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Triple threat.

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Thanks to @bunsosteelana I can FINALLY leave the house. Great COVID-19 masks designed by my friend @angelabrightdesigns Go get one!

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My Patreon launches TOMORROW!

5 days ago

Don’t worry, at 9pm BST @mrpatcarty and I will be talking sheeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiittte. Tune in! This was created by @lucie__sue

2 weeks ago

Bonnie! Thriving throughout covid, don’t worry. @acebright13 took this.

2 weeks ago

Another classic from @rockingbatgirl Tonight, 9pm BST right here on Instagram, business as usual for @mrpatcarty and I. To @aldi_ireland This will happen “with or without you” so come join the party!

3 weeks ago

Watch this : )

3 weeks ago

So far, no noticeable side effects from my widely “reported” exposure to dangerous chemicals.

3 weeks ago

Don’t worry everybody, that recent news story was a bunch of ill researched horse shit. My legs are completely fine but sadly all of my fingers have fallen off so now it’s just slide guitar for me from now on. If you can identify this solo, I’ll conduct my Sunday night chat with @mrpatcarty naked from the waist down. Cheers!

4 weeks ago

There have been many wonderful artistic representations of my glorious friendship with @mrpatcarty but this one made me laugh so hard I cried. I’m on a train. My fellow passengers think I’m emotionally unstable. If they could see this, they would cry too. Tune in to another marathon broadcast from this very instagram account on Sunday night at 9pm BST, just like every week. Also, book a cameo using the link in my bio. I got an amp in my house now so I can offer much more powerful greetings. I think this awesome thing was made by @rockingbatgirl but I’m not sure. Cheers!

4 weeks ago

Don’t worry guys, at 9pm BST I’ll be chatting to @mrpatcarty on my Instagram live broadcast. None more pointless!

4 weeks ago

Last one, I promise!

4 weeks ago

Truncated due to quite terrible ending.

5 weeks ago

Goal! I learnt to play Crab Football at Pakefield Middle School. #Megasports #SeatedUndefeated #crabfootball #crabgoal

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Tonight at 9pm BST I shall be taken aside for mutual interrogation with the legendary scribe @mrpatcarty during another totally pointless Instagram LIVE! Here! Tonight! I have a few pressing matters to discuss with him. Probably. It might just be 3 hours of absolute shoite. Tune in to find out!

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I’m just about to join @mrcolinmurray in his virtual pub on @bbc5live On in 17 minutes, tune in!

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9pm BST @mrpatcarty and I will be here to dissect everything for your viewing pleasure.

last month

For reals the best rainbow I ever saw! #nofilter

last month

@jamiepyjamas just sent me this. Yes, I do all of my own stunts.

last month

Hey guys! These 2 fingers are to the identity thieves of this awful internet world! Today I received a suspicious text message apparently from Snap Chat, with a verification code. I suspect somebody might be trying to open a profile in my name, or they are trying to get some of my info somehow. If it appears that I have contacted you via the medium of snap chat, please feel free to block/ignore/report/tell them to fuck off. I don’t use snap chat, because I’m a grown ass man. Cheers, see you all tomorrow x

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Hey guys! Don’t worry, @mrpatcarty and I will go live tomorrow night here on my Instagram from 9pm BST. We will aim to condense last week’s 3 hours of absolute shite to a more concise 2hrs45m. Regard the majesty of this image from @vickyhorner81 We shall probably attempt to cover The Heat Is On. Or Crockett’s Theme by Jan Hammer. See you tomorrow!