWeek for tips and tricks on how to #MakeFoodGoFurther – because a little good goes a long way!

last month

40% of all food in the US ends up in landfills, and experts agree that the pandemic will only add to the problem. That’s why 100% of our profits* from participating retailers during #EarthWeek will go to food rescue organizations @cityharvestnyc and @wedontwaste to help them fight hunger at this critical time. *Net profits after expenses - April 20 through April 26, 2020 - up to $100,000 to be donated to City Harvest and We Don’t Waste equally. #FoodWaste #WasteNot #EarthDayEveryday #LoveOurPlanet #TwoGood

Apr 2020

A little inspiration with every cup✨ #TwoGood #TwoGoodYogurt #YogurtParfait #GreekYogurt #BreakfastInspo #BreakfastIdeas

Mar 2020

Thank you to those on the front lines, helping to keep our communities going through this difficult time. - The Two Good Team @cityharvestnyc @wedontwaste

Mar 2020

Two Good is proud to be a part of the Danone North America family. We are partnering with organizations to provide food to people in need. Click the link in our bio to learn more! @cityharvestnyc @wedontwaste @communityfoodshare @feedingwestchester #OnePlanetOneHealth #NoHunger #IsolatedYetUnited

Mar 2020

This smoothie bowl is looking like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!🌈🍀 Here’s how we made this Saint Patrick’s Day treat: 1. In a blender, combine two cups of kiwi, one banana, two cups of spinach, one cup of the milk of your choice, and one 5.3oz container of Two Good Blueberry Greek lowfat yogurt. 2. Once fully blended, pour into a bowl and top with fresh strawberries, clementines, mango, kiwi, and blueberries! #TwoGoodYogurt #SaintPatricksDay #GreekYogurt #SmoothieBowl #FeelGoodFood #EatGoodFood #YogurtLover

Mar 2020

Our NEW Two Good Mango Hibiscus Greek lowfat yogurt is getting us in the mood for a tropical vacation🌴 Check out the store locator on our website to see where Mango Hibiscus is available near you!🥭🌺 #TwoGoodYogurt #NewFlavor #MangoHibiscus #YogurtParfait #GreekYogurt

Mar 2020

Did you know that we offer Vanilla and Plain Two Good Greek lowfat yogurt in quart sizes? The ultimate size for all your favorite recipes! #TwoGoodYogurt #GreekYogurt #FeelGoodFood #EatGoodFood #YogurtLover

Feb 2020

We don’t need another excuse to eat Two Good Strawberry Greek lowfat Yogurt, but today is National Strawberry Day, so we’ll take it!🍓 #twogood #twogoodyogurt #nationalstrawberryday #greekyogurt #yogurtparfait #feelgoodfood #eatgoodfood #yogurtlover

Feb 2020

There’s nothing like a GOOD post-workout smoothie with Two Good Blueberry-Greek Lowfat Yogurt, 2g of total sugar*! Check out our stories for the recipe💙 *per 5.3oz cup of Two Good Yogurt #twogoodyogurt #greekyogurt #greekyogurtrecipes #feelgoodfood #eatgoodfood #yogurtlover

Feb 2020

Who needs Valentine’s Day when you have Galentine’s Day? Grab your gals and celebrate with this fun yogurt parfait bar!❤️ #twogoodyogurt #galentinesday #valentinesday #yogurtparfait #galentinesbrunch #brunch #brunchgoals #brunchparty

Feb 2020

Who’s ready for the Big Game? More importantly, who’s ready for the game day snacks? We’re loving this easy Five Layer Dip using Two Good Plain Greek lowfat Yogurt instead of sour cream! In a cup, layer refried beans, guacamole, Two Good Plain Greek lowfat Yogurt, shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, and garnish with chopped chives. #twogoodyogurt #gamedayrecipes #fivelayerdip #greekyogurt #greekyogurtrecipes #feelgoodfood #eatgoodfood #yogurtlover

Jan 2020

We’re going nuts over this yogurt bowl topped with @culturedsnackingco Roasted Peanut Honey Probiotic Peanut Blend this National Peanut Butter Day!🥜 #twogoodyogurt #nationalpeanutbutterday #peanutbutter #culturedsnackingco #yogurtbowl #breakfast #breakfastbowl

Jan 2020

It’s a cherry GOOD day to make these Chocolate Cherry Yogurt Cups!🍒 Check out our story to see how we made these treats! 1. Crush one packet of chocolate graham crackers and add one stick of melted butter. 2. In muffin tins, sprinkle the crushed graham crackers to make the crust. 3. Then, layer on Two Good Black Cherry Low-Fat Greek Yogurt. 4. Swirl in cherry purée and top with chocolate curls. 5. Freeze for three hours and enjoy! (makes 12 Cherry Chocolate Cups ) #TwoGoodYogurt #GreekYogurt #GreekYogurtRecipe #GreekYogurtDessert #FeelGoodFood #EatGoodFood #YogurtLover #ProteinPacked

Jan 2020

✨GIVEAWAY CLOSED✨ To celebrate National Keto Day, we've partnered with @evianwater and @culturedsnackingco to offer a giveaway that's two GOOD to pass up! Here's how you can enter to win all of these amazing prizes: 1. Follow @twogoodyogurt on Instagram 2. Like our Keto Kit giveaway post 3. Tag two of your besties in the comments That's it! Winners will be randomly chosen on Monday, January 13th, 2020. For the full rules, visit: https://bit.ly/2ZTS8on