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Come and have some fun with us tonight 🎉 . . #Truebilss x #Pride x #HQ 🏳️‍🌈

5 days ago

Come join the #pride 🌈 party with us #truebliss @erika_takacs @harperkeri @joejocotton @amberclairepearson down at the viaduct this Friday and Saturday night. We will be performing at HEADQUARTERS @hqviaduct both nights along with special guests and events. #prideparty #spreadthelove #allthecoloursoftherainbow 🌈 #trueblissdoespride ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 FOR THE CHANCE OF A $100 BAR TAB.... tag a friend and tell us your favourite DANCE ANTHEM.... if it’s on our set list - you could be the WINNER.... 🎉

1 weeks ago

I’m slowly introducing better product into our household and this #naturalwhitening #toothpaste by @grinnatural most certainly gives me reason to smile . . Keep those pearly whites clean and healthy and support #madeinnz #showyourgrin #grinnatural #oralcare #oralhygiene 😁

2 weeks ago

@tannervili and team @pearcebrothers .ltd thanks for looking after me!!! ❤️👊🏾 #vroomvroom #itsanoldiebutagoodie #droptop

3 weeks ago

A special day indeed - thanks to girlfriend @luluwilcox and the team @heletranz @the .anna.effect @nickmowbrayzuru 🥰

3 weeks ago

#HappyAnniversary to us!!!! #20years #marriage , #28years together. Holy smokes!! Who would’ve thought.... well we kinda did, but what does one really know at 16 right?! Lol 🤦🏽‍♀️ Has it always been easy, Hell no.... has it been worth it, ABSOLUTELY 🎉 . The highs, the lows..... We’ve been through it all... and in our young years 🤪 we’ve achieved so much together.... we truely have lived a darn good life.... we truely have been #blessed . #Wow .... What a journey.... and still going strong. . . So @pitaalatini #thankyou for everything. You are #amazing . What we’ve shared thus far IS amazing and long may it continue. #iloveyou babe ❤️ here’s to us 🎉

3 weeks ago

Happy birthday @j9keats 🎉 45 and Fabulous ❤️our smiles say it all.... 🥰

4 weeks ago

Alatini Inc Presents - SistaIISista Events - coming to a city and town near you!!!! Super Excited - Everyone’s Welcome - Spread the word Sistas!! . . Women uplifting Women, Women supporting Women in Business, Health and Life ❤️ more info coming soon 🎉 The best part is Mentoring Young Women in Need - our way of giving back 👊🏾 . . #AlatiniInc #SistaIISista #WomensupportingWomen

4 weeks ago

Big thanks to all the peeps that came out to @hqviaduct to sing n dance the night away with us #Truebliss girls .... or Pure Bliss as DJ Len called us in Keri’s absence lol - was a goodie!! ❤️ See you in a months time - and send us some song requests y’all so we can sing your faves too 🎉 PS The fab singer who joined us Saturday is Amber 👌🏾

5 weeks ago

Come hang with us at HQ tomorrow night - and by hang I mean sing and dance ofcourse 😉✨ #truebliss #HQ . . Thanks for designing our promo posters @tiaraalatini - think you got something there my girl!!!!!

last month

I’ve been a #dreamer since way back.... and it’s certainly worked for me! (Ps.... I’ve worked a little hard at achieving them too, just saying 😉and it’s a constant work in progress ) . There are nay sayers but I don’t pay them too much mind. Each to their own!! . . Thanks @robinsonduonz @nadialimcooks @rochellesheldon for the #inspirational post❤️ @richardbranson always coming through with the goods 👊🏾 see below #mondaymotivation on a #tuesday !! . #Repost @robinsonduonz ・・・ Do you often find that when someone's called a "dreamer" (or if you've ever been called one ), it's always delivered with a sort of dismissiveness? Don't let it get to you! Dreams are where the magic starts, they're real and they're intrinsic to what it is to be human. Actually, a dream is the best kind of goal there is. Find your tribe of supporters, people who call you a dreamer for the right reasons, and keep them close. ⁠ -⁠ How do you stay focused on making your dreams a reality?⁠ -⁠ #robinsonduo #mondaymotivation #richardbranson #richardbransonquotes #entrepreneur #entrepreneurmindset #dreamscreatemagic #setgoals #meetbeatrepeat

