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BassIst for @thedirtypennies New Haven, CT. “Where’s your will to be weird? BAND MERCH⬇️

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2 days ago

Happy 30th birthday to my amazing wife. You are my whole heart. • • •(📸: @rjzphotography )

6 days ago

I mean... C’MON 😍😍😍😍 Happy Valentine’s Day to the best around

2 weeks ago

SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT!! Catch @thedirtypennies as we welcome @theminksss back to Rochester! Not many local gigs booked this year so come out to catch us!

last month

Thanks for always capturing my good side @alissacdesign . Be on the look out for big announcements from @thedirtypennies coming soon!!!

Dec 2019

Crazy watching the growth of our digital presence grow over the past three years. Thank you to everyone who listens to us and cones out to support us! Couldn’t do it without you. New stuff from @thedirtypennies coming soon so make sure you subscribe to us on Spotify to stay in the loop.

Nov 2019

Things I miss when I’m away from home. 🥰

Nov 2019

THIS FRIDAY PEOPLE!!! @thedirtypennies play first!

Nov 2019

Our Apple Music page got a little spruce up just in time for our next show with @thestedwells and @thedemosmusic . Thanks to @kritupra for being a camera wizard! Stream all of our music here as well as other popular services!

Nov 2019

R.I.P. to this great mustache. Please leave your favorite memories you have of it. Condolences appreciated.

Nov 2019

Spent the weekend in good company.

Oct 2019

Spent one whole hour in downtown Chicago and all we did was take pictures with The Bean. And ate some yummy samosas. But we only have pics with the bean.

Oct 2019

Autumn things with the wife 🍂🎃

Oct 2019

Obsessed with these shoulder panel patches I snagged from @shopstrangeways .

Oct 2019

T O M O R R O W. @thedirtypennies @winelipsband @walrusjunction @bugjarshows . Be there or be square.

Oct 2019

Member that time @kelliconnolly and I got married? Pepperidge Farm remembers. • • 📸: @rjzphotography

Sep 2019

I bought a denim jacket recently. For those of you following along at home I call this stage of my life “Trendy Bish”

Sep 2019

Got our wedding photos back. @rjzphotography absolutely crushed it (sorry about the stupid Instagram cropping ). Can’t thank them enough. Here are a few of my favs. My crew goes hard. Wouldn’t switch em for anybody.

Sep 2019

Conquered some cheese steaks then slayed at The Pharmacy. Thanks Philadelphia.

Aug 2019

Two weeks in to this marriage and I’m still riding the high. Can ya blame me? Look at this beauty 😍

Aug 2019

Ya boy went and got married to this dime-piece yesterday. Pretty stoked about it.

Aug 2019

Exactly 7 days from now I’ll be marrying my best friend. So to celebrate here is our very first picture together from our first little vacation. Looking forward to a lifetime of these moments with you.

Aug 2019

Ayooooo we are going on tour! If you know anyone in these cities, send em our way! We love making new friends! We will be joined by the talented @bird_gangs ! See y’all on the road! 📸: @kritupra

Aug 2019

Hanging out at @ironsmoke . @thedirtypennies on at 9:30pm!!

Aug 2019

Throwback to last week when I was trying to look cool in my fancy hat.