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Bathgate, Scotland

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4 days ago

These wee boys just melt my heart. 💗 #englishbulldog #englishbulldogsofinstagram #bullylove #brothers #puppylove

2 weeks ago

So happy this arrived. Thank you so much @llythelabel for letting me know that it was back in stock so I could order it. It’s honestly gorgeous and I can’t wait to wear it. Xx

3 weeks ago

Thank you so much @fallon7199 for telling me about this. We had so much fun making pizzas tonight. 🍕

last month

Happy Hipaversary to me! One year with my hip replacement and hopefully start the process on Monday for the right hip. #hipaversary #happyfriday #bloodorangegin #hooch #cocktails 🍹

Mar 2020

Happy Mother’s Day to my mum & my Granny Grumps. I miss my mum millions & it still breaks my heart that your gone. I love my visits with my granny & I can’t wait to get through once this virus is gone and she her and my Aunties. 💗

Mar 2020

Happy New car day to me! (Or if Ricky’s reading , Us lol ) everyone meet Tyson 🥰

Feb 2020

5 years has gone by since my dad passed away. 5 years is a long time yet every day I still wake up and I still expect to hear from both my dad & mum and it’s like being kicked in the stomach every time I realise they’re not here. Life’s to short, don’t waste time, appreciate everything you have and be kind to one another. Treat each day as if it’s your last. You never know what’s around the corner. #foreverdaddieslittlegirl #neobliviscarus

Feb 2020

Had such a good time at Jordan’s 30th birthday

Feb 2020

I know every parent always goes on about their kids getting a great report when really their doing ok, but my wee Maddie has honestly knocked it clean out the park! She might be the devil incarnate but at least she’s a smart one! Well done Ging-Gings.

Feb 2020

Glasgow with my girlies

Jan 2020

New specs day, I can finally see again. 🤓 #carolinaherrera

Jan 2020

Today would’ve been my Dads 63rd birthday. Still doesn’t feel real that both him and my mum are gone. I saw this robin on Boxing Day just outside my house and i like to think of it as a sign from them, seeing how Boxing Day is my family’s special day. Ne obliviscarus #dad #daddysgirl #birthday #robin #hero #angel #argyllandsutherlandhighlanders

Dec 2019

Love that the girls still do this, it was my mum’s favourite getting their picture with Santa. It means a lot that they still keep the tradition going. #christmas #traditions #schoolfayre #santa #christmas2019 #daughters #family #love

Dec 2019

Spoilt wee lady today at work! Thank you very much to my Secret Santa (aka Dahir 😂 ) and my Boss’ Jane & Zara.

Nov 2019

Remembering the falling and have been wearing my argyll and Sutherland highlander poppy with pride today. Such a special gift from @williamalexandermon and I make sure I wear it every year. At the going down of the sun and in the morning. We will remember them. Lest we will forget. #armisticeday #lestweforget #argyllandsutherlandhighlanders

Oct 2019

Woke up to the most gorgeous Anniversary present from mine and ricky’s besties. Thank you so much. They’re absolutely stunning and we love them 😍🥰 #firstanniversarygift #special #bestfriends #lovethem .

Oct 2019

Happy 15th Birthday to my beautiful daughter Elize! I still can’t believe you’ve gone from a baby diva into the giant diva you are today! Hope you have a wonderful day! 💗🎂🎉

Oct 2019

Best part of today was this....... Aren’t these the cutest things you have ever seen 😍 special thanks to Claire @caketastic .eastcalder for squeezing me in.

Sep 2019

Happy 1st wedding anniversary to my husband! It’s not been the easiest year for me, but you’ve stuck by your vows. You have been right by my side through it all, and lifted me right back up whenever I’ve fallen. It’s almost been 16 years together and I can’t imagine a future without you in it. I love you babiles ( p.s I’m still in to you! ) 👰🏻 🤵💗

Aug 2019

Elize is fundraising to help her go on a trip of a lifetime with @world_challenge She is willing to do as many jobs possible to raise funds for the trip and will also be organising events to help her reach her target of £4200. We would appreciate if anyone has any tasks you need doing to consider Elize for them and if you want to donate as well she would really appreciate it. Click the link below to donate. https://www.gofundme.com/help-elize-get-to-belize #helpelizetobelize #tripofalifetime #helpherreachhergoal

Aug 2019

Had such a lovely day at polbeth bowling Club for my mum and dads Memorial Day. Was great to catch up with all their friends again and looking forward to the presentation dance. 💗

Aug 2019

6 years today since I lost my wee mum and I miss absolutely everything about her. I’m so glad that my daughters still remember and talk about their granny and Popa everyday. My one peace of advice to anyone will always be cherish your loved ones, visit them, laugh with them, cry with them and shower them with the all the love you have. Once their gone you’re left feeling hollow/ incomplete & you’ll never ever get over the heartbreak. It’s bitter sweet I’m happy that my wee mum is no longer in pain but I’d sell my soul just to have her and my dad back. Xx

Jul 2019

In my element dog sitting these wee cuties. Toby & Griffiths absolutely melt my heart. They are so loving and affectionate. #britishbulldog #britishbulldogs #englishbulldog #englishbulldogs #brothers #bestfriends #loving #affectionate #cute #playful #handsomeboys #doggysitter

Jul 2019

So it’s my second week back at work. I’ve been up most of last night, I’m shattered and sore but so glad I got up, got dressed and made my way into work. I used my stick to help me get around 😳, I stood at my desk, I sat, I walked around (as well as I could ) and had a nice wee blether with my work mates. It’s honestly sounds like nothing to everyone, but to me it’s like I’ve done a marathon as I’m so slow. I’m swollen and sore but it’s nice to feel like I’ve achieved something. #babysteps #progress #achievement #arthritis #arthritispain #arthritissucks #arthritiswarrior #arthritisawareness #versusarthritis #hipreplacement #hipreplacementrecovery #makohip #keepgoing #keepmoving #achievement #exhausted #youngwitharthritis #keepyourchinup #itsokaynottobeokay #selfie