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Little homemade version of my monogamy-by-the-fingernails-ballad, “I’ll Take Lonely Tonight”. 👉

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2 days ago

Thank you for posting this, Taylor. ❤️❤️❤️

6 days ago

Nice morning. x

1 weeks ago

What Mulvas said. 👇 • @katemulvany If you’re an Arts worker in NSW who needs assistance, please get in touch with @abfnsw . They’re ready and waiting. If you’re not in NSW, please check in with your local ABF, who are there for you too. Big love to all.

1 weeks ago

This is the sort of post my friends and family will rightfully ruthlessly mock me for... but which might also get me a bit-part as an unhinged prisoner in a shit action film, which is all I’ve ever actually wanted.

2 weeks ago

Face off.

2 weeks ago

Photo shoot. That’s the mysterious @damianbennettphoto , and @antonperry on the foam.

3 weeks ago

I’ll be performing on #TheStateOfMusic : Episode Three, also featuring @paulkelly plus @alex_lahey , @archieroachmusic , @megmacmusic , @mojojujumusic , Solo ( @horrorshowcrew ), @timfreedman , @vikaandlinda and more. You can stream live Saturday 16th May from 7pm AEST on the @victoriatogether Facebook, YouTube or together.vic.gov.au. More info and streaming links on timminchin.com.

4 weeks ago

What an idiot.

5 weeks ago

Hold tight. Pic by @damianbennettphoto of course. x

last month

So, yeah, anyway, a while ago I wrote a song that people seem to like called “I’ll Take Lonely Tonight”. A proper, studio-version will be released in about a month. It’s epic. I’m excited. MEANWHILE I’ve uploaded homemade, solo-iso version to YouTube. I’ll stick the link in the bio. I probably won’t leave it up for long, but I’m rather keen at the moment on encouraging young musos (or not-young musos ) to do versions of these songs. Makes me happy/weepy. To that end, I’ve also posted chords and lyrics here! (Swipe for them ). 😊❤️

last month

By popular demand: Chords and lyrics for Carry You, in the simplest key for guitar and piano. Missy sings it a tone and a half above this. I sing it a tone below. But the lord gave you transcription skills, or at least a capo, so... Go for it, you lovely bastards. xxx @missyhigginsmusic #upright2019

last month

Played piano for @missyhigginsmusic while she sang ‘Carry You’ for #MusicFromTheHomeFront tonight. 🎹 Link to vid in bio. ‪ #homefront

last month

Doing a little bit of piano playing on a special song for a special friend. (Hint. It’s Missy. )

last month

Photo by @kemaha . When was this, Kelly? 🤷‍♂️

last month

These two pictures just appeared one after another on my feed. One is Coogee Beach and the other is a rug. Cool.

last month

Update on mandiblescent follicular coverage

last month

@katemillerheidke 🥰😍❤️ #ausmusictshirtday

last month

Loads of people in Australia and the U.K. discovering Upright for the first time, which makes me very happy. Reminder: it’s on SkyAtlantic or NowTv in the UK. And Fox Showcase in Australia. All those services have free trials you can exploit. xx

last month

Look forward to Aussie conservative media writing click-bait headlines about this, given that they’re so breathlessly fucking interested in my work. (It’s me doing a bit of Hamlet, of all things, for #STCVirtual over at @sydneytheatreco & I do hope you enjoy 😊 ). Bless Aussie arts & the artists who sail in her. x

last month

last month

I loved this production so much. Miss my JC friends a lot. Watch it for free this weekend on you tube.

last month

🏠🔥 #HouseFyre by Briggs! (And me ). Link to full song in bio. Thoroughly recommend turning your volume up 10. Tis a #banger . Sales and Streams of this song are being donated to the #FNC19Appeal . Directed by @christiaanvanvuuren Produced by @producedbytrials

last month

I GOT TO DO A SONG WITH BRIGGS! Posted @withregram@senatorbriggs HouseFyre is what Me and @timminchin cooked up in Iso. We all still remember the fires. C’mon Scott, dont’t f*ck this up as well. You got one job, Level UP. Sales and Streams of this song are being donated to the #FNC19Appeal - Link in bio. 🏠🔥 #HouseFyre Directed by @christiaanvanvuuren Produced by @producedbytrials

last month

Hope you’re feeling warm and fuzzy. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️