तानिआ🌸tania🌸타니아 @7384tania

Sep 2018

Inside the blanket 2/4 It’s almost ironic how acclimatized I am despite how loathsome this appeared to me in the beginning. I smile , remembering my high ideals when I first came to the city, a young girl of twenty-three. But soon enough, I was forced to realize that my ideals were not going to sustain me, and decided to do whatever my fate offered me, and it offered me this, a pole dancer. Suddenly, I become aware of the fact that my body has stopped moving. I look around and see that the other dancers have already started leaving the stage. As I start descending from the stage, my eyes skim over the crowd. My gaze, as always, is returned by lust filled stares. I make my way through the room towards the door, refusing the various customers, who start asking for my name, laugh when some of them confess, and telling them off, in a voice that is dripping with salaciousness, a voice I can’t even recognize anymore. The unwelcome brushes against my bare skin, is something we are forced to familiarize with. My face relaxes and a tiny sigh escapes my lips as the door finally closes over the thirsting crowd.