Alasdair @asjtrimmer

Oct 2017

The Killing Fields. I was incredibly lucky on my trip to Cambodia, it taught me many things, some great, some interesting, and some incredibly somber. On this trip I learned about the killing fields in Phom Phen and the horrific genicide that took place. After learning that the keener rouge killed 1/3 of the country’s populations for reasons ranging from have glasses to being teachers. And the brutal ways they killed the millions of people, I was incredibly moved, taken back, and guilty that I never knew this had happened. It was a tremendous experience going to Cambodia and it was incredibly eye opening. I feel that major events in history such as this should be common knowledge. Mistakes are there to learn from. If we don’t learn from the mistakes that lead to over 3 million people losing there lives, what can we learn from. So go and read or watch a video to amalgamate some knowledge on this and on any topic where something has gone wrong so you can help to avoid it happening again.




Lovely work Alasdair

Oct 2017