Madaminjon Egamov @guide_uzbekistan

Feb 2020

Here is gorgious cotton which blossoms magically then turns white when is ripe and harvested three times or even more. This pretty looks rare type of flower. Everybody knows cotton is the most important source in the manufacturing clothes and other aspects of life. Actually, cotton is a plant that produces soft fibes and equally called cotton. This is a vital effect for economy of countries especially Asian countries. Cotton plantation has a real beauty those effects to the landscape of nature. Cotton is a good and convinient product and used in many fields. Among locals in Uzbekistan cotton is called "Oq Oltin " which means " White Gold " this is becouse cotton is just as valuable as gold. #docatours #visituzbekistan #loveuzbekistan #cotton #of #uzbekistan 🇺🇿 #traveltouzbekistan #love #nature