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last month

Spinning my last Buster Keaton post. I only realised afterwards that you can spin that post to recreate the same effect! Try it yourself, swipe right for the looped footage and then spin your phone counterclockwise on a turntable. . . #InteractiveIG #interactivevideo #spinningvideo #BusterKeaton

last month

Putting my spin on an old Buster Keaton classic. ‘The High Sign’ was made in 1921 but watching Buster stuck in an endless loop, running around the house, feels like right now. 👉 Swipe to see how I looped and rotated the footage playing on the phone. . . #interactive #interactivevideo #spinningvideo #practicaleffects #TheAtHomeSeries #shotoniphone #BusterKeaton #stayhome

last month

Stop the clock. Made this fun little game that you can play too! Simply spin the phone on a turntable by hand until the clock appears stationary. Extra point if you can keep the clock the right way up. Win by spotting the 3 differences on the clock and the 2 hidden messages. You can download the rotating clock video from the link in my bio, then transfer it to your phone’s camera roll and set it up on a turntable as shown. Enjoy : ) 🕐🕑🕒🕓🕔 . . 📱⚠️ Please be careful not to spin it too fast or your phone could fly off! 😉 . . #videogame #interactive #interactivevideo #DIY #killingtime #TheAtHomeSeries #shotoniphone #stoptheclock

last month

Made this zoetrope paper lantern to brighten my work desk at home 🏮✨ . . . Music: ‘Headwaters Instrumental’ by Chad Crouch Print in background: ‘Thubaw Epi’ by Zacharia Gaidan #zoetrope #animation #design #turntable #shotoniphone #paperlantern #ZoetropeLantern

last month

Limitations spark my creativity. In this particular time I have felt inspired by our common experience to keep making things with what I have around me. Proud to share my creativity with the world in this wonderful film from @Apple .

last month

Teaching the kids how to make an animated disc is a maths, art and science class all rolled into one. The best part is they love doing it and end up marvelling at their own creations. 🌻 animation by @banjo745 🐟 animation by @tooing2005 🐏 animation by @issyng123 #homeshooling #stayhome #isolmation #isolation #animation #shotoniphone #animateddisc #phenakistiscope #zoetrope #turntable #producefromhome Music: ‘Detailing’ by Blue Dot Sessions; ‘We Are Heading to the East’ by Springtide

Mar 2020

[Sound on 🔈] Animated vinyl for @dunerats @aria_official #1 album ‘Hurry Up And Wait’. Super fun collab with illustrator extraordinaire @leemcconnell 🐀🧀🧨⏳ Song: ‘No Plans’ by Dune Rats #animatedvinyl #anination #zoetrope #design #phenakistoscope #animatedvinyl #vinyl #vinylart #albumart #picturedisc #turntable #analog #practicaleffects

Mar 2020

Just guitar god @jakhousden shredding it on my record player. 👉Swipe to see BTS of how we shot @timminchin ’s incredible band on a giant-sized turntable for the animated film of his brilliant song. Make sure to check out the link to the fascinating ‘Making of LEAVING LA’ doco in my bio 🤘💫 . . (With the amazing @sarahmbelkner and bossman @aidanwbmc ) BTS footage by @sebastian .mrugalski #LeavingLA #Zoetrope #Animation #MakingOf #Doco

Mar 2020

The Making of LEAVING LA is up! A short film about how we made the animated film to @timminchin ’s beautiful song. Watch two scruffy mates nerd out about animating with zoetropes. We think it’s absolutely fascinating and extremely cool, and reckon you will too. 🤓🤓 Check it out from the link in my bio. Directed by the awesome @jessblack0 🖤 and shot by the great @placeorpoint with Sydney BTS by my brotographer @sebastian .mrugalski #LeavingLA #Zoetrope #Animation #MakingOf #Doco #BTS

Mar 2020

Such a beautiful song 🎹 This is an outtake from the animated film of @timminchin ’s gorgeous new single ‘Leaving LA’. The ‘piano spiral’ scene is one of my favourite moments in the clip. What’s yours? Watch the entire film from the link in my bio. #LeavingLA #zoetrope #phenakisticope #animation #BTS #outtakes

Mar 2020

My life now. This street scene is the second zoetrope we made for the animated film of @timminchin ’s stunning new single ‘Leaving LA’. If you haven’t seen it yet follow the link in my bio 👉🌴 #LeavingLA #zoetrope #animation #BTS

