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not bad for a 5 with no talent @tanatookthese

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10 hours ago

honestly David did a squad photoshoot to sell his merch so i did a squad photoshoot to sell my merch. stay dizzy <3

2 days ago

sometimes u gotta give em a show

5 days ago

third times the charm? secrets out. see u on RHS 3!!!!!!

1 weeks ago

the only time you’ll ever see me in the kitchen <3 <3 (onesie @fashionnova )

2 weeks ago

valentine’s day on film. (and an amazing @fashionnova look book cause the bag don’t stop for the feels ). i’ve done a valentine’s shoot for the last three years and i can HONESTLY say i loved myself the most during this one. i wanted to keep it raw instead of some fake studio bullshit. whether you’re taken, single, or got hoes on roto this Valentine’s Day, be your own Valentine first. you can’t spread love if you don’t embody it.. and fuck a holiday created by Hallmark to tell you what you should and shouldn’t have and a bunch of fucking highlight reels posted by everyone trying to convince not only you but themselves that their relationship/life is perfect when it ISN’T! go spread love today even if it’s to a fucking stranger <3 didn’t mean to get this twitter woke on a fucking vday post but i wanted to let u inside my head (and ass ). want more pics from this shoot!!!!!!??!? IM A FILM GIRL NOW THANKS @peggyshootsfilm 📸💖

2 weeks ago

my valentine’s

2 weeks ago

5 months later and i still don’t know the dance :/

2 weeks ago

me on the jet leaving miami without a tooth :/ set @fashionnova swipe to see me thriving 24 hours before (MIAMI VLOG IN BIO.... u wanted single Tana.............. be scared )

3 weeks ago

my Miami swipe set got deleted but i refuse to let it die i literally got in a car accident and moved into a strip club and RECIEVED my fuckin alimony check. don’t let this flop. i added a video of me twerking for new spice tho

3 weeks ago

when ur having a mental breakdown but also look good as fuck in @loungeunderwear

4 weeks ago

i had a feeling i’d get papped so i wore @fashionnova and brought my perfume so i could turn my inescapable fame into two bags. #ad

4 weeks ago

ended grammy weekend so right 🖤ok fine i like going out again. and backwoods. swipe to feel single as fuck

4 weeks ago

TANA by Tana. MY FIRST PERFUME!!!! As much as I know you’d expect it to smell like backwoods and sex- I’ve curated my perfect scent.. it will captivate you with the flirty top notes of Tahitian vanilla and a head turning base of vivid, sexy citrus. The heart having subtle notes of Argan oils will kiss your skin with it’s silky texture. Get ready to be drenched in luxury- with TANA by Tana. The feeling of obsessing over perfecting something for almost a year and finally letting it out into the world is like none other. I hope you love my baby as much as I do. I never in my WILDEST DREAMS thought watching Paris Hilton perfume commercials on my TV at 11 that I’d be able to be doing the same thing, with her help, at 21. All thanks to you. The biggest of thank yous to @jordanworona @parishilton @huntermoreno @nickgalarza @jennaawolf and everyone else who played a role in making this DREAM a reality. NOW IF YOU WANNA SMELL LIKE ME, (in a good way of course ), or need to get laid, or get that job, or get someone back, or need a Valentine’s Day gift for your main bitch/side bitch/single self, go to tanabytana.com or click the link in my bio and get your sugar daddy’s/parents/boss bitch cards ready!!!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!! TANA BY TANA!!!!!!

last month

last month

i know.. the socks. here to fuck up ur Saturday.

last month

putting Jordan’s brand new office to good use in my @loungeunderwear

last month

go bitch, go bitch, go bestie

last month

happy birthday Noie. i’m late, fucking everything up per usual. but i love u. i’m happy u walked into my life in 2019. i can’t believe ur finally 21, 2020 isn’t ready for u to light up every room u walk into.. thank u for loving me always, u ray of FUCKING SUNSHINE 🖤 (update she’s 20 and i suck but i swore last night she said 21 )

last month

the last pic dead ass is my face when someone i used to date walked into the room

last month

i’m relevant for five more min!!! ahhhh new music soon! 🖤🎥 @charlidamelio

last month

i really didn’t wanna be one of those people posting a 10 photo highlight reel to instagram to “capture” my year. quite frankly- far too much happened in 2020 for me to make anything less than a 30 minute YouTube recap. look out for that. 2019 was a rollercoaster for me. it taught me that a lot of moments that look happy aren’t and to be grateful for those who make you wanna live. it taught me that i only want to live for authenticity and passion because they’re the only thing that keeps the fire alive. fuck. what i do wanna share though is how i ended my 2019- with a sold out variety show in NYC with @livenation and all of my best friends (family ). we ended the year posted up in the most beautiful crib i’ve ever stayed at, playing piano, singing, drinking, and laughing. then we played a sold out show at the fucking Gramercy Theater, singing and laughing a lot more. this trip reminded me what i live for, and who i want to coexist with. this highlight reel can’t even begin to capture what this trip did for me- which is why i have a documentary on it coming 2020. happy i ended the year this way, with all of you and the people i love. doing what i love. previewing new music aka my soul. being my most authentic self. that’s what 2020 will be for me. 🥰🎥

last month

ok i don’t rly know how to do a “we’re taking a break” post & this is weird as fuck... i’m happy to still be able to sit with Jake and laugh as we do this- but for right now we both are taking a break to focus on our own very crazy lives... i’ll never know what the future holds and i will always love Jake and everything we did. i’m grateful to know throughout this i’ve made a best friend for life & found someone to do life with when no one understood me. here’s to 2020, working on us, and my new Lamborghini since i get half of everything! no need for crazy speculations- this is coming from a place of nothing but love. i love u Jakey. thank u for this past year. ❤️

last month

imari and i snuck off last night and had a christmas eve dinner at Nobu and literally BLACKED OUT and took the Strip by STORM... (in @fashionnova ) the most VEGAS shit we could possibly do.. it’s one of my favorite memories we’ll ever make ❤️ all the family love i have is bundled up into one person and i wouldn’t have it any other way 🥺 AND THAT’S ON WAGYU MINI TACOS. this still an ad don’t get it twisted

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