last month

One of my faves - but I think it’s time for a new #familyphoto guys!!! #alatinifamily #alatiniinc #thereason #mamatoto - oh how time flies ❤️

last month

She did it!!!! Passed her NCEA. Super proud of her....especially given the challenges she faced last year with knee surgery and massive time off school . . Yay baby @tiaraalatini you did it!! You set a goal and you smashed it!! 👊🏾 only one more year to go. Whoopwhoop🎉 . . Also a reminder tho that you are more than your grades. Exams aren’t the be all and end all. I’ve said it before, some of the most incredibly successful people I know didn’t necessarily like or do well at school 🙂 . . I mean if you do, and that’s your thing, great. GO YOU!!! Stay in school and do your thang!!! . . If you don’t, then that’s ok too. As long as you find ‘the thing’ that inspires you, that you’re passionate about. That you’re good at. Find that thing, and go for it!! Future that works tells us you can CREATE jobs these days - we see it all around us!! @tiaraalatini tells me University’s not her thing.... and I didn’t get it at first coz she’s super smart... but instead of contradicting myself I’m gonna support her hard with what ever she chooses. Just like mine did me!!! (Thank you mum n dad ❤️ ) . . So to our young peeps out there. Well done. We know there’s plenty of pressure put on you at times. Find your thing honeys, and SOAR 👊🏾✨🎉

last month

Giving this a try today - #organic #sparkling #kombucha by @remedydrinks . . Apparently it’s good stuff and since I’m all for #betterliving I’ll give it a whirl!! . #loveyaguts . Anyone out there a fan of Kombucha?!

last month

I love supporting our up n coming talent and small businesses and was stoked with this gold pleat outfit by @ndikokoclothing I love it ❤️ . #Repost ・・・ Gold Pleated skirt #happycustomers #fashionista #fashiontrends2019 #pleatedskirts @megan_alatini

last month

About to give hubby a #massage rub down and luckily I have this thanks to our friends at @kawakawa .rotorua ❤️ . . Kawakawa and Dandelion.... Such an amazing healing blend of natural plants packed with anti inflammotory and anti viral ailments. #dandelion #heatbalm #kawakawabalm #kawakawa .rotorua #naturalskinproducts

last month

Sorry #tlc but there was a really cute one just down the road!! #southauckland #hunuafalls - #nature in our own #backyard #waterfalls

last month

I absolutely love this little #gift I received from my mama - #littlejarofhappiness - #itsthelittlethings ❤️ isn’t it so cute and meaningful

last month

#2020 #selfie

last month

#happynewyear from us ❤️ #alatinifamily - here’s to a great one fams 🎉 wishing you all the best

last month

Let there be light ✨

last month

It’s with great sadness that I share we lost one of the great ones today!!!! ALLISON RUTH SLINGER - ALLYKAT!! She really was ONE OF A KIND!!!! My cousin, business partner, girlfriend, confidante, Aunty to my kiddies, a shoulder, a guide, my naughty sidekick.... So many wonderful things. 💔 The stories we have - oh boy!! Thank you Allykat for filling our world with such joy and laughter, and for being one of my nearest n dearest. Thank you for EVERYTHING!! You Know!!!! Your memory will live on!! It’s in so many of us. She touched and impacted so many 💔and so we WILL CELEBRATE YOU GIRLFRIEND 👊🏾❤️🎉 Lee, Al, Julius John Kirchner and all the family our hearts break for you. We love you. We are here for you 💔 #RIL #RIP our gorgeous #Sista

last month

We won - and we ain’t afraid to show it!! Lol #flippycup #myfirsttime #allgirlsteam #wekickeda $$ #xmasdayantics #gracious #humble #winners ..... NOT 🤦🏽‍♀️ . . So much fun. Thanks fams 🎉

last month

Warning ⚠️ This post could leave you feeling hungry !! #mamascooking #seafoodplatter #festiveseason 😋