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13 hours ago

The Bengals Have Shown Interest In Michigan State LB Joe Bachie. ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

2 days ago

The Bengals Have Officially Signed DT D.J. Reader! ——— ✍️ 🐅 @djread ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

3 days ago

The Bengals Are “Ok” Just Using Tape For Every Top QB In The 2020 Draft Including Joe Burrow ——— They Couldn’t Visit Any Of The Prospects Due To The Covid-19 Disease ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

5 days ago

The Bengals Have Signed LB Jadeveon Clowney To A 4 Year 84 Million Dollar Deal! ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

5 days ago

Thoughts On The 2020 Bengals Draft Hat? ——— Is It A W Or L? ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

5 days ago

The Bengals Have Resigned CB Greg Mabin ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

5 days ago

The Bengals Have Cut CB Dre Kirkpatrick. ——— Thank You For Everything @drepic6 ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

1 weeks ago

Can We All Agree That Andy Dalton Is The Best Lead Blocker In The NFL 😤😂? ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

2 weeks ago

Everyone Double Tap To Wish A Happy Birthday To Geno Atkins! ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

2 weeks ago

The Bengals Are One Of The 2 Teams That Have Interest In Former XFL Wr Cam Phillips. ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

2 weeks ago

If Dalton To The Jaguars Happens Before The Draft What Would You Want Back For Him? (Realistically ) ——— Dalton To Jaguars Is Also Just A RUMOR. ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

2 weeks ago

The Bengals Are Planning To Trade QB Andy Dalton Before The Draft. ——— The Jaguars Are Expect To Make An Offer For Dalton. ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

2 weeks ago

If LSU Te Thaddeus Moss Slips In The Draft The Bengals Would Be Interested 👀 ——— Makes Perfect Sense Because Tyler Eifert Just Signed With The Jaguars A Few Days Ago ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

2 weeks ago

Shawn Williams At LB Could Be Scary 🤭🔥 ——— Do You Think Him Or Vonn Bell Will Play Box LB?——— Follow @tr3y_idk

2 weeks ago

The Bengals Will Be Listening To Offers For QB Andy Dalton But Will Possibly Keep Him As A “Mentor” For A Rookie QB 😬 ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

2 weeks ago

ICYMI-The Bengals Have Signed S Vonn Bell To A 3 Year Deal! ——— Great Pickup! ——— Welcome To Cincy @vonnbell ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

2 weeks ago

The Bengals Have Signed CB LeShaun Sims ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

2 weeks ago

ICYMI-The Chargers Have Signed LB Nick Vigil To A 1 Year Deal. ——— Explains The Bynes Signing ——— Sorry For The Late News/Took A Fat Nap Lol. ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

2 weeks ago

The Jaguars Have Signed TE Tyler Eifert To A 2 Year Deal. ——— Thank You For Everything 💔 ——— You Will Be Missed @tylereifert ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

2 weeks ago

ICYMI-The Bengals Are Signing LB Josh Bynes To A 1 Year Deal. ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

2 weeks ago

The Falcons Have Signed LB LaRoy Reynolds. ——— Best Of Luck @reignxdawg ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

3 weeks ago

That The Bengals Are In Talks With FA LB Josh Bynes But The Ravens May Try To Bring Him Back. ——— This Is Just A Rumor. ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

3 weeks ago

Talk To Em @boutdat_23 🗣 ——— Follow @tr3y_idk

3 weeks ago

The Bengals Are Signing Former Rams WR Mike Thomas To A 1 Year Deal. ——— Dude Has Burners. ——— Follow @tr3y_idk