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Montana born director and photographer living in LA. Dogs, comedians, and musicians mostly. I like nice people.

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2 days ago


3 days ago

Scout magic. 😍

4 days ago

Over clouds over Baltimore tonight.

2 weeks ago

The Fringe Riders // Los Angeles by the 5 freeway . This is still my favorite weird comedy portrait. It makes no sense and that’s why I love it. Things not needing to make any sense is my favorite thing about shooting comedians.

2 weeks ago

Found a spot that didn’t stress me out for my @mikefarrell piece. We can always try harder in the kitchen no matter how skilled we are. Funny how when I asked him to make it, I thought I was the problem. Turns out the environment you work hard within has a lot to do with your success or lack there of. I’ll always love this lettering piece ❤️

2 weeks ago

Happy Anniversary to these two, and what is still the greatest engagement photo that has ever been used on an official announcement. . #showthering #engagementphotos #engagementring

2 weeks ago

Another life upgrade, coffee roasted by my friends at @legalspeedcoffee delivered to my door twice a month! Can’t wait to dig into this bag of Ethiopian tomorrow morning!

2 weeks ago

Stevie says hello.

3 weeks ago

Ms Thompson’s windowsill for wayward plants. All my cuttings that we’re NOT stoked on the move are in new little pots where I can keep an eye on them every day. If that donkey tail recovers, I will officially be a plant wizard. . #plantwizard #propegation #windowplants

4 weeks ago

Look at this gorgeous file tray @stevegoodloe made as a housewarming gift! It’s so pretty!!!

5 weeks ago

Couch needs a cushion update for not living against a wall, prints need to be hung, and so much needs to be unpacked. But I’m getting there!

last month

A weird week to have good news, but I landed a new job, and my little dream bungalow in Glendale to live and work in. None of it feels real after 8 months of soul crushing hustling and uncertainty, but I’m excited for the future and looking forward to exhaling as soon as I’m all moved into my little tree house.

last month

No Justice, No Peace.

May 2020

First and Forever // Los Angeles // 11.2019 . These wonderful gents just signed with my friends at @adventurecatrecs ! Head to Alt Press to read an interview and hear a new song!

May 2020

Facebook reminded me that 12 years ago I was graduating from Montana State’s photo program with this weird portrait of @samthunderforce I made as part of my thesis. The whole scene was made in photoshop. I need to get back into making weird digital collages while I’m quarantined

May 2020

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIZA! Here’s a photo we took that time we went out hiking in nature and then a bunch of baby animals started following you and singing. What a memory!

May 2020

Just 9 days before lock down. The Wonder Years fans // Las Vegas // 3.6.2020

May 2020

Enjoying the heck out of this temporary living situation.

May 2020

I will miss these two dumb trees the most.

May 2020

And just like that, the Manzanita house was no more. Thanks to all the great friends who’ve called this house a home over the last 11 1/2 years. Almost 1/3 of my life in this one place🏠 Now if anyone needs me, I’ll be getting absolutely demolished on vodka cocktails and repacking everything in an organized manner on the patio.

May 2020

I’ve kept this dumb chair for 16 years.

May 2020

Don’t worry, I got a bigger storage unit once this reality set in. #movingday #packingtips #pandemic2020

May 2020

Most critical part of this move? Moving my bebes.

Apr 2020

Adios my ‘hood. 11 and a half years in Sunset Junction come to an anticlimactic end. Wanted to share the end of the Manzanita era with a smashing adventure of a party, but alas... For now I’m in a delightful cottage thanks to @brooke .zs and @mlee .305! Forever in debt to you two for being absolute angel lifesavers during a complete shit show of a time. ❤️❤️