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5 days ago

Happy Armed Forces Day to all my brothers and sisters 🇬🇧💚 . . #armedforces #armedforcesday #brotherhood #sisterhood

Apr 2020

House Hunting BTS Part II . On set at @stollveterans in central London . Early morning prep. Blocking, line running, final set dressing & essential coffee making . Link to film 🔗 https://youtu.be/ThZXWTgohts . Staring @lilyhowkins @velvetthunder123 @dean .helliwell @kcgardinerr . DOP @james_anderson_dop . Make-Up @rena .mcgregor.makeup @brockwoman . Sound and BTS @charlieomelville . Music 'Brothers in Arms' by Dire Straits @universalmusicgroup @umusicuk . Commissioned by @exeterphoenix @sea .grams . Thanks to @thermcharity @soldiersartsacademy @stollveterans . @rock2recoveryuk @declassnetwork @momorrisrm @uk_bootnecks @bootneckstuff @filmmkrs @britishfilminstitute @spotlightuk @bbcradiodevon @bbcradiomanchester . #film #filmset #writer #director #bts #cinematography #cinema #filmmaker #veterans #veteran #ptsd #mentalhealth #arrialexaxt #arri #grip #camera #recovery #talk #brotherhood #sisterhood #story

Apr 2020

House Hunting BTS Part I . On set at @stollveterans in central London . Catching the worm with an early morning set up . Link to film 🔗 https://youtu.be/ThZXWTgohts . Staring @lilyhowkins @velvetthunder123 @dean .helliwell @kcgardinerr . DOP @james_anderson_dop . Make-Up @rena .mcgregor.makeup @brockwoman . Sound & BTS @charlieomelville . Music 'Brothers in Arms' by Dire Straits @universalmusicgroup @umusicuk . Commissioned by @exeterphoenix @sea .grams . Thanks to @thermcharity @soldiersartsacademy @stollveterans . @rock2recoveryuk @declassnetwork @momorrisrm @filmmkrs @britishfilminstitute @spotlightuk . #film #filmset #writer #director #bts #cinematography #cinema #filmmaker #veterans #veteran #ptsd #mentalhealth #arrialexaxt #arri #grip #camera #recovery #talk #brotherhood #sisterhood #story

Mar 2020

This 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 . . Seriously though, please don't be this guy. Follow the guidelines, let's get through this together 🌍💛 . Young, old, strong, weak, everyone's a potential carrier... . #covid_19 #stayhome #besafe

Mar 2020

A glimpse into what combat related PTSD can look like. Scene from short film, 'House Hunting' . Based on a true story . Full film available on YouTube https://youtu.be/ThZXWTgohts . @velvetthunder123 @lilyhowkins @dean .helliwell @rena .mcgregor.makeup . @james_anderson_dop . . @exeterphoenix @aceagrams @thermcharity @soldiersartsacademy @britishfilminstitute @allcallsigns @jason_carl_fox @rock2recoveryuk . #mentalhealthawareness #ptsd #ptsdawareness #mentalhealth #recovery #veterans #veteran #film #cinema #cinematography

Feb 2020

Keeping the conversation going... . A photo of our discussion about mental health following the screenings of @big_brother_film @househuntingfilm . Both film's aim to explore the impact of war on serving personal and their families.

Feb 2020

Huge thank you to @exeterphoenix and @aceagrams for trusting me to make this film! . A real honour to be able to share this close to home story. Please give it a watch on YouTube, comment and share. It will help us to tell more.. . #househuntingshortfilm . The support on this journey is just incredible, this list is not exhaustive.. . @soldiersartsacademy @thermcharity @universalmusicpub_uk @james_anderson_dop @rich_pencott @velvetthunder123 @lilyhowkins @dean .helliwell @rena .mcgregor.makeup @kcgardinerr @lizziemounter @amandapullinfaber @jason_carl_fox @momorrisrm @michael__coates @declasspodcast

Feb 2020

Really proud to share this story. The first of two short films based on true stories. . Available to watch on YouTube now . #bigbrothershortfilm . Thank you to everyone who has supported us . @soldiersartsacademy @thermcharity @kobaltmusic @james_anderson_dop @rich_pencott @velvetthunder123 @secondhandrosey @lizziemounter @amandapullinfaber @tipcullen @dean .helliwell @nickytutu @jason_carl_fox @momorrisrm @michael__coates @royalmarines @uk_bootnecks

Dec 2019

Merry Christmas Brother . Our remembrance is everyday x . Frame formally mounted in the Legendary Two Trees, salvaged by @juniour_mcilhiney when it closed down 👊 . @royalmarines

Nov 2019

Very proud to tell this story @big_brother_film . 11.11.19 on BFBSExtra & ForcesTV . @forcesradiobfbs @forcesnews @thermcharity @rock2recoveryuk @seac_glennhaughton . #remembranceday

Oct 2019


Oct 2019

Megga proud of this film. It's a story that's close to home for a lot of us and I hope it helps atleast someone out there . @househuntingfilm . @james_anderson_dop @velvetthunder123 @lilyhowkins @dean .helliwell @kcgardiiner @charlieomelville . Link to the article ⬇️ . https://www.devon-cornwall-film.co.uk/2019/10/24/phil-spencer-through-my-words-i-can-create-powerful-images/ . @exeterphoenix @soldiersartsacademy @thermcharity @rock2recoveryuk @veteran .owned.uk

Sep 2019

Proud day for the corps family . . . . . @royalmarines1664 @thermcharity @rock2recoveryuk

Sep 2019

For Stu, for the fallen x . @thermcharity @rock2recoveryuk

Aug 2019

Throw back to an interesting few days. After this photo was taken, the lives of everyone in it changed forever. 💛💪 . @commando1664 @darlo8 @ben_js_williams @the_gavlar @commando1984 @mattstanners @rick_insta01 @btw1664 @mike_blewettsend_it @thermcharity @royalmarines1664

Jul 2019

Great to be invited here today @bbcbreakfast and talk about such great events and causes. . @soldiersartsacademy @weareinvictusgames @bbc @thermcharity @royalmarines1664 @helpforheroes @royalbritishlegion @veteran .owned.uk

Jun 2019

A very special moment today watching @amandapullinfaber and @tobiasellwoodmp sign the armed forces covenant for the @soldiersartsacademy . 2 very humble human beings passionate about supporting our armed forces & veterans . . . . . @thermcharity @royalmarines @royalnavy @britisharmy @royalairforceuk @hm_armed_forces @veteran .owned.uk @velvetthunder123 #armedforces #veteran #veterans #invictus #marines #royalmarines #commando #royalgreenjackets #royalnavy #raf #britisharmy #rada

May 2019

Great cause donate if you can 💛

May 2019

Stuart Shuttleworth RM. Rest easy brother. Heartbreaking. See you in the reorg X #limacompany @royalmarines_commandos @hm_armed_forces @bootneckstuff