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23 minutes ago

Started this year strong, pretty excited for all the adventures this year with Cayla. Bring on ticking off all 7 continents!

5 days ago

When the ferry doesn't turn up on time.... Not sure why... So don't ask... Apologies to the owner.

5 days ago

I like to laugh at my own jokes while others look on impressed. Cheers for a bloody good day @bchapps , @carahuxford @caylajade .x Better late to post than never.

6 days ago

Working hard while playing hard. One thing about real estate is that it never stops. You have to be be ready to jump on opportunities as they come up. This mid ski phone call secured a piece of land for another 10 affordable homes with @williamscorporation

2 weeks ago

This is the little private island Cayla and I chilled at for valentines day. The water was incredibly clear. I don't think a lot of New Zealanders appreciate what we have. They travel around the world to see similar things we have on our doorstep. The major difference being ours is untouched and not full of tourists.

2 weeks ago

What a way to spend the day. Cayla and I jumped on the skis and found out own private island for the day. Lots of Penguins 🐧 but sadly no dolphins 🐬

2 weeks ago

Great day out to Waiheke to celebrate it being Friday yesterday.

4 weeks ago

Love that Luna loves the Jetskis as much as me. She got use to jumping small wakes too. Won't be long til we start doing backflips.

4 weeks ago

Great weekend away with my girls. Turns out Luna loves the jetski and the boat. Definitely got a few looks from other boaties as Lunas tongue flaps out the side and covers me in saliva.. 😂

last month

Bloody good day out on the water. Let's hope summer is finally starting!

last month

6 years ago today I was lying down on the job in the South Pole in - 48°c. Now I still lie down on the job but in warmer places.

last month

You now know where to find me. Anyone else have a jetski and keen for some missions?

last month

Caylas was away so I took my other girl to the party. Luna loves a good house party. Happy New Year.

last month

Xmas holidays done right. Wish this Auckland wind would piss off and Cayla wasn't so sick so we can get back on them.

last month

Have to say I'm pretty good at buying presents for myself. Think Cayla is pretty chuffed also. Fricken love my new jetskis.

Dec 2019

I got my first two haters in December. But I also had my most successful month. What I use to achieve in 2 years I squeezed into a month I've helped many clients buy two properties at the same time before. But stoked to finally tick that box as well! @lifeoflayovers and I went unconditional on two townhouses in Christchurch in December. This takes our joint portfolio from just our home to a home and 2 investment properties. Takes our total to 5 properties with a goal to buy 3 more before I hit 30 in June. I've spent the last 10 years learning, investing and executing and it feels great to see friends joining us along similar journeys. Surround yourself by doers, the haters can be miserable by themselves.

Dec 2019

Need ideas for a holiday location for Caylas Xmas present. Preferably one not involving my winter jacket. Where shall we go? Featuring pic of us in Queenstown in September

Dec 2019

She's a stage 10 clinger. @lunathepomklee

Dec 2019

So good to spend a few days in the Garden City, @christchurchnz

Dec 2019

Make it click! After Facebook showed me videos of dogs hitting windscreens @lunathepomklee has now got a epic wee harness and seat belt. Probably the most unflattering photo of her and her buck jaw 😂

Nov 2019

Just trying to fit in. Me and my Damper baby

Nov 2019

Epic few days away with Cayla to Taipei 🇹🇼 Ticked up another country. Must be close to 50 by now!

Oct 2019

Luna being the ultimate wingman.

Oct 2019

Not a bad Sunday helping people into property with these cool cats.