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pace '23 she/her 'cause i've got one hand in my pocket, and the other one is giving a peace sign

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3 weeks ago

did @daviddobrik give me $1K and put me in his vlog? yes and yes. was i in my pajamas? yes.

last month

my moods of 2019, since I can't put every event and memory into just 10 slides. thankful. for everything.

Dec 2019

nineteen & grateful: )

Nov 2019

part 2. it was 18 hours this time. worth it. swipe to see my face when i was scared that i wouldn't get in

Nov 2019

tom hiddleston and charlie cox just made the most ambitious marvel crossover to date!! ______ also zawe is queen. AND there was a cute dog at the stage door that kept us warm for 2 hours. @betrayalbwy thanks for the lotto!!

Nov 2019

Dear Jared, I'm going to try to make this as short as I can and not very cheesy, because that's so overrated. Thank you for being the best guy I could ask for. (Thank you for sticking with me through three hair phases too.. ) I appreciate your caring soul, original humor, and amazing personality. Even though we annoy each other to no end, I know that everything will always work out. You never let anything get in between us, and that is one of my favorite things about you. I cannot wait for more adventures with you. I love you, forever. Happy one year anniversary, Sarah <3 __________ To the girls reading this, Don't spend your time on guys/girls that don't matter. The right one will come along someday, and you'll know when to take the chance on him/her. You are worth so much more than you think you are. Remember that when that one person slides into your DMs at 2:00 AM. You are more than that. You deserve attention and love all of the time, not just at times that are convenient for him/her. Remember your worth, Sarah xx

Oct 2019

picnics in the park are fun, 10/10 <3

Oct 2019

waiting in 55 degree (windy ) weather for 13 hours was worth it. we got in. LIVE FROM NEW YORRRK IT'S @nbcsnl !!!!

Oct 2019

we can't wait to see what you do next. @ebfehlner @ajrbrothers

Oct 2019

thx for visiting : )

Oct 2019

thank you for the tears and the new dance moves, Ben. i am so proud of you ☺️ you did so well. a great man with a amazing heart and an amazing voice. thank you for sharing your art with us and making us feel like we're your best friends. ❤️ @bensplatt

Sep 2019

first protest. definitely not the last. #climatestrike

Sep 2019

ok but like dumbo wasn't there??? i don't get it??

Sep 2019

i had a fun cat-urday 🐱 (cat in russian is кот, you're welcome )

Sep 2019

that was a sucks-yes amiright or amiright?? 👻👻

Sep 2019

"wait for me" will be stuck in my head for the next century, but it's worth it. this blew me away. thank you thank you thank you.

Aug 2019

gno 🤪

Aug 2019

pictured above: sitting pretty at the Capitol, being JFK for a day, holding the weight of America, testing out my DJ skillz, behind the scenes at the senate offices (2 ), and, oh, yeah, i took a picture with a seal. this was a successful dogsitting trip, if i do say so myself.

Jul 2019

in conclusion: we got some splitting sisters, apparently i'm a liver, my roommate's pretty cool, i got a free sweatshirt, there's some cool buildings, and even cooler people. i think i'll love it here 🥺🥺 #LivsLivers #IBetterGet182BroadwayOrElse

Jun 2019

Hey, guys!! I graduated!! 👩🏼‍🎓👩🏼‍🎓

May 2019

cinderella & her prince ✨💙 #prom2019

May 2019

Proud to say that I am attending Pace University next year 🤩🥰 NYC here I come! 💛💙 #pace2023

Apr 2019

thanks for saying yes 🥰 #prom2019 (swipe to see my reaction to his jokes + also to read the poster 😉 )

Mar 2019

Here's to my fantastic makeup, my beautifully talented friend, and this incredible cast. There are three more shows left! You won't want to miss this!! #clawthecurtains #brookvillememories #bringyourtailtocats