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Joy in a jar! 💜 Probiotic, dairy-free coconut yoghurt handmade with love in Raglan. 🌴

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2 days ago

Wish we had @giapokitchen in Raglan! 😍 Our Vanilla Bean yoghurt on top of their Doris Plum sorbet looks like perfection on a hot day like this. 🌞 #raglancoconutyoghurt #giapo #veganicecream

4 days ago

Doing our best to keep things fun & fair - thanks Waikato Business News for sharing our story! 🌴 http://wbn.co.nz/2020/02/05/fairness-at-heart-of-booming-business/ #raglancoconutyoghurt #mrandmrscoconut #livingwageemployer

5 days ago

This place is magic. 💖 #raglansummer #raglansurf #raglancoconutyoghurt

2 weeks ago

Love is worth celebrating - in all the many shapes it comes in. ❤️ Family, friends, partners, and of course love for yourself (something we often put to the end of the list but so important! ). 🌠 Valentine's is a nice reminder to spread more love in your world; not just today but everyday. 😘 #happyvalentinesday #raglancoconutyoghurt #mrandmrscoconut

2 weeks ago

They've got the goods at @naturallyorganicnz ! 😊🌴 #raglancoconutyoghurt #mrcoconut #plantbasedyoghurt

2 weeks ago

We came 83rd in a global ranking of the top 500 companies creating the future of food! 🎉 It's exciting to see an increasing number of plant-based options hitting shelves, we love being part of the shift to a more sustainable way of eating. 😊🌴 #foodtech500 #raglancoconutyoghurt #plantbased

2 weeks ago

And the Oscar goes to ... Taika Waititi!!! 🏆 What a legend. Stoked for him. Lots of Kiwis feeling very proud today. 🎉 #taikawaititi #jojorabbit #oscars2020

2 weeks ago

Warm weather, cold iceblocks...summer is the best. 🌞 #raglancoconutyoghurt #veganiceblocks (📸 cred: @hashbrown .nz )

3 weeks ago

For all our friends who follow a Halal diet, we're happy to let you know we have achieved this certification!✌️🌴 #raglancoconutyoghurt #halalcertified

3 weeks ago

Smoothie bowls at @isobaraglan made creamy with #raglancoconutyoghurt - yay! 🎉🌴 #vegansmoothiebowl

4 weeks ago

Breakfast and dessert all rolled into one! 👏 Vegan chocolate protein pudding recipe on our website now. 🤩 #raglancoconutyoghurt #veganpudding #plantbased #rcyrecipe

4 weeks ago

Serving up tasty smoothie bowls for 4 summers now ... thanks for brekkie @sandbanknz ! ✌️🌴 #raglancoconutyoghurt #mrscoconut #vegansmoothiebowl

5 weeks ago

We're now fwd: certified via the @akinafoundation as an organisation creating a positive social & environmental impact! 🌏 As part of the certification process we revisited the many different initiatives we've been involved in over the years, and it was cool to see how all the seemingly small contributions have added up over time. ⏳ We'll be tracking these areas on our website going forward so you can see our progress! 😃 #raglancoconutyoghurt #fwdcertified

last month

Every so often we like to round up our 'Favourite Five' images ft. #raglancoconutyoghurt that have been created and shared by you awesome peeps ... if you're tagged here then CONGRATS you've won a delivery of yoghurt! 👏🚚 Please email hello @raglancoconutyoghurt .co.nz with your work address (we can't ship to homes ) and we'll get some yoghurt out to you, whoop whoop! 🎉 #thefavouritefive #joyinajar

last month

Aloha weekend! ✌️🌴 #raglancoconutyoghurt #liftingthevibe #joyinajar

last month

Breakfast antics.✌️🌴 #raglancoconutyoghurt #liftingthevibe #joyinajar

last month

We ❤️ you and all your furry creatures Aussie. 🇦🇺 #prayingforrain

last month

Ahhhh Raglan. 💕🌅 #raglannz #beautyofnature (📸 @nzvorn )

last month

The crew. 😎 🌴 #raglancoconutyoghurt #yoghifamily #plantbased

last month

Today we've donated $1,000 to our neighbours across the ditch - $500 to the Rural Fire Service who are absolute heroes, and $500 to Bush Heritage Australia who work in partnership with local Aboriginal people to protect biodiversity and conserve land. 🌱 Our hearts & thoughts have been with Australia the past weeks - like most Kiwis, we have family there, friends there ... some of our coconut crew are from Aussie too, and it is absolutely heart-breaking seeing the images of trees burning, homes destroyed, and wildlife fleeing. 😔 As always, it has been wonderful to see how people rally together and are generous & kind in the face of adversity. People sewing pouches and mittens for kangaroos & koalas, people delivering water, offering their homes, and donating generously to help those who need it. 💕 If you want a good summary of ways to help Australia's people, animals, and also do your bit to turn the dial on climate change in your own backyard, this article from Stuff is useful: https://tinyurl.com/yhl56khn 👍🏽 We would like to offer our Yurt & Tiny House to any couples from Aussie who have had to leave their homes and need a peaceful place to recharge - please feel free to message us via this FB page - https://www.facebook.com/TheRaglanYurt/ and we will accommodate as many requests as we can. ⛺ We are also happy to contribute yoghurt to anyone here in NZ running fundraiser raffles or events - please email hello @raglancoconutyoghurt .co.nz. 😊 Kia kaha Australia, we love you. 🐨 - Mr & Mrs Coconut and the coconut crew xx #raglancoconutyoghurt #mrandmrscoconut #ruralfireservice #bushheritageaustralia

last month

Smile! 😊 2020 is going to be a great year. 🎉 And if you want to make a difference while you're out and about at the beach this summer, we're still giving free yoghurt to anyone who does a clean-up, until we reach our goal of 1 Million Pieces collected! 🙌 Deets are on our website, if you love eating coconut yoghurt and looking after the environment then this is for you! 🌏 #1millionpieces #raglancoconutyoghurt

last month

Tried out a @nadialimcooks recipe for New Year's celebrations - Lime, Avocado & Mint raw cheesecake. 🥑👌 Delish! 😊 Happy 2020 everyone! May your year ahead be filled with fun, friends, and good food. 🎉 #raglancoconutyoghurt #nadialim #happy2020

Dec 2019

We loved getting all your 'Dear Santa Yoghi' entry letters - you guys sure got around a lot of supermarkets hunting all 5 stickers down! 🎅 The two lucky winners of a year's supply of yoghurt have been drawn ... huge congrats to James Ray from the North Island, and Karla Drinkwater from the South Island! 🎉 We will start your deliveries in the New Year. 😊 And because we were so impressed with all the effort put into the entries, we'll be sending out a special Yoghi smiley badge to everyone who entered! 📬 Happy Holidays folks, have fun in the sun, sand & surf. ☀️ - Mr & Mrs Coconut #raglancoconutyoghurt #santayoghi #mrandmrscoconut

Dec 2019

We had a go making vegan cookies & cream nicecream and we rate it 💯! Recipe on our website now, super easy.👌 #raglancoconutyoghurt #veganicecream #oreos #oreoicecream #rcyrecipe