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Big fan of not taking myself or life too seriously. @jeuneora ambassador and author of The Feel Good Guide.

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16 hours ago

My little Joey 🦘

2 days ago

Feeding time at the zoo 🐶 #waitingforamorseltodrop

5 days ago

Finally took a trip to see @beccabrowndakota and get my mince and cheese hair situation sorted. Thank youuuuuu Becca! She’s back from mat leave if anyone wants to book in for a fresh do. You won’t regret it 🙌🏽

1 weeks ago

Mōrena 👀

2 weeks ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @art_green 💙 The most wonderful husband, father, bug catcher, chef, protector and lawn obsesser. We love you so much, like SO MUCH!!!!!! Let’s go get brekky xxxxx

3 weeks ago

Boys club #BYOdrink

3 weeks ago

We have a new furry member of our little whānau! His name’s Buster, and he’s 8 years old. He’s settled in so well already, like he’s been here for years. Steenzy will never be replaced, but given Buster lost his owner, and we lost our Steenz, it seemed like we were perfect for each other ❤️

3 weeks ago

Level 2 on Thursday.... what a thrill! Ya know what I’ve really missed?! Hugging strangers. I think we’re a bit far off being able to do it, but I look forward to that day. Oh and fish. I’ve really missed fish. And of course lots of other stuff. Anyway, hope everyone is doing ok out there. We made it through the hardest part 🙌🏽 NB: I don’t mean total strangers 😂 But maybe meeting someone for the first time or something ya know?

3 weeks ago

Favourite little monkey 🐒 #twofrontteeth

4 weeks ago

A little Mother’s Day weekend walk with my wee one. Unfortunately Mum isn’t in my bubble so we’ll need to do our Mother’s Day walk a little later. Sending love to all the mamas out there ahead of Mother’s Day tomorrow! Get out for a walk with mum this weekend to be in to win you and your mum a pair of @asicsnz Share a pic of you and your Mum out walking this Sunday (can't connect with Mum? Share your favourite pic of the two of you out walking ) make sure to tag @asicsnz and #walkswithmum #spon 🌿

4 weeks ago

We try and make all of Milos food ourselves, but sometimes we aren’t as prepared as we would like 🤪We use @onlyorganic as a back up, and they are the best on the market in my opinion. A kiwi company passionate about organic food is right up our alley! The banana porridge is our personal favourite (oh and Milos ). I’ve teamed up with them to do a giveaway woohoo! If you would like to win the entire range of @onlyorganic tailored to your wee ones age, then comment below, and I’ll choose the winner this week 😊 Good luck! #onlyorganic #sponsored

4 weeks ago

Cuddling his little rabbit 🥰 I think I might explode from the sweetness! #angelboy

4 weeks ago

Good morning from me and my little friend @jeuneora . We often like to sit together on the balcony after a run. It’s our thing. After all the little guy has done for my hair and skin, the least I can do is give him some fresh air. #Jeuneoramoments #qualitytime #jeuneora #jeuneoranz

5 weeks ago

The evenings lately have been so beautiful! We’re loving our strolls when it’s so warm and still 🍂

5 weeks ago

It's my first proper Mother's Day this year which is exciting! So it's quite a treat for me to be wearing these STUNNING pieces from @swarovski ’s new Mother's Day collection. I love the little bee earrings especially.. Very cute. Check out the link in my bio to view the full collection. #MakeItMagic #spon

last month

Bubble walks ❤️

last month

Some sad news from our bubble today, our little fur baby Christine AKA Steenzy/Shnozza/Shnitzel/Señora Shnorey was hit by a car this morning and killed 😥 She was the most loving, sweet, loyal, sassy little cat and we loved her so much. I’ll miss her sleeping right beside my head every night, and her weird meow she did when she would bring out the chicken neck from her bowl to show us, even though we were the ones that put it there. I found the last photo when looking through my camera roll, and it’s of her curled up with me when I was in labour with Milo and it cheered me up a bit. There’s a little Steenzy shaped hole in our family now, and we will miss her forever ❤️

last month

One of these guys is reading about veggie garden maintenance, and the other is reading about ducks. Which one is which? #cute

last month

I found some nice lighting so I called @art_green over from the other side of the house to take a photo with me. He was like 🙄😑 but did it anyway. What a guy. #coolstoryhansel

last month

Mornings are a bit different these days, but I love them more than ever ❤️

last month

I’ve been waiting for this moment all lockdown, I’ve FINALLY been allowed to open my new salon Snippity Snipperoo and cut @art_green ’s hair and I’m bloody proud of the result 😂 How fresh does he look?! Taking bookings for post-lockdown now, but get in quick. (Swipe for before pics ) #isohaircuts

last month

I've worked from home for a wee while, but this still feels like very new territory! I'm doing my bit by staying home, but that does mean my fridge door is getting a good workout, and I find myself wandering around the house looking for surfaces to wipe. SO I'm finding that still sticking to a Monday-Friday morning routine is working really well. Here's mine since you didn't ask haha: 1 ) Feed the little one (he waits for no one ) 2 ) Shower and get ready for the day (otherwise I would never leave my dressing gown ) 3 ) Have a glass of water with @jeuneora Renew+ then make my brekky. It feels good to do something for me before my life revolves around nap times! 4 ) When Milo goes down for his morning nap I do my morning meditation. I know I said a while ago that @jeuneora were still shipping, but the rules have obviously progressed since then, so of course you are more than welcome to place an order, but any orders will be shipped once the lock down lifts. Anyone else still trying to stick to a routine? Or are you throwing caution to the wind? #jeuneora #jeuneoranz #spon

last month

We’re all in this together NZ, let’s hunker down and stop the spread of COVID-19. Please enjoy this wee video we whipped together of some things you can do within the rules of level 4 lockdown. Comment any other ideas you can think of 👌🏼 🕺🏼 @uniteagainstcovid19 #uniteagainstcovid19 #stayhomenz

Apr 2020

Today’s workout finisher: do something weird. @asicsnz