@short.white.alaskan bri nicole (brittany)

yee haw my name is bri my boyfriend has my heart 7/25/19 🥺💞

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5 days ago

I’m happy that I’m getting to spend the best Valentine’s Day weekend I’ve ever had with you, I love you ❤️ #valentines

2 weeks ago

my 2015 emo phase but much hotter 😬😏💞 // swipe to see my whole outfit yo #makeup

2 weeks ago

I’m so lucky to have you in my life, you treat me like a princess and I love you so much 💞🥺 // #makeupoftheday #makeup

4 weeks ago

i never know what to put as a caption // #makeup #gay

last month

I need friends sos pls be my friend, I’m funny sometimes 😤 // #makeup #morphe

last month

dang my friends are so cute 🥺 // makeup

last month

I really liked this makeup look so have more photos 🥺 #makeup

last month

I love everything there is to love about you🌻 // all my captions are rly cheesy I’m sorry #makeup

last month

the best rule of truly living; do the thing you’re most afraid of💞 // have a simple makeup look I did the other day when I went on a date with my mans

last month

I just want you to know that I appreciate u 🥺 ur a blessing

Dec 2019

i just wanted u to know ur one of my fav humans and I love u 🥺 (and yes I’m typing this from the bathtub while ur in the kitchen )

Dec 2019

hey just in case u weren’t aware, u have my heart 💞🥺

Nov 2019

um Disney+ is amazing and I’m never leaving my apartment ever again, excuse me while I binge watch That’s So Raven 🥺

Nov 2019

Chucky & Purge girl 🤪

Nov 2019

hi, I’m Chucky, wanna play? 🔪🤣

Oct 2019

I’d spend 10,000 hours & 10,000 more if that’s what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours 💞

Oct 2019

this is from a week ago but these are some of my fav people (: 💞 my girls, thank you for being in my life

Sep 2019

I was honestly not planning on posting something on Instagram about my relationship for like,, ever because I feel like every time I get public about a relationship on here something goes wrong and I don’t wanna get my feelings hurt but I’ve realized it wasn’t me being public about it that ruined it, I just have never dated anyone right for me. I adore you. I know we haven’t been together super long but you are easily one of my best friends and I’m so comfortable around you, it’s so easy for me to smile with you. I’m not tagging you in this because again I prefer to keep my relationship semi private and I’m still too shy to just show you this lol but if you see it I just want you to know you’re a sweetheart and you deserve the world & more. I truly hope that I’m as good to you as you are to me and if I’m not then I want to be better for you, you make me want to be better. Thank you for being in my life baby & happy birthday 💞 ps: you’re a fuckin cutie

Sep 2019

I like me better when I’m with you 💞🌸

Sep 2019

me n my girls 💞

Jul 2019

You made me feel as though, I was enough 💫💞

Jul 2019

Next time I’ll be braver, I’ll be my own savior ✨

Jul 2019

everyone, meet my child Luna

Jul 2019

Swinging on the rope swing into the lake is an accurate representation of me swinging away from my problems 😎 // pc & video credit to my bff