Madaminjon Egamov @guide_uzbekistan

Feb 2020

🕍🕍🕍🕍🕍Now, it is high time to tell about really massive Registan square in Samarkand and one of the visiting cards of Uzbekistan. In ancient times it was used as a madrasah (school ) and mosque. The Registan was the heart of the ancient city of Samarkand of the Timurid Empire, now in Uzbekistan😀. The name Rēgistan means "sandy place" or "desert" in. the three madrasahs of the Registan is the Ulugbek madrasah, the Tilya Kori madrasah, and the Sherdor madrasah. Needless to say, they were built at different times. Today they are still valuable up to know. @doca_tours #samarkand 🇺🇿 #registan #square #visit #uzbekistantravel