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Mar 2020

Benito by @gorkapostigo and me

Mar 2020

Joan and Bad Bunny | Vogue Mexico

Mar 2020

Sofia | Vogue Mexico | March By @elandres22 Hair @kazukatahira Makeup: @marcelogutierrez Nails: @she .nails.it Production @chloemmina @_lollywould_ Casting @guerxs Thank you @karlamartinezdesalas

Mar 2020

Xiana | Vogue Mexico | March By @elandres22 Hair @kazukatahira Makeup: @marcelogutierrez Nails: @she .nails.it Production @chloemmina @_lollywould_ Casting @guerxs Thank you @karlamartinezdesalas

Mar 2020

Sylvia Vegas & Vegas | Vogue Mexico | March By @elandres22 Hair @kazukatahira Makeup: @marcelogutierrez Nails: @she .nails.it Production @chloemmina @_lollywould_ Casting @guerxs Thank you @karlamartinezdesalas

Nov 2019

♻️Coco by @bella_newman for @moreorlessmag in Mavi’s dress @mavistaiano and her mom’s hand me downs ♻️ Thank you @jaimeperlman @rachel_chandler Hair by @ritamarmor Beauty by @dan .drn

Nov 2019

Un scroll, que te mueres!!! What an amazing shoot to be a part of. Opening Ceremony celebrating Mexico and Mexico in America. This incredible cast of people speak for themselves (I am only featuring 10 in this post of the 30+!! ). To be allowed to celebrate our country and culture within fashion and through personalities is a dream come true. Photographed by the tireless Stefan Ruiz, styled by me with beautiful hair, makeup, and nails by Evanie, Marcelo, and Bettina. thank you Humberto for having us. "The Familia: A Portrait Series" by Stefan Ruiz for @openingceremony Creative Director: @humberto Photographer: @stefanruizphoto Stylist: @maxortegag Hair: @evaniefrausto Makeup: @marcelogutierrez Manicure: @betinargoldstein (LA ) & @kayo .hc (NYC ) for @essie Set design: @daviddavisdoesdallas (LA ) & @studio .guapo (NYC ) Thanks to my team: Dylan Reissner, Abby Francis, Ansley Burnette @i_will_always_love_my_mom @ab_sumner @an_sley

Oct 2019

Adrienne @adriennelwarren from @tinabroadway by Anton Corbijn @antoncorbijn4real and me for November Vogue @voguemagazine Hair by @nikkinelms Makeup by @mariel_barrera Thank you @nicburdekin @virginiafsmith @sergiokletnoy

Oct 2019

💙❤️💚💜🧡A weekend in MagsLand💙❤️💚💜🧡 congratulations @magnuscsslbrnt @magscrow

Sep 2019

Coming up Roses for the new @garage_magazine with @_vickiking and @yorgelismarte Thank you @guiducci @briandphillips @gabriellak_j @joaomo !!! Makeup by @hannahwilsonmakeup Hair by @naokikomiya Flowers by @wormlondon Set by @keiyoshino_set Production by @roscoproduction Casting by @bertmartirosyan Pls double tap to like, I put all of my self-worth on your likes of my work!!¯\_(ツ )_/¯

Aug 2019

End of summer is an endless set of selfish arguments over which picture is better to post until one of you just decides to do the damn thing @mavistaiano

Jul 2019

Indulge me in a Salma bilingual caption momento moment: Mi primera portada / My first cover Sofia Reyes para Vogue México por Tania Franco Klein y yo. Gracias Karla! 💚💟❤️

Jul 2019

🚨some personal news🚨 So excited and grateful to announce that I have joined the amazing @clmagency roster! CLM was the first fashion agency I heard of when I first started out in London more than ten years ago, which makes this doubly surreal. I am thankful to everyone who has helped, mentored and supported me along the way and really happy to join a diverse group of visionaries that looks like my friends do, because most of them are : ) Now, can someone please show me how to turn this into a business account???

Jun 2019

Lina for Co with Tom Kelly Slack, Rita Marmor, Natasha Severino and me

Jun 2019

Blonde ambition. thats it , thats the post #stelby

May 2019

Comment “now” if you think now is about the right time to stop posting first Monday in May content @riannevanrompaey 📸 @mehdilacoste_ @voguemagazine

Feb 2019

Rebel Belleza in March Vogue by Stefan Ruiz @stefanruizphoto and me. My first “big” Vogue moment is a celebration of Latinx beauty?! I don’t think I need to explain any further. Huge thanks to Camilla, Raul, Virginia , Celia and Nic. Amazing accompanying story by @carmenmmachado Hair by @jimmypaulhair and on Asami @ladysoulfly produced by @ctdinc @meghanmoss cast by @midlandagency @walterpearce

Nov 2018

Representation is one of my favourite subjects in the current conversation to touch on. Whether its watching Alfonso Cuaron win an Oscar or seeing the superb @yalitzaapariciomartinez , a schoolteacher in Oaxaca who attended an open casting call, in almost every frame of his new film @romacuaron , a reflection of you on a global platform can make possibilities seem infinite. So cool to have shot her for the December issue of @voguemagazine photographed by @june_canedo with make up by @marcelogutierrez and hair by #shingoshibata thank you @roosterkitsch and @lindseymlaw

Nov 2018

I’ve had a full week to recover and now I am finally ready to post. Taking 30 friends to the jungle in Mexico to celebrate @luisortegag and me turning 30 was insane and then incredibly rewarding. gracias!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