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It was a pleasure chatting with comedy genius Ben Elton ahead of his tour in May. @we_are_818 #benelton

4 weeks ago

Looking good tonight 09!

last month

It’s a great time of the year for chilling and relaxing, and enjoying summer. I’ve been using Countdown’s online shopping service to make life easier and stress-free when it comes to entertaining over the holidays. To celebrate their great summer service, I’ve got a discount code! The first 20 people to use the discount code ‘summer’ will get free delivery for their Countdown online order. Valid until 10 February 2020. Whether at home, at the bach or at the beach enjoying New Zealand’s great weather, Countdown is offering a range of online shopping summer services including my favourite which is same day delivery before 10am with a three hour turnaround in their nicely chilled trucks. No more last minute stress! I used it this weekend and ordered everything I needed a the summer BBQ with the family - sorted in seconds! Check it out here: https://shop.countdown.co.nz #lovecountdown #sp

last month

Such a wonderful day yesterday celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary where we were married at @mudbrick_nz and then onto @oysterinnstagram for a glass of bubbles. Thanks for all your kind messages. ❤️ #20thweddinganniversary #waihekeisland #veryluckyricky

Dec 2019

Christmas Day Fun, food and whanau ❤️ #Christmas2019 Merry Xmas everyone 😊

Dec 2019

Holidays have begun! #waihekeisland #waiheke #newzealand 😊

Dec 2019

Moving day is close... nothing to even sit on now. But the end is in sight #downsizing . Thanks so much @john .and.nic_custom_ @matt .obrien.988 😊

Nov 2019

Wonderful chats with Timothy Spall today. Screen legend. His new film with Mrs Lowry and Son with Vanessa Redgrave looks wonderful 😊818

Nov 2019

Happy 30th birthday TV3! I spent two crazy years, every Saturday morning hosting YAHOO with @moananz . Good times and great people. 😊 @mediaworks #tv3 #30thanniversary #tv #nz #thirtyyearsofthree

Nov 2019

The joys of a mega de-clutter. You find a mug with a photo of you and your BFF on it @edgebreakfast @domharveynz #drunkfaces #neverhadafallingout 😊

Nov 2019

It’s fair to say in my long time in radio there have been many ups and downs. Times actually when I was done. But this year has been undoubtedly the most exciting. I’m part of a great but small team. In 2019 we kicked some ass. 😊

Nov 2019

It’s the little things in life.. 🐶 #wheatenterrier #wheatensofinstagram #livingmybestlife

Nov 2019

U2 were incredible. I’ve never seen a better band. 😊

Nov 2019

A wonderful night was had at the @dementia .auckland fundraiser! A very worthy cause #stillme

Oct 2019

Happy birthday to my brother from a different mother! @robertrakete ! 😊

Oct 2019

Horrible sight from work today 😓

Oct 2019

My thoughts go out to my colleagues at Flower St tonight. Many years back I was part of the TV3 journey there, and know how hard everyone worked with very little resource, to make local shows. Despite the odds we survived. And i’m sure you will survive now too. ❤️

Oct 2019

Grooming time for Charley 🐶 #wheatenterrier #wheatensofinstagram

Oct 2019

I don’t know if you’ve heard about the hype recently about Countdown’s new Cheeseburger flavoured spring rolls?! A crazy combination but trust me, my family find them so tasty! Are you keen to try them? Check out Countdown’s new frozen range, they’ve got heaps of easy and affordable options which are brilliant for when you’ve got people coming round to watch the rugby! #lovecountdown #sponsored

Sep 2019

Thanks for the plug @brycecasey @theproject_nz @thebreeze_nz #lmao 😂

Sep 2019

91 FM Takapuna. 1992. On the roof of the 91st floor. You could see that neon sign from space 😂 #tbt ❤️

Sep 2019

Hanging out with my puppy 🐶 ❤️ #wheatenterrier #wheatensofinstagram