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📸✍🏻Hi, I’m Lucy. I’m a Wellington blogger/photographer who’s interviewed almost 200 Wellingtonians. I’m fanatical about small businesses & skincare♻️🏠

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21 hours ago

💜🎆WE/LLINGTON 🎆💜 Perfectly still night on the Wellington harbour, as passers by enjoy the light winter chill ...fun to run into @lovewelly who inspired me to capture this moment on my iPhone with the gorgeous fountain by the beach. Head to @lovewelly for the beautiful DSLR version 📸⛲️⛱


I can’t believe I was house sitting for @emmas_atelier a year ago in Newtown! Fortunately we’ve become friends since so I can always pop by for a cup of tea and a pat with Mila. 🚲 Feeling a bit @accidentallywesanderson with this one.

2 days ago

Today’s Resident 174 is Beckie Wilson who started a business in lockdown making face masks from beautiful fabric off-cuts. To learn about her story, head to the link in my bio and read my interview with this inspiring young woman 🎀 @faceitnz 🎀

3 days ago

So very sad to hear about the decision of @juliettehoganbridal to end this chapter and close the bridal arm of the business to focus on their main line. Mais, and the whole team were so professional and no other bridal company for me ever came close to the style and quality of their gorgeous dresses. Thank you Juliette for creating such a brilliant line for my wedding day. It was a pleasure to be a part of the journey. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

6 days ago

"My product is viscous. A smooth luxurious consistency of honey and oils. It protects, soothes and replenishes the delicate skin of face and neck. The feel of unguent luxury." — Margaret Hema 💚 I’m number one fan girl of Margaret Hema products so I feel it is my civic duty to inform you that sadly she will not be doing facials until Spring due to Covid-19. However, fear not! She has come out with a luxurious, cosseting solution - Facial Massage Ungent. This is the most Margaret of all Margaret products to date. If you’ve had the privilege of experiencing a Margaret facial you will know she uses a mix of Manuka honey and Millennium oil on your face and leaves it on as a mask for 20 minutes. Margarets alchemy has inspired her to create a take home leave on mask that combines these ingredients and which can be used in the comfort of your own home. I love the feeling of my skin drinking up this hydrating solution and the near biblical glow it leaves afterwards, looking like I’ve had 8 hours of rest. Made in Wellington, this is skincare at its most premium level and made still, after 30 years, by hand. Her product website is http://hemaproducts.com 💚 Gifted to me with friendship 💚

1 weeks ago

Home is where my heart is 🖤 Such appreciation for having a permanent home especially after 2019 was a year of not having one place, moving 10 times in 10 months 😱. Enjoying tweaking my space, adding little bits and bob. It makes me VERY happy EVERY SINGLE DAY to be home. Do you know the feeling I’m talking about? What’s your story of finally finding home? 🖤 #myrentedspace #rent #rentalproperty #homestyle

2 weeks ago

A warm glow on a cold Winters morning. Blue light streams through the curtains while yellow sunflowers from the corner dairy recoil. Water gathers inside window panes and shadows move past the front window. I walk around the block with Matt and then come back in, frosted. I hear him humming in the shower. I examine my screen for colour palettes and decide I need more blue and yellow. So I take this photo of an old lamp from Freedom Furniture and the ripe fejoas quivering, waiting to be scalped by our grapefruit knife. I put on my jacket and slip my wallet to get my slippers from the shoe repair man around the corner and feel a bit sick from the cookies I ate the night before or maybe the unknown promise of more work today. Life is an undertaking but if I see the morning as a piece of art and it’s heart as beating seperate to mine, it’s going to be a fine day.

2 weeks ago

NEW BLOG POST: TOKYO HIGHLIGHTS - HONEYMOON EDITION 🍣 It seems like a lifetime ago we had our honeymoon in Japan. It’s so crap that people have had to cancel weddings and honeymoons because of COVID 19 but we were very lucky and snuck in. I don’t want to be smug and share the blog to show off, but more as a wistful loving memory and a bit of encouragement to remind us all that we WILL travel again and that Japan, London and Paris will still be there for us. If you’d like to loose yourself in chic dogs, cherry blossom and some gorgeous gardens, head to the link in my bio and read about where Matt and I went and what we ate, where we stayed and our top tips for Tokyo. ⛩ Photos 1️⃣ + 2️⃣ Yoyogobi Park Cherry Blossoms 3️⃣ Kazami Ramen House Ginza 4️⃣ Shrines in Kyoto 5️⃣ Dogs in Yoyogobi Park Dog Exercise area 6️⃣ Girl Group Kamen Joshi in Harajuku 7️⃣ Matt at the Golden Temple 8️⃣ Matt at Nijo Castle 9️⃣ Golden Temple Again 📸

