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RAD food, made with REAL ingredients! Rad Balls, Slices & Cakes Hormonal Balance Protein Gluten Free • Refined Sugar Free • Dairy free

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2 days ago

Updated stockist list is online now! ❤️ We want to give all of the cafes who support us a massive hug 🤗 & all the customers that support them, one too! 😘 We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our stockists and appreciate each & everyone of them so much 🙏🏼 If you would like your store on our map, get in touch at hello @realradfood .co.nz 📧

4 weeks ago

PEANUT BUTTER JELLY or STRAWBERRIES & CREAM? 🙃😅 We have some time up our sleeves over the next few weeks in the RRF Kitchen & want to play around with some different shapes & sizes for our wholesale and local customers! 🤩 Who would to see a return of the baby cake?! We used to take these to markets etc but haven’t made them in so long! ☺️

4 weeks ago

KETO FRIENDS! We have got you covered with THREE epic treats to have handy in your freezer for this 3pm sugar cravings! 🥰🔥🥰 Raspberry Lamington 👉🏻 Scorched Almond 👉🏻 Keto Bounty Bar 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

4 weeks ago

Real Rad Food is proud to support NZ cafes with a wholesale service like no other ❤️ We supply you with a beautiful product to elevate your cabinet & offer you customers 🧚‍♂️ A product that includes all dietary needs from plant based, dairy free, gluten free & cane sugar free 🙌🏼 A product that lasts 6 months in your freezer or a week in the fridge (no 👏🏼 food 👏🏼 waste 👏🏼 ). A service that is seamless and timely from the moment you order form us until the moment it arrives at your door ⭐️ We want to send our audience your way! Become a stockist by emailing hello @realradfood .co.nz 📧

5 weeks ago

Today we had a play around in the kitchen with our Rad Ball Mixes! 😍 Although our mixes are about 6 weeks away from launch, 🚀 we thought we could give you a little taste test of the flavours that you could be making at home very soon! 😋 We will have a limited amount of these 6 packs online at 6pm tonight! ❤️

last month

7pm TONIGHT we drop of 3rd & LARGEST batch of RRP on the website! 🧚‍♂️🌸 Set those alarms friends🚨We all know this stuff hasn’t been lasting long online.. 💘 All orders placed will be a PRE-ORDER for a dispatch the week starting the 8th of June 🚙💨

last month

Today in the factory I had a play around with our 3 planned Rad Mix flavours! 🙈🙊 So SO excited to get this product into your pantries & onto the shelves of super markets across the county (hopefully! ) 🙌🏼 Rad Mixes were inspired💡by my time in lockdown & you guys loving making our Rad Balls at home (talk about making a positive out of a situation that scared me to my core ) ❤️ I wanted to create a product that is not only accessible to everyone from a price & location perspective but an equipment perspective too! Simply pour, mix, roll & your good to go! 🙅🏼‍♀️No blender required! Blended & packed in house at the Real Rad Factory!

last month

THE 👏🏼 WAIT 👏🏼 IS 👏🏼 OVER 👏🏼 Real Rad Protein will be online tonight at 7pm. The second half of this batch will be online on Friday. We have split this restock in half so that we can be as fair as possible ❤️ You know the drill.. set the alarms and get in early 🤩 Monday & Friday orders will be dispatched on Monday the 25th 🚙💨 Please expects slight delays in shipping & be patient with courier networks at this time 💘

last month

RRF has a new team member! 👏🏼This is Cooper (Coop for short ) ☺️ He is Hannah’s right hand man when things getting a little stressful in the office.. Specialises in hugs, face licks & an all round boost in morale! Thank you for choosing us Coop. We love you very much ❤️

last month

Check out these reviews.. Real Rad Protein is changing lives! & it’s nearly back online! 🌸 Pre-order May 18th 🌸 2nd release May 22nd 🌸 Dispatch May 25th Head to our website to enter your email & be notified of all important info related to RRP ❤️

May 2020

YEAH THE GIRLS! 👉🏻 Shaz & Kim are currently working weekends so they can look after their kids through the week while childcare remains limited 💘 Proud of these two Wonder Woman adapting & giving Real Rad Food their heart & soul everyday. HOW GOOD DOES THE MIXED SLICE BIXES LOOK?! Online now ❤️

May 2020

I was humbled to be invited into @hunterstudionz to film this message for you all. Here is what I wanted to say: Thank you for not only getting us to where we are today, but for getting us through the last four weeks and the many years to come ❤️ Continue to support local, continue to show love online, continue to smile at strangers on the street ☺️ We will get through this & come out the other side stronger than ever. Oh! & meet Coop 🐶

Apr 2020

Thinking of treating your Mum this Mother’s Day? 💘 How about some Strawberries & Cream Rad Balls 🍓🥛 delivered to her doorstep via contactless courier?! 🚙💨 Available online tonight 7pm 👀 Don’t forget to leave her a love note at checkout..❣️📝 Limited stock available.

