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5 days ago

not bad for a girl with no talent 🔥

2 weeks ago

me love u long time 💕💞💓💗💖💝

2 weeks ago

i don’t want a valentine, i just want valentino ❤️ who needs a valentine? single successful and sooverdabullshit to be boo’d up this valentine’s day. bb i got options but this year i’m choosing ME. tag ur crush i double dragun dare u ; )

2 weeks ago

i’m not a regular mom i’m a cool mom... chikita da bad bītch dragun has changed my life ever since i rescued / adopted her a month ago. i was looking back at pics of the first day i got her and she was so wittle. from private jets, clubs, parties, studios, and a whole lotta hollywood fantasy. my friends literally like her more than me and i just accept it cus that’s my girl. chi chi is living her best life... she’s grown so much. currently in her pre teen crazy phase so i have been going thru it. here i am a single dog mom with a 22 to 40 waist to hip ratio just trying to make it for me and my daughter... who i think is possibly trans but lemme wait till she’s old enough to decide her gender identity.

3 weeks ago

girls so i’m on my period and i’m wondering if anyone’s flow changes with the season. i’ve noticed a massive change in my cycle. okayyyyyyyy they’ve stopped reading now, how u bïtches getting sugar daddies ?? help a sister out...

3 weeks ago

super bowl commercial brought to u by the pussystunt association of america 💚 my body on point they be like who’s ur surgeon?? THANK U for all the bday love i love u guys so much. idk this bday felt weird... kind like wtf am i doing with my life vibes... but also wow i’m really living out my dreams vibes... thank u god for all the blessings! made it another year around the sun... feels kinda weird but it’s probably the tequila that’s still flowing thru my body 🤪🎂🍾🎉 song cover girl by @bia ...not released yet but maybe if y’all ask her nicely she’ll put it out bc it SLAPS

3 weeks ago

start of the night vs the end... happy birthday to me 🤢🤮

4 weeks ago

girl gang gang gang 🔫 live fast. die young. bad girls do it well. if a boy is giving u a hard time drop his @ and we will rob him for u. miami mamis r here to save the day. instagram took away my likes so please enjoy my thotivities for my bday weekend... turning 18 tomorrow 💚 january 31

4 weeks ago

“i think they r going to kick me out of the grammys” what’s the last message u sent or received?? comment it i dare u. “wyd after the grammys” was the last one i received but i’m just gonna let ur imagination do the context on that one...

4 weeks ago

hi grammys... i changed my profile name to Nikita 𝖕𝖔𝖕𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖗 Dragun and a couple days later the literal grammys sent me an invite... what is my life honestly. i’m wondering just as much as anybody else. i will say i am glad to be reppin us Trans girls! the diversity and feminine power is at an all time high this year and i am here for it... maybe one day i’ll be nominated for a grammy too... i mean no dream is too big... kk lemme stop my fantasy now before i get ahead of myself hahaha... also shoutout to the Haus of Dragun for literally putting this look together in 3 days... A DREAM COME TRUE 🥺

4 weeks ago

year of the dragun 🐲🐉 my energy is something else. i have been focusing and growing towards my dreams. idk how i made it thru last year... a lot of people and things went out of my life. i was scared for awhile to dream too big cus others around me thot i was crazy... but at the end of the day the only name on that check is MINE. constantly being criticized isn’t easy... i made a promise to myself to open up and allow myself to be vulnerable this year despite me having to fight almost everyday... it’s easy to look at my life now and not realize how far i’ve come to get to where i am today... and how much further i’m about to go. DRAGUN = power + strength 🔥 i found this in myself and want to help everyone find it in themselves too. thank u for being on this crazy fairy tale journey with me. u guys ride for me so hard fr my only friends. love u with all my heart. let’s burn down the kingdom ♥️