2 weeks ago

How I feel being able to drive more than a block from home 🚗 #level2 #freedom

2 weeks ago

NEW BLOG POST: Resident 173 is Bart De Vries @mrbdv from @limberdesk . If you’ve been stacking books on a wobbly laptop for the last month, you’ll be excited to read this interview. Ex-physio and professional athlete Bart knew that working wasn’t working when he started getting back and neck pains. He decided to see if there was a better way and created the @limberdesk - a sustainable and ergonomically incredible new way to work at a desk. With a full range of motion, from floor to standing, Bart has changed the game for desks with his Wellington business. Now he’s pivoting his model from direct to business to consumer focused and has opened new way of scaling during COVID 19. Bart and I conducted this interview at the end of April during Level 4 lockdown on Zoom 🖥. He kindly shared his pro shots with me to illustrate this blog so my normal photos are not in this post 😜 Go to the link in my bio to read our fascinating interview. 🪑 #limberdesk

2 weeks ago

Honestly! What a flirt. Always getting his legs out for the camera 🦵🏻 Catching the last of Autumn today in Greytown, our first trip to see Matt’s parents wife we got married in February. The trees are on fire🍁

3 weeks ago

Walls and Memories: making a home / Art / Wedding photos 🖼

3 weeks ago

📚BOOK REVIEW📚: Fashion Climbing by Bill Cunningham is a posthumorous manuscript left by the New York fashion photographer. A wild romp through the hey-day of New York when women wore hats and went to charity galas, Bill’s memoir of his own flamboyant life from starting out as a shop assistant and then a hat maker in the big apple, through to his first written fashion columns for Womens Wear Daily is the escapism you need right now. A manifesto on head strong creativity, there are so many beautiful and quotable parts to this book. Here is one I really enjoyed which speaks to the challenge of being true to yourself while also turning your passions into a business: 👇🏻 “For me, the true creative road of design is one of continual struggle, both financially and morally. America is a commercial marketplace and very few people are educated to understand artists or appreciate originality. A small following of private customers allows a designer to feel the pulse of life but cannot sustain a business. Designers in America must be geared to mass production. The big question now is where are creative people going to express themselves? The age old formula is to lead the life of starvation while enjoying the freedom of creative life’s artists have desperately tried to blend creative life with modern comfortable living. I don’t think they go together. No matter which way you turn the problem, high fashion will always have to start on a personal level being worn by a few daring women. The style cycle must always be a marriage of compromise between classic periods and creative periods. But fashion, like all art, mirrors the spirit of our times.” One for fans of Breakfast at Tiffany’s 🖊

3 weeks ago

I was sent The Naked Pantry and My Nourish Kitchen to trial. Here’s what I recommend and for whom.

3 weeks ago

Happy Mother’s Day Helen. You’ve been standing by my side since the day I popped out 💞 Thanks for being my best friend and encouraging all my talents and passion for art and writing. I’ll always happily steal your @twentysevennames cast offs 🎀 #MothersDay2020 #foreverinpyjamas

3 weeks ago

I’m on a bit of a journey trying to reduce my plastic at home! Are you someone who would like to stop wasting plastic packets, unwrapping superfluous wrap or get rid of cardboard boxes? But do you also struggle to organise your life to achieve this? Well, my buddy Jess (aka a very cool journalist for TV1 by day, sustainable entrepreneur during the evening and weekends ) can get you beautiful packaging-free organic groceries, delivered to your door, at a reasonable price! Her business @thenakedpantrynz is an ingenious idea to help people like me who want to make the jump to reduce their waste but are struggling to organise their lives around saving each and every bag or container for future use. You can use her site just like any online grocery store, put your order in, and Jess will deliver it to you during one of several convenient time slots during your week. Best of all it’s all WASTE FREE! It’s your online food-shop, but naked. This is a brilliant idea and one I fully support. Jess is just the kind of fantastic Wellington woman I want to rally around and support. Plus from Kumura to Kombucha, from plums to pears, and bread to biscuits their website has heaps to choose from - and it’s growing by 20 new items a week! Head to www.thenakedpantry.co.nz to shop - Use my CODE THERESIDENTS20 for 20% off and enjoy supporting a very cool small local business! (Jess kindly gave me $75 voucher for her store to give this a whirl but opinion all my own 🥰 )

