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Dec 2018

Where are you? Not because He can't see us, but because He wants you to realize how far you've gone, from Him. #advent #praymoreadventretreat #Catholic #Christian

Nov 2018

The second most important commandment is; "Love your neighbour as you love yourself." Mark 12:31 The bible instructs us to Love our God, love ourselves and then love others. I love me! Do you love you? (P.s. I love you too! ) ✌❤

Aug 2018

#gratitude ❤ &💡

Jun 2018

Regrann from @faesplace - All powerful and merciful Father You are a God of justice love and peace, You rule over all the nations of the earth, Power and might are in your hands and no one can withstand you, We present our country Nigeria before you, We praise and thank you for you are the source of all we have and are, We are sorry for all the sins we have committed and for the good deeds we have failed to do. In your loving forgiveness keep us safe from the punishment we deserve. Lord we are weighed down not only by uncertainties but also by moral, economic and political problems. Listen to the cries of Your people who confidently turn to You. God of infinite goodness, our strength in adversity, our health in weakness, our comfort in sorrow Be merciful to us your people; spare this nation Nigeria from chaos, anarchy and doom. Bless us with your kingdom of justice, love and peace. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.. Amen!!🙏🏼 #catholicprayer #prayerfornigeriaindistress

Jun 2018

Spread the love. Our various expressions of faith ought to help us love one another even as fellow human beings. Let us all join hands in condemning the evils of negative competition, intolerance, division, tension and violence. Let us work more to respect each other and our religious values. Let us shun leaders who exploit religious sentiments as a tool for selfish political gains and uphold values that make us human and more humane with one another. Barka kum Allahu kulu shain, ed Mubarak to all moslems #loveisallweneed #charity #weareone

Apr 2018

Love yourself the way Christ loves you. #imperfect #continuousimprovent #stayinlovewithchrist

Mar 2018

Regrann from @fadadiipo - *BRACELETS FOR LENT 25* *Don't Give Up On Anyone* The story is told of a little mouse 🐀 who sadly got caught in the paw of a lion 🦁. The lion was about to swallow it when the the little mouse cried, "pardon 🙏🏽, O King. Forgive me and I will never forget your kindness. Who knows if I may be of help 🆘 to you sometime in the future." The lion was unusually tickled with the mouse's sense of humor 🤣, especially with the idea of ever needing its help 🤭, and so lifted its big paw and let the mouse free. Sometime after, the same lion was caught in a trap 😨, and while the hunters went in search of a wagon 🚛 to carry it alive into the village, the little mouse happened to pass by that road. Seeing the sad plight of the lion, the little mouse summed up the courage 💪🏽 to bite and chew away the ropes used to bind the king of the jungle. The lion was thankful, while the mouse smiled with the certainty of thought that each of us can be useful to one another. 😇 The call 🗣 to repentance is an affirmation that God never gives up on any of us 🔝. Having created our hearts for himself, he always seeks us out. He knows that each of us has something to offer him and to offer one another 🤝🏼. Life's experiences can make us get caught in the paws of intellectual distractions 📚, materialistic tendencies 👜👠🕶, humanistic religiosity ❌, to mention a few. Yet the simplicity of being searched out by Love himself is what truly frees us. This is only a result of him not giving up on any of us. 🙏 Here is what he invites us to everyday and especially in the Lenten season ✝. He searches us out. He doesn't give up on us. So he wants us to act towards one another. He wants us to search out one another. He asks that we never give up on one another. Reconcile 🤝🏼 with that other person. Call or visit a friend you haven't heard from or seen in a long while. Speak a kind word to someone. We can make the sacrifice of the Lenten season go beyond the level principles to the level of practice. Such good we do will all come back to each of us. 👫 *Fr Martin Badejo* #BraceletsForLent #OMariaMedia #Fadadon25 #Surepriest #lent

Mar 2018

Stations of the cross #lent

Mar 2018

Feb 2018

from @frmichaelsliney - Prudence, the queen of all virtues. #prudence #virtue #catholic #inspire #inspiration #nyc #ny #videos #video #priest

Jan 2018

Don't dwell on your mistakes, review your actions, realize your mistakes, learn the lesson from the experience, Move On! No regrets! This has been my mantra since my uni days, because I realized that the most important thing in every experience is the lesson learnt, rather than drown myself with self pity or cloud my day with sadness or judge myself harshly, I focus on the lesson from the experience. How do you deal with regret? ✌❤ #noregrets #thoughts #wisdom #life #happiness #locutv #motivationalquotes

Jan 2018

Hi guys! My friend ( @elo .ububa ) and I have created a YouTube channel as an avenue to share a little more of ourselves with you all, kindly follow @locutv for updates et al! ❤ @Regrann from @locutv - Here's a teaser from our YouTube channel. We intend to share our journey as entrepreneurs with you, our inspirations, laughter, lifestyle and every other thing that life brings to our table. Soooo, stay with us!❤ Anticipate!! #youtuber #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneurship #blogger #arthurashe #youtuber #youtubevlog #vlog #vlogger #nigerianyoutuber #nigerianvlogger #locutv

Jan 2018

@Regrann from @catholicconnect - “Take care of your body as if you were going to live forever; and take care of your soul as if you were going to die tomorrow.” -St. Augustine Via @frmichaelsliney 🕊🇻🇦 #CatholicConnect #newyear #newyears #video #videos #blessed #inspiration #inspire #catholic #priest

Nov 2017

Family: Husband: house band; he binds the house together. He is to protect the family. You must protect your family, as a parent and even as a child , you must protect your happiness, guard your home, form a shield of love and peace around your family and protect it. The greatest terrorist attack of our time is the devils attack against the family. If you fight for your family, God will step in and fight your battles, but you must fight first. You must take action, make a move then God will step in. Commitment to each other, forgiveness, love and sacrifice are the keys to building a shield around your family. Honour each other, praise each other, encourage each other. ✌❤ P.S: I will be sharing some notes I took during mass with you all, as we end the 2017 liturgical year. Enjoy! #Christian #Catholic #love #family #home

Nov 2017

Always has been, always will be! ❤❤❤

Oct 2017

The Book of Tobit. I just read the entire book of Tobit and I'm compelled to share with you the lessons learnt from this story. Tobit was faithful to God even in exile, he didn't follow the ways of his people who felt that they didn't have to go to Jerusalem to celebrate their religious festivals. He was obedient, kind, generous, he cared about his people, even when this led him to trouble, he still cared. Most importantly he was always thankful to God. He taught his son to follow in his ways, to do the right things always, to be faithful to God. This story has several lessons, but my main focus would be on faithfulness to God. Chapter12 vs12-14 angel Raphael revealed to Tobit and Tobias; Tobit had just returned from hiding for burying his people and was about to feast with his family but heard about the murder of one of his people and went to bury him, this was his test, Angel Raphael had been sent by God to tobit to cure him of his blindness and also deliver his daughter in-law to be; Sarah. Imagine if Tobit, out of fear from his previous experience, decided not to do the right thing. I learnt that when you're consistent with doing the right things, when you are faithful to God irrespective of past experiences, or your present situation, God doesn't just solve your immediate problems, He goes ahead to settle even the problems you're unaware of, He removes obstacles, things that could hinder your success in the future. I hope this encourages someone who is or has been struggling with remaining faithful to God or someone who has had bad experiences from doing good to people, to carry on with doing good, do not loose hope, remain faithful to God, your prayers are being heard and answered and at God's time, it will be manifested. Please do read the entire book of Tobit for a better understanding and also share your thoughts. Peace&Love ✌&❤ Ms'Lin.