5 weeks ago

this is for rachel u big fat nasty 📱 (tag ur bestie ) @bretmanrock

last month

don’t check for me unless u got a check for me ✅

last month

and its not even my birthday ✨ two weeks until my 18th birthday and i’m already acting up aquarius season is coming its over for u hoes♒️ comment ur venmo if u got bills to pay... surgies to get... or need a sugar mama... im in a giving mood ; )

last month

primas por vida 🌹 tag ur amiga @jen_ny69

last month

i’ll put a guy on a leash before i put my puppy on a leash woof

last month

new year new 𝓫𝓲𝓽𝓬𝓱 🥶 i got 2020 now i see what is for me is for ME. i see the toxic things i allowed to disrupt my energy. i see the people that love me and those that can’t stand to see me succeed. i see my future and dreams as a reality. my new years resolution is to be a badderbitch. happy new year draguns. whoever u were was cute but it’s time to LEVEL UP. this is page 1 of 365 and a new decade! i kept my head and wig low last year planning... but this is the year it happens! if u love and support me thank u... if u hate me... keep on watching xo

last month

Chikita Dragun The Baddest Perra 🐶 i’m officially a dog mom! chi chi is a chihuahua / maltese mix. i signed up to be a foster in hopes of finding a lil pup needing a home to adopt. she was abandoned with her litter and the sec i saw her she instantly connected with me! i had to ADOPT her 🥺 i love her so much pero like she’s a bad bitch just like her mama. if ur looking for a pup please look to adopt! there r so many lil angels needing a home. thank u to the @thelabellefoundation for helping me find my bb girl... ps any tips on puppies would be help! i’m just a single dog mom with a 22 inch waist, no gag reflex, and amazing credit trying to make it out in hollywood for me and my daughter 🤎

last month

5 years since me and my siblings have been together ✨ this christmas my only wish was for my entire family to be together. it wasn’t easy but we made it happen! life is crazy and a lot changes but family is forever. i’m so blessed to have a loving and supportive family i don’t take it for granted for one second. my transition was a transition for the whole family and looking back at these photos i can actually see my happiness grow with my true identity. i always get asked about how i dealt with coming out to my family and truth is they just want to see u be happy! but ultimately u have to accept itself first and everyone else will follow. happy holidays from my family to u and urs xo 🥺♥️

Dec 2019

dear santa... i’ve been a bad bītch all year. i promise i tried to be nice. i had my naughty moments... haven’t we all but i learned a lot this year! can’t promise i’ll be a good girl cus that would be just as fake as my body. all i want for christmas is these höes to stop hating, health, wealth, clear skin, thicc brows, thicc ass, and a big fat thicc dic... i mean bank account. i would ask for a man but the only men i need in my life are the ones that are on bills... preferably hundreds... i accept venmo, cash app, and crypto currency. anyways ily 🎅🏼♥️ xoxo Naughty Nice Nikita

Dec 2019

santa baby been an awful good girl 🎅🏼❄️ this is me trying to get on the nice list after the year i had lol... i know damn well mrs claus is gonna come snatch my wig off this year. happy hoelidays draguns! i couldn’t end the year without one more pussystunt. the gag is i hired the same santa from last year and he said “wow ur wearing more clothes this year” HAHAHA. i hope santa gives u checks, a phat ass, clear skin, and everyone u hate ingrown hairs and bad wifi. ho ho ho merry christmas 🎁 (TAG a naughty bestie )

Dec 2019

ur a mean one mrs grinch 🎄

Dec 2019

this is real... this is me... i’m exactly where i’m supposed to be now...

Dec 2019

beauty creator of the year! i truly don’t feel like i deserve this award so i accept it on behalf of the entire beauty community! 2020 is the year we get our community back to what it’s really about... BEAUTY in all shapes, sizes, races, genders, sexual preferences and beyond. the only DRAMA i want is on my eyes! this year kicked my ass and there were so many moments i had to fall... get back up... learn and grow. i came out as Transgender on Youtube 5 years ago and i made a promise to myself to document everything in order to help make it easier for someone else. i have been able to share my journey with millions of people around the world and for that i am PROUD. thank u guys for continuing to believe in me and changing my life forever 🥺♥️