3 weeks ago

🥦🌽 Last night’s dinner worked a treat. I used a very simple recipe from @nicolagallowayfood and OH MY WORD it was DELICIOUS and SO EASY. One pot pasta! My new love! Plus that pamigano reginano 🙌🏻🧀 ✍🏻 NICOLA GALLOWAYS ONE POT PASTA Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 20 minutes Servings 4 Ingredients 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 onion, chopped 2 garlic cloves, chopped about 400g seasonal vegetables cut into bite-sized pieces - I used butternut squash and peas 400 g can chopped tomatoes 2 cups hot vegetable stock or boiling water ½ teaspoon salt 250 g fusilli (spiral ) pasta cracked pepper handful basil leaves grated parmesan cheese to serve INSTRUCTIONS Heat the olive oil in a large wide-based saucepan. Add the chopped onion and sauté for 5 minutes, until softened. Add the garlic and vegetables and cook for a further 3 minutes. Add the tomatoes, hot stock or water, salt and pasta. At this stage, the pasta should be covered by the liquid. Slightly cover with a lid and cook over a medium heat, stirring every 2-3 minutes to check the pasta isn't sticking. As soon as the pasta is al-dente, about 10 minutes, remove from the heat. Stir through the basil or oregano, cover with a lid and leave to steam for 5-10 minutes while setting the table. Serve with grated parmesan and extra olive oil for drizzling at the table. You can find the recipe and many more brilliant food ideas from Nicola on her website under ‘Dinners’ or going to this link ➡️➡️ https://www.homegrown-kitchen.co.nz/2020/05/04/lentil-dahl-one-pot-pasta/

3 weeks ago

💌MOTHERS DAY INTERVIEW💌: I’ve written a new blog on my website (link in bio ). Lower Hutt’s own Shobha and Keryn Kalyan are mother and daughter, co-authors and business partners. 💞Together, the duo created the INCREDIBLE and GORGEOUS Pass It On cookbook ➡️ @passitoncookbook - I loved their story so much I HAD to feature them as my latest residents on www.theresidents.co.nz 😍😍 We chat Gujarati cooking, low-waste food, the self-publishing journey and their favourite Wellington eateries - including @lorettaoncuba @ortegafishshack and @highwatereatery - Safe to say, these ladies have taste 💞 Go to the link in my bio to read or head to my Instagram Stories/ Highlight ‘Writing’ ✍🏻 EVEN COOLER? {A portion of sales on their website also goes towards Dementia Wellington 🤙🏻}

4 weeks ago

🖤 CLOSED 🖤🎉GIVEAWAY🎉: Together with @takeawaythrowaways , I'm giving away a $100 voucher for one of you lovely residents to spend at your favourite capital café or coffee joint! *sing to tune of S-Club 7* 🎶There ain’t no coffee like a NZ coffee.🎶 👌🏻 Our cafes friends need all our support in the world right now. They are such a crucial part of the Kiwi community, but the lockdown has put major pressure on them. Many are still closed or open with restricted menus, which is totally okay. I support that (we should all #stayhome whenever possible ) BUT whenever Jacinda says it's safe for them to open their doors, let's go and support our locals & grab our first cuppa goodness waste free! The Ministry of Health has officially said they’re safe to use. 🥤☕️ ⬇️ Entry conditions: - If you like what we're up to, follow me and  @takeawaythrowaways and check out their petition - Promise to have your first #cuppawastefree (dine in or in your reusable ) 🤞🏻 - Tag the cafe where you'd send the voucher! 🍽 - Additional entries: Tag a friend who misses their local too (the more comments you make, the greater chance of winning )!!! 😘 🔀 Closes 10 May at 7pm hours! ⤵️ Shout out to @ethicallykate for organising this and the other creatives supporting this cause. You can also enter on my instafriend’s pages: 🥳 @caliwoods_eco@ecomailbox@theecosociety@paigealexisscelly@thegreatecojourney@thislifeasjasmin@timbattnz@lovefromyourdads@weareallsunlight@ethicallykate@lovewelly@keepnzclean@lucyrevill_residents

4 weeks ago

🌽 Really embracing organic food during lockdown. Feels like priorities have shifted and it’s worth the time and money for me personally. I love supporting our local @commonsenseorganics and thinking about how I can make our food stretch further (ie eating less meat ) to help pay for the value of this food. It’s more tasty, more vibrant and I like that I am supporting an independent Wellington founded business. Thank you for all you are doing Commonsense, and your team, at this crazy time 🍌 #letfoodbethymedicine #andmedicinebethyfood

4 weeks ago

Good Morning. Keeping and appropriate 2 metre distance still 🖤 #Level3 #selftimer #chilling _____________________________ Wearing @witcheryfashion linen jumpsuit and sneakers and scarf and @marcjacobs bag from @areafiftyonestore 🤙🏻

4 weeks ago

Not all superhero’s wear capes. Appropriate social distancing continuing by @shed5nz who dropped off a @mynourishkitchen box!! As you can see I was being a basic biatch in my dressing gown and jammