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3 days ago

i played a fake artist singing her fake hit song at a fake award show on #Royalties on @quibi 🤍✨ ily @darrencriss thank u for letting me do the absolute most here

1 weeks ago

fresh in @fendi 🌴🤍 @fisforfendi @joshuavides #FendiCaliforniaSky #ad

2 weeks ago

what can make me feel this way

3 weeks ago

@shorthistorylongroad is now available to stream🌻🚌 have u seen it?

3 weeks ago

happy premiere day🌻 can’t wait for u all to meet nola @shorthistorylongroad link for tix to the virtual premiere in story

3 weeks ago

hope you can make it to the virtual worldwide premiere of @shorthistorylongroad this monday ♡ tix link in story

3 weeks ago

Monday, June 15th Join me and the cast of @shorthistorylongroad for a global virtual premiere with a Q&A at the end! 4pm PST/ 7pm EST get tix from the link in my story🌻🚌

4 weeks ago

if u still don’t get it i stg

last month

link in my bio keep yourself informed. keep donating. keep protesting. keep signing petitions. be the change u wish to see. sending you all good energy and love.

last month

Everybody has the ability to help. It is important that we educate ourselves, speak up, and have discussions no matter how uncomfortable it may be. That is how we affect and create change. I am continuously learning about my own privilege, which is a privilege in itself. The amount of cases that go unseen and unreported is horrid and makes me sick. How many more innocent lives do we have to lose? The fight against injustice does not stop when when you log off your computer, or turn off your phone. Anti-racism can’t just be a trend. I’ve attached some links that I’ve personally donated to in the scroll, and i encourage you to do so too if you have the means. Let’s keep the conversation going. Let’s keep listening and learning. Let’s commit to supporting our friends and loved ones. They need our voices. #justiceforgeorgefloyd #blacklivesmatter

last month

who wants to hang out in 2045 ?? 💘🪐💖

last month


last month

Clouds, a film based on the incredible story of Zach Sobiech’s life, is coming to @disneyplus this fall ☁️ i am so lucky to play a fiery hot ginger named Sammy Brown! #disneyplus

last month

here is the trailer for The Short History of the Long Road🌻🚌this film is very special to me and I’m so excited for you all to see it on digital starting June 16th. #shorthistorylongroad

last month

felt drunk might delete later x

last month

21 sabage

last month

happy mother’s day mama 🌻really grateful the eyebrows eventually came in. I love you so much more than you’ll ever know

last month

hit it fergie

last month

join me and families all over the country for a night full of music and magic this sunday✨volume II of the #DisneyFamilySingalong is coming to your living room just in time for Mother's Day at 7|6 on ABC!

last month

ask your heart to tell you her worth your heart will say heaven on earth

May 2020

never sleeping again

Apr 2020


Apr 2020

Rest In Peace Grandpa the silliest most loving soul who supported me through everything. my heart hurts immensely. I will miss u forever. I promise we’ll take good care of g’ma here. ♡ Luv ya

Apr 2020

no added preservatives