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2 weeks ago

3 years with the love of my life today. You are the most amazing partner I could have ever ask for, I feel so lucky that I get to share my life with you. I can't wait to go on more adventures together and be super queer with you forever. . . . . . . [Image description: first photo is me and joan at a pub in london. Joan is smiling with teeth and is wearing a grayish white tee shirt and a purple and black virgil jacket. I'm close mouth smiling with simple makeup and wearing a black and white striped turtleneck with a black sweater over it. Second photo is in the same location and clothing as the first but we are making silly faces. Third photo is me and joan at a Halloween party that has red and green lighting. I am dressed as the biker from the village people and have a fake mustache and fake chest hair. Joan is dressed as the construction worker from the village people and has a hard hat and a fake mustache on. The fourth photo is me and joan at the globe. I have purple hair and gold eye shadow on. My eyes are closed and I am smiling. Joan has a green beanie on and the same virgil jacket on from the first photo. They are kissing my cheek. The fifth and last photo is in the same location and same outfits as the fourth photo but this time I am kissing Joan's cheek and they are smiling.]

last month

Me at the end of the decade and me at the beginning. So ready for the 20s.

Nov 2019

Here are some pics from last night, featuring me as pennywise and joan as pennywise. I hope all of you had a wonderful night c:

Oct 2019

I wana take a second to talk about disability and such. So real quick here are some things you may not know. People on disability can't get married without losing all of their benefits. This includes their healthcare and monthly checks (which aren't enough to really live on anyway ). We also have a nearly impossible time immigrating. Other countries don't want disabled people who can't work because we are "a burden to the country". Now every country is different but it is really hard and sometimes impossible for us to move to other countries. (Also I know immigration is hard for a lot of groups of people and most people in general but this is sometimes not many people talk about ). Also people with disabilities who can work are legally being paid $1an hour (or even just cents ) for their work. WHY THE HELL IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT ALL OF THIS?! Like even I didn't know this stuff until this year because of how little it is talked about. Disabled people have a hard enough time living with our disabilities we don't need to also be treated like second class citizens on top of it all. The next few months and year I will be working on fighting and bringing awareness to these injustices, especially marriage equality for people on disability. But I also beg allies to please talk about these problems with other able bodied people, make it known that we can't get married, and some are being paid less than $1 an hour, make it known that we are not treated equal. Be good allies, educate yourself, listen to your disabled friends and family and just take in what they are saying to you and believe us when we speak. To anyone who actually had the energy to read all of this thank you for listening ❤ (Btw I'm speaking as an American and about America, but this doesn't mean that other countries aren't just as bad if not worse to their disabled citizens. ) • • • #disability #disabledandangry #disabled #EDS #fibro #chronicillness #marriageequality #marriageequalityforall #disabilityrights #workequality #equality

Aug 2019

Was able to spend a lovely day with my family today and feel super grateful for all the wonderful people and things I have in my life. My mental healthy has improved so much and things feel hopeful for the first time in a long time. Sending love to all of you who are having a hard time right now, hang in there loves ❤ . . . [Image description: A picture of me with dark purple hair and brows. I have a simple light gothic makeup look on. I am wearing a black lace dress, a choker and a black crystal necklace. My face is rather neutral looking and the background is just some off white walls in my house.]

Jul 2019

Heyo, so the Q&A will be posted sometime this week. Thank you all for being patient with me. My physical and mental health have been rather poor lately but no worries I'm doin what I need to get better. The video will just be pretty simple, the editing is not great because I'm super rusty from not editing for ages, my glasses have all the glare in the world and I had to cut the video down a bunch so I didn't get to answer as many questions as I would have liked but I think by posting this video it will be like opening a door to being able to post videos in the future. . . . . [Image description: The first image is me with my purple hair and eyebrows and gold and brown eyeshadow. I am wearing a black and white striped shirt with a faux leather chocker that has O rings and chains as well as a triple goddess necklace. The second image is basically the same just closer to my face. The third and last image is me leaning into my rats cage and posing with my rat frodo who is looking very smug.] . . . I hope I did this image description thing right if not please help me out.

Jun 2019

I'm finally back from my month off, it was much needed but I honestly missed all of you sweet humans. During my break I realized that DMs are where I get the most hate and harassment so I won't be reading them any more. It sucks because I loved talking to so many of you but I am not mentally strong enough atm for the good DMs to out shine the bad. However I will be opening up my DMs when I'm having good mental health days and want to talk to everyone. (You will be able to check my bio to see if my DMs are open ). Also I will be filming a Q&A so please comment down below questions you have for the video. Thank you all for being so patient ❤ I hope you all had a wonderful May, if not I hope this month is better.