Mar 2020

In the Pines will always be the best day in the local music calendar regardless of what month it’s postponed till. Much love to @rtrfm and all the bands at this tough and uncertain time 💚 #inthepines #staytuned ( #automata made with @placeorpoint and “handy” work by @ang .cherie ; ) 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲

Mar 2020

Early test footage of my first baby steps towards making the full-blown zoetropes in the animated film of @timminchin ’s exquisite new single ‘Leaving LA’. Watch it now from the link in my bio. Swipe for more ➡️ #LeavingLA #zoetrope #animation #BTS #NewSingle #OutNow 📷 @sebastian .mrugalski

Mar 2020

This is how we filmed the zoetropes for @timminchin ’s ‘Leaving LA’. The zoetrope is just a blur to the naked eye. We shot the entire thing on an iPhone 11. It’s small footprint meant we could get right inside the zoetrope world and get vision no other camera could have gotten. Our ability to film the zoetropes as live action (as opposed to stop motion ) meant we could move the camera freely around and inside them as they animated in real time. This allowed the camera and motion to do a lot of the story telling in the way we framed, isolated, revealed, and tracked elements of the animation. Watch the full animation from the link in my bio. #LeavingLA #Zoetrope #animation #bts #shotoniphone

Mar 2020

This was the first of many zoetropes I made for the animated film of @timminchin ’s gorgeous new single ‘Leaving LA’. So happy it’s finally out. Massive thank you to all the many wonderful and talented people who worked on it, and to Tim for entrusting me with his beautiful words and music. Go and spin out to the full animation via the link in my bio! 🌀✨ #LeavingLA #zoetrope #animation #NewSingle Released March 13th

Mar 2020

BREAKING! My animated film for @timminchin ’s epic new single ‘Leaving LA’ will have its YouTube Premiere on Thursday 12th March at 6.30pm AEDT. Seeya there! (Link in bio ) #LeavingLA #NewSingle Released March 13th . . #Zoetrope #Animation

Mar 2020

Here’s another snippet from @timminchin ’s majestic new single LEAVING LA that I got to animate. All shall be revealed on March 13 ; ) #LeavingLA #NewSingle #zoetrope #animation

Mar 2020

What an honour it has been to animate @timminchin ’s genius words and music. Tim’s love/hate song to Hollywood, LEAVING LA, with the animation I directed, will be released on March 13th. ✨ #LeavingLA #NewSingle #zoetrope #animation

Sep 2019

I'm the featured artist on @mymodernmet FB today! 🙏 Nice selection of my animated discs and illusions with behind the scenes of how I create my practical effects in camera ; ) Link in bio.

Jul 2019

Second animated vinyl design for @dopelemonmusic . Massive thanks to @angusstone_ for supporting this art form and getting it seen by so many people! Incredibly stoked to have worked on this cool af record. ‘Smooth Big Cat’ is out now.

Jul 2019

So amazing to see all the love the animated cat vinyl I designed for @angusstone_ @dopelemonmusic is getting! 🙀 Thanks to @drewtetz and @samplertimes for showing me the @ifyouhigh post, you guys are legends!

Jul 2019

Waiting around for the new @angusstone_ @dopelemonmusic record to drop. (Sound on 🔈 ) I got to create two animated vinyl designs for the release, both are available now to preorder. The artwork on the picture discs animate when spun at 33 1/3 rpm and viewed through a camera filming at 24fps. Smooth Big Cat is out on July 12 (Song: ‘Salt & Pepper’ ) 🐆🍋 . . . #animation #design #phonotrope #phenakistoscope #trippy #animatedvinyl #vinyl #vinylart #albumart #picturedisc #turntable #analog #practicaleffects #spinning

Apr 2019

This year’s Pines t-shirt animates when you spin-dry it, do cartwheels in it, or put it on a turntable. Grab yours this Sunday🌲 Modelled by the very best @katie_anne_brown 💚 Song: ‘Greg’s Discount Chemist’ by @carla_geneve . . Spin-dry at 45rpm and view with a camera set to 30fps and a fast shutter speed. @rtrfm #inthepines2019

Mar 2019

This years @rtrfm #inthepines2019 poster contains an animated slipmat that you can cut out and use. The animation works at 45rpm viewed through a camera set at 30fps and a fast shutter speed. Song: ‘Heartache Moon’ by @thelittlelordstreetband (📹 with @mir116 )