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Sep 2018

Inside the blanket 4/4 The warmth of my home washes over me. There is certain haste in my step as I approach the familiar door, the door that’s the sole source of my happiness, the door that leads to my true self. My smile broadens even more, when I hear little snores from the other side, as I quietly open the door, careful not to wake him up. I see his tiny head poking out of the blanket. He has had the blanket for the last six years since the day he was born, the day he arrived like a breath of fresh air to my suffocated self. He stops snoring and squirms his eyes open, surprising me yet again with his uncanny ability to sense my return, even in his deepest of sleeps. “Ma, I got a candy for you.” he breaks out into a wide grin, showing his missing front tooth, as he points to the bag lying beside his bed. “Thank you, dear” I exclaim as a laugh escapes my mouth, “now sleep”. I wipe the drool from his mouth before he submerges even more beneath the blanket, with a satisfied grin in place. As I watch him, all the suppressed feelings come gushing, the helplessness, the humiliation, the inhospitableness, the gazes and the stares. However, things are different as these feelings don’t drown me out like they would have done a decade ago. For now, I have a purpose. I have a reason to battle this world. I have hope to confront the helplessness , I have happiness to beat the humiliation and I have kindness to muffle the inhospitableness, all wrapped inside the tiny blanket before me. I drop my coat and get in beside him. As I begin to close my eyes, I hear the clock, the birds twittering outside. And as the first rays creep inside the dark room, I close my eyes.




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Jan 2019