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A game about placing blocks and going on adventures. Create! Explore! Survive! And follow us for a few tips on how to go about it!

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3 days ago

Minecarts aren’t just great for carrying your hard-earned diamonds - they also make for a quick getaway when the arrows come flying!

2 weeks ago

Grab your sword, fearless warrior, it’s time to throw down! ...wait, no, not like tha—

3 weeks ago

Stylish and functional! This marvel of modern technology lets you stay underwater for a precious few seconds longer – just enough to reach the treasure in that shipwreck you’ve been eyeing!

last month

Knock, knock. Who’s there? All the malicious mobs of the night because you forgot to close the door, that’s who!

last month

There are no second chances – unless you're in possession of a Totem of Undying. These convenient curios will bring any player back from the brink of death! Just revoke some Evokers in your friendly neighbourhood Woodland Mansion!

last month

In 2019, the Minecraft universe has grown bigger, better and blockier than ever before – and we’re so glad you were a part of it! Thank you all for an amazing year, and see you in 2020! 🎉 #HappyNewYear

last month

How do you find your way back home without a map to guide you? You don't! Hop in your boat, close your eyes, and then row row row your boat gently down the.... hang on, where am I?

last month

Wheat, sugar, milk, eggs… Now it’s time for the last step in the recipe: eat the whole cake in one sitting!

last month

One bee, two bees, three bees, four! Whether you’re settling in to eat too much honey or setting out on adventure, our striped little friends are sure to be buzzing about!

Dec 2019

The best defence is a good offence? Not if you’re in a snowball fight with your back all exposed! Back to snowball school with you, Snow Golem.

Dec 2019

The Buzzy Bees update is here! Discover how bees breathe life into their surroundings, bringing speedier crop growth, homey hives and sticky honey!

Dec 2019

Hostile, unfriendly, and also quite… red? The nefarious Nether is getting a well-deserved upgrade in the upcoming Nether update, and adding a bit of colour to the old realm was a high priority in the concept phase: “We wanted to extend the palette in the Nether to enhance the feeling that you’re not in the Overworld anymore. This was an experiment to find a suitable, contrasting palette to the original Nether setting.” – Johan Aronsson, Art Director

Nov 2019

Tired of losing items in transit between villages? Do your “friends” steal hard-earned materials from your chests? No more! For just 8 obsidian and 1 Eye of Ender, this blocky box of item relocation can be all yours! Get the ender chest TODAY!

Nov 2019

Scorching heat brushes Alex’s face as she flees the fiery wrath of the Blaze. A barrage of fireballs soars through the air, torching everything in its path. Only a gate stands between her and safety... hold on, where is that bone-rattling sound coming from?

Nov 2019

Pandas, cuddle up and roll out! This is going to be an amazi-lazy weekend!

Nov 2019

Last one back to spawn is a poisonous potato! Controlling your altitude while keeping momentum is key when soaring the skies with your elytra. Luckily, Steve and Alex have had plenty of time to polish their aerobatic skills!

Oct 2019

You may believe that this glowing, carved out pumpkin – regardless of how terrifying it may seem – isn’t actually alive. But are you sure? Put one atop a T-shaped collection of snow or iron blocks and you’ll have a new friend (? ) in no time! 🎃

Oct 2019

Staring into the cold, purple eyes of an Enderman is asking for an early retirement, UNLESS you’re wearing a CARVED PUMPKIN. Not even the most feared mob of Minecraft would attack you (probably out of sheer pity ) when wearing such a silly helmet!

Oct 2019

The Netherwart Forest isn’t just abundantly red and full of warts (eeeew ) – it’s also a brand new area in the upcoming Nether Update: “This concept was made as we started talking about introducing huge nether warts in the Nether. This eventually led to us deciding to turn it into its own biome.” - Johan Aronsson, Art Director

Oct 2019

WEEEE! Using the rails from the old abandoned mineshaft to build a two-lane, redstone-powered roller coaster turned out to be Alex and Steve's best decision yet! #jrpg #pixelart #minecraft

Oct 2019

Don't underestimate the chicken jockey! While it may look charmingly cute, this unholy alliance between baby zombie and chicken actually makes for one fowl creature! 🐓

Sep 2019

Not just a pretty block that comes in every colour the code can think of, glass is an important resource for crafting and building! And you know what they say about glass: you can’t build the perfect snowglobe without breaking a few panes. So pack extra glass blocks before building!

Sep 2019

Enjoy climbing jagged cliffs to the mocking bleats of nearby goats? Then you should pick MOUNTAINS in our upcoming biome vote during #MINECON Live on Sept 28th. Vote for your favourite of three different biomes that you’d like to see updated next!

Sep 2019

Frogs! Mangroves! Game developers with ranidaphobia! These are just some of the features that could be added to the Swamp biome – but only if you vote for it to be the biome we update next during #MINECON Live on Sept 28th!