Apr 2019

It's world rat day!!!! 🥂 cheers to rats for being such fun, sweet and silly little friends. My boys bring me so much happiness and laughter. I'm so happy I can have them in my life even if it's not for as many years as I'd like. #worldratday #ratday #ratsofinstagram

Mar 2019

@plugyourholes sent me some lovely plugs, a beautiful plug box and even some ear butter. (Feeling like a lucky ducky ). If you want go check them out I have a discount code, Tallykat3, that gets you 15% off your order. Also on a personal note I have to push back my surgery because there may be something wrong with my heart. Fun stuff 😑.

Feb 2019

An awkward mirror selfie to show you guys my pink hair. It's a bit patchy because I used conditioner to dilute it instead of the arctic fox diluter. (I was lazy and didn't want to have to wait a week for the diluter ) so yeah use diluter if you want to dilute dye. I'll probably make it a darker pink to hide how patchy it is.

Jan 2019

Any special plans for the blood wolf moon tonight? Also make sure you go enjoy it there won't be another one for years.

Jan 2019

I really just wanted to post some pics of my red hair because I love it so much. I used @arcticfoxhaircolor dye in the shade wrath with a tiny bit of the shade poison. Also no I don't dye my eyebrows. I used @katvondbeauty 's eyebrow pomade.

Dec 2018

Not a huge fan of this picture but I haven't posted in a while and also my hair has been red for a bit so yeah, here is a pic. Also I really want to make YouTube videos but my mental health, physical health and life keep getting in the way. However I've been working on my mental health and hopefully by the new year I'll be in a good enough place to start creating again. Thank you to all the people who have stuck around even though I've been inactive on social media. Social media often makes my anxiety and depression worse so I won't be on here too much until I get healthier.

Oct 2018

Humanity may suck but we can all do our part to try to make it suck less. Do something for your fellow earthlings and earth today. It can be as simple as picking up some trash or making one of your meals vegan. If you want be even more amazing go and help out at a local shelter or food bank or donate. Do your part to make this earth better. (Also if you are of voting age and have the ability to vote don't forget about the midterms coming up. )

Oct 2018

🎃🐱🧡🦇Happy Halloween month everyone!🦇🧡🐱🎃 I took inspiration for this look from @sadclowndoll and @froglady444 (they both are incredibly talented ). You guys got any special plans for this month?

Sep 2018

Hi, so I'm back from my social media break. It showed me a bit about how social media effects me in a negative way and in a positive way. From now on I won't be spending as much time on social media. I'll still post and such I just won't be on Instagram for hours like I used to. So anyway here's an outfit pic of me before I picked up my babies. Then in the next pic are my boys. The mostly white boy with a dark grey head is Frodo. The boy with grey patches on his back is Samwise. The red eyed boy who is siamese but hasn't fully molted yet is Smeagol. Frodo is the one in all the videos because he is the rat who is the most comfy with me and brave. The other boys are getting there too just slower. Also lastly Boykitty being cute in a box.

Sep 2018

So I normally don't wear gold jewelry but omg I absolutely adore this necklace. You can customize it to say someone's name or something else like mine says "queer". I bet you could even make it a pronoun necklace. If you wana get your own you can use my code "tallykat3" @daintyandluxe (Also let's be real these photos make me look like a non-binary super hero ) #nonbinary #queer #queernecklace #daintyanddluxe #orangehair #nbflag #lgbt

Aug 2018

Feeling dead so I did a look to fit the part.

Aug 2018

Still sick but doing my makeup made me feel a bit better. (it actually looks blended irl I swear )

Aug 2018

I started making a video for my YouTube channel but have been too sick to finish it. Hopefully I'll finish it up in the next few days because I'm really excited to start posting on my own channel. ( btw me posting on my YouTube won't be consistent, it's just going to be a hobby ). I really hope the video turns out good.

Aug 2018

If beetlejuice and a watermelon had a baby is what I call today's look. #greenhair #pulpriot #beetlejuicevibes #watermelongoth #absinthegreen #betelgeuse

Aug 2018

I suffer from pretty bad chronic migraines/headaches. Do you guys suffer with the same thing? If so any tips?

Jul 2018

I'm trying to get into the habit of posting more to help with my self confidence (I mean looks is only one small part of my problem but yeah ) like I'm not in love with this picture but I feel like if I post it I'm helping myself in a way. I know this seems silly or dumb to some people but whatever. Long tmi caption over. I hope everyone is having a good week so far.

Jul 2018

I need to get some makeup to make my eyebrows green. Like brown is fine but I need the green.