Madaminjon Egamov @guide_uzbekistan

Feb 2020

🇺🇿Hello everybody, I am going to give you brief information about mysterious Uzbekistan. You now, which is the heart of Central Asia and actually was not called Uzbekistan in near history. My motherland is a multinational country,there are two main languages are Uzbek and Russian but you also will hear several other languages including Tajik and Turkish. The word of "Uzbek" stands for self- confident. Besides the Uzbek population, Uzbekistan contains many other nationalities all with their own mode of life including Tajik, Kirgiz, Turkmen, Kazak, Tatar, Korean, and Turkish. For many years they have been living friendly together. People in this society are well-known to the world with their friendship and kindness 🤗😍. One of the most famous parties is wedding Ceremony💍 💑 called "TO'Y" among locals which is organized more than four hundfred people and is really colorful with its national costumes of brides 👰👰. You should never miss the main dish is "PLOV" 😋😋 that is really delicious and reflects traditions of people. Enjoy ! 🏞 #uzbekistan #loveuzbekistan #visituzbekistan #mysterious #uzbekistan 🇺🇿 #doca_tours @doca_tours #travelphotography #samarkand