Apr 2020

ANZAC Day. The day we remember those who served, died & suffered for us ❤️ Today at 3pm we will be sharing an Anzac Rad Ball Recipe Demo on our live. Lest we forget x Image via @simpleprints_

Apr 2020

This is your 2 hour call!! 🙋🏼‍♀️ RRF website re-launch 10am today 🚀 What do we have available?! Tumblers 👏🏼 Protein 👏🏼 Balls 👏🏼 Slices 👏🏼 Cakes 👏🏼

Apr 2020

Monday 20th at 10am RRF website will re-open 🌸🌸 Products purchased are PRE-ORDERS for a dispatch once we reach L3 👏🏼 All of your RRF slices & balls will be available + PROTEIN + THE NEW REAL RAD TUMBLER *double wall stainless steel 😍😍😍 Limited numbers of Protein & tumblers available so get in quick xx PS - I told you we would be back & better than ever, didn’t I? 😉

Apr 2020

Real Rad Home Kitchen Series - Episode 8! 💁🏼‍♀️ A super quick n’ easy & DAMN TASTY rad ball flavour that you must try!!🌸🌸🌸 Main ingredient - 1/2 cup Real Rad Protein 😍 Plus.. 2 cups almond meal 1/2 cup coconut 1/2 cup coconut cream 1 tbsp coconut oil 1/2 cup coconut sugar (this can be decreased if you prefer a less sweet ball ) Pinch himalayan salt

Apr 2020

This cup has brought so much joy to my isolation experience! 🌸 Keeping my smoothies cold, my teas warm & my workouts hydrated! 💦 & looking pretty damn good while doing it 😜 Creating products that I love is how I know that you will love them.. We can’t wait to put these cups online for you guys! The perfect vessel for those hormonal balance protein smoothies you have been whipping up ❤️ Who is excited?! 🙊

Apr 2020

Real Rad Home Kitchen Series - Episode 7! 🐰 To celebrate Easter weekend we made a batch of our famous Hot Cross Rad Balls ✨ Enjoy! Rad Ball: 3 cups almond meal 3/4 cup coconut 1 tsp vanilla bean 1/2 cup coconut sugar Pinch salt 2 tbsp coconut oil 1/2 cup coconut cream 1/4 cup sultanas 1/4 cup raisins 2 tbsp mixed spice 1 tsp cinnamon Refer to episode 5 for a tutorial on how we make this white choc ganache!

Apr 2020

Real Rad Home Kitchen Series - Episode 6! 🌸 Today we are making a chia seed pudding that is PACKED with protein for all those home workouts you have been doing 🙋🏼‍♀️💦 Also super high in fibre & healthy fats! I like to make this in bulk and store in my fridge for breakfasts & snacks through the week 💛 Top with fresh fruit, honey & granola! Recipe for 4 servings: 2 cups plant milk 1/2 cup Real Rad Protein 1 tsp vanilla bean 1/2 cup chia seed Optional to add sweetener of choice. Rule of thumb is 2 tbsp chia seed to 1/2 cup milk (this is a single serve ). 🌸 ENJOY 🌸

Apr 2020

✨35K GIVEAWAY✨ The support of this online community over the past 3 years (& especially in the last two weeks ) has been something we feel grateful for everyday 💓 We want to give back to you with an EPIC giveaway! ✨WIN✨ 36 x @pana_organic bars 3 x @pana_organic hazelnut & chocolate spreads 1 x RRF hormonal balance protein 1 x RRF stainless steel tumbler ✨DETAILS✨ Like, tag, follow & share this to your story! Winner will be drawn this Friday but prize will not be sent until L4 is lifted 💓 #staysafe #stayhome

Apr 2020

Real Rad Home Kitchen Series - Episode 5! Today we are making Real Rad Foods famous GANACHES! 🍫 These two recipes have been in RRF for 3 years & we are so excited to share them with you. We use them to garnish our rad balls, slices & cakes✨ White ganache: 300g cacao butter 1 cup coconut oil 1 cup hot water 1 cup rice malt syrup Cacao ganache: 1 cup coconut oil 1 cup coconut sugar 1 cup hot water 1 cup cacao Can’t wait to see you recreations! 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

Apr 2020

Happy 3rd Birthday Real Rad Food! ❤️ & Thank you to all those that have helped us get here! ✨ A birthday note to my company; Being your founder is my proudest achievement to date. Thank you for teaching me how to lead - both within our company & to a wider community on social media. Thank you for giving me opportunities to further my learning as an individual - to be mentored by the CEO of my biggest “brand-inspiration” @pana_organic . Thank you for giving my voice & ideas a platform - to create products that truly help the lives of many around the country & now, across the world. Thank you for teaching me that resilience is success - through closing our doors at L4 of a pandemic, adjusting our model & finding a new depth of connection with our online community. Thank you for connecting me to inspirational business women that make me feel empowered & driven. Thank you for making me the woman I am today. I have been pushed to my limits in the past three years but I would not change a thing. I have worked my bum off to have CEO on the signature of my email and I am damn proud of it. To many more years being your founder - Thank you ❤️

Apr 2020

Real Rad Home Kitchen Series - Episode 3! Today we are celebrating RRF 3rd Birthday with my favourite Carrot Cake recipe! 🍰🥕🥳 🌸 Carrot Cake Ingredients: 1 cup almond meal 2 cup grated carrot 1/4 cup sultanas 1/2 cup rice malt syrup 1 tsp vanilla bean Pinch salt 1 cup coconut cream 2 tbsp coconut oil 1 tsp mixed spice 1 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp ginger 1 tbsp turmeric 1/4 cup walnuts 🌸 Cashew Cream Ingredients: 1 cup soaked cashews Juice of half a lemon 1/2 cup coconut cream 1/3 cup coconut oil 1/4 cup rice malt syrup 1 tsp vanilla bean Enjoy! Han x