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2 days ago

Derwent Inktense Blocks are highly versatile, water-soluble pigments which create a vivid ink- like medium when combined with a little water. Once dried after application, Inktense becomes permanent, which enables you to work over the dry areas without affecting the original layers of colour. These satisfyingly chunky blocks produce vibrant and saturated colours, that are extremely adaptable and can be used for a wide range of creative effects. You can use them like pans of paint with a wet brush to gather the pigment or dip the blocks directly into water to apply a saturated colour to paper. They can also be used dry or applied to wet-washed paper for instantly vibrant and intense colour. - How did you use yours?

3 days ago

A ScrawlrBox favourite and previous featured artist @kattvalk takes on the June box and challenge with beautiful results. Make sure to check out the unboxing on her YouTube channel and watch this artwork being created. - Link in her IG profile. ... “June’s #scrawlrchallenge Spirit Animal 🦊 Had so much fun with this piece, one of my favourite ScrawlrBoxes in a while! Lovely Inktense crayons by @derwentartofficial . Have you seen my video yet? 😸 “ - @kattvalk

3 weeks ago

Charcoal stick or Pencils? Which did you prefer? . This is the Gioconda charcoal pencil from Koh-I-Noor from the recent May #ScrawlrBox - Did you like the pencil form factor or prefer the freedom of the charcoal sticks? Both have different benefits and draw backs. Which was your fav?

3 weeks ago

May Unboxed: Charcoal themed goodies inside the May 2020 #ScrawlrBox . Did you use all the sheets of paper yet?

4 weeks ago

Sharing another stunning May #ScrawlrChallenge artwork from Scrawlr @beholdtheimmolator - When your friends are you #carbonheroes ... draw them!

last month

Inside the May ‘20 ScrawlrBox: This month was based around carbon themed supplies and we included various forms of charcoal and chalk to explore this beautiful but tricky medium. Which was your favourite supply?

last month

It’s time to shout out our May featured artist @phoebe_cripps_artist and the artwork featured in the box; “Lucy” in charcoal and chalk on toned paper. We absolutely love this piece. . If you haven’t already make sure to go and follow her and check out the rest of the amazing artwork she has created.

last month

Willow sticks burnt over a long period of time with restricted airflow resulting in a delicate art material with big impact. Charcoal sticks; a simple but beautiful natural art supply which can give a range of delicate or expressive strokes and textures in a single stick. ... Scary or exciting? How did you find the charcoal theme of the May box? Did you enjoy the process of experimenting with charcoal?

last month

...and onto the May ‘20 box with this stunning #DoctorStrange portrait from @herownreality - a ScrawlrBox team favourite, who never fails to deliver great challenge artwork. Swipe for more detailed shots of this #CarbonHero or visit their profile to see the rest of the #scrawlrchallenge artworks. Superhero’s were a popular choice, but who was your carbon hero?

last month

April Unboxed: The contents of the April ‘20 box. It was watercolour themed but not in a traditional sense. Which was your favourite April supply?

last month

Daydreaming of life on the high sea with @serena_liistro and the April ‘20 ScrawlrBox. Where did your daydreams take you?

last month

The April 2020 ScrawlrBox was watercolour themed but not the tools you might expect. Pens and pencils but with brilliant watercolour blending possibilities. Did you enjoy this different take on watercolours?

last month

Our April featured artist was the very talented @artfusion__ if you haven’t already please go give her a follow and leave a comment on one of her amazing posts just like this beautiful piece. #sharethelove

Jun 2020

Draws like a marker. Dissolves like a watercolour. These Faber Castell watercolour markers are the best of both worlds. Make your marks with the dual tip nibs and then blend out the pigment completely into a vibrant watercolour wash. Which nib was your favourite? Brush or Bullet?

May 2020

April’s #ScrawlrChallenge #DayDreamer completed by @kja .mallowa ...and with exceptional flair!!! We love the use of colour and the expressive mark making. Great work. #KeepScrawling

May 2020

Last chance to share some delicious images of these markers before we give them away. 🤤 - Less than 24 hours left to enter. - Comment your name choice in our giveaway post to enter. - Swipe for more gratuitous marker shots. Good luck.

May 2020

48 Markers. 144 Colours. Infinite Fun. - Win this full set of @spectrumnoir Tri-Blend Markers in our latest giveaway. - Just name the character in the comments of our giveaway post to enter. Good Luck

May 2020

GIVEAWAY ENDED — Thanks for all your suggestions and comments. The giveaway is now closed. With over 200 likes the winner is @historix .cherub and the name (unofficially ) of the character is now... Markie!!! — We have a full set of @SpectrumNoir Tri-Blend Markers and an original artwork by @Hatch_Art to #Giveaway and all you have to do to enter is 'Name the Character'! — Suggest a name for Hatch’s framed character in the comments and the name with the MOST LIKES at the end of the giveaway will be the winner. — We will also choose our 10 favourite names, as runners-up, to receive the March ‘20 ScrawlrBox. @Hatch_Art will be choosing too, so make sure you follow him and butter him up a little by commenting on all his posts. — Don’t forget to share this post and ask your friends to like your comment. Like some other name suggestions too because it's nice to share to love. — Giveaway ends Sunday 24th May 8pm UK time. Winners picked within 24hours. — Unlimited name suggestions. May the best name win.

May 2020

#ScrawlrUnboxed March ‘20 Edition . Featured artwork from @hatch_art . Photographed by @dianastainton

May 2020

48 markers, 144 colours!!! 🤩⁠ This would make a great giveaway prize. 😉⁠ Anybody want some free markers? 🙋‍♂️⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ @spectrumnoir #triblendmarker #3in1

May 2020

The brilliant artwork by @hatch_art as featured in our March '20 box. Is this what goes on inside the mind of Hatch? Why not ask him and find out? #asktheartist ⁠ ⁠ What does your imagination look look like? #imaginarium

Apr 2020

It's a Blackliner, not a Fineliner!⁠ ⁠ We love this fine...errr Blackliner... super smooth consistent ink flow with a dark line that doesn't shift with water or marker overlay.⁠ ⁠ One of the best we've ever included? We will let you decide, but we certainly think it's in the top 5.⁠ ⁠ Did you like the 0.4mm nib? Too thick? Not thick enough?⁠ Either way, it's a great pen to add to your collection.

Apr 2020

Another amazing use of March's limited colour palette by one of our Scrawlr's. This time it's @llileo_ who has made the most of these colours and created this wonderful artwork.⁠ ⁠ It's interesting to see the different interpretations of an artists imagination. Some (like this one ) are soft, dreamy and inviting, whereas others are more jagged and hectic. ⁠ ⁠ Is your #imaginarium a calm and relaxed place, or a hectic jumble of ideas and inspiration?

Apr 2020

The contents of the March ScrawlrBox, which asked you to explore your imagination with these #artsupplies and create your own #imaginarium - We loved seeing all the creative ways you interpreted this challenge and how wonderfully strange your imaginations really are. ⁠ ⁠ Don't forget to check out more #ScrawlrChallenge artworks from this box and make sure you leave a comment on your favourite. #KeepScrawling