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Apr 2018

#Repost @thechainsmokers ( @get_repost ) ・・・ Today is one of those days. A day where we lost a hero of ours, an inspiration and friend. We had the pleasure of playing many shows with Tim and he was a real hero of ours. Drew and I used to watch this exact video 6 years ago dreaming to be like him one day. His music brought us and the world so much joy. He was a remarkable artist and friend to so many. Words won’t do justice to how he changed music and so many of our lives. He was taken from us far to early. I am crying writing this because he meant so much to us… We looked up to him in ways we cant possibly explain. We made memories to his music and he helped us with our career in ways that we could never ever repay him. Please for the love of god let this be a reminder to never take those around you for granted, watch out for each other and cherish the time we all have. Our prayers go out to his family and friends, many of whom we know. Look at this video, look at the people all around the world, look at the joy and happiness he spread. There will never ever be another like him and for that reason we cry and will never forget. There are so many temptations around us, so many of us suffer quietly behind closed doors, putting up a facade of happiness and stability. Let this be a reminder that we all struggle with demons and that we need to be there for each other. Tim we love you man, what you did for us will never be forgotten. We posted this video cause it is a reminder of what this brilliant amazing guy did for all of us. He touched us all and now he is gone.

Apr 2018

#Repost @katyaleecreates ( @get_repost ) ・・・ . @arianagrande 😍

Dec 2017

#Repost @teddysphotos ( @get_repost ) ・・・ River with Eminem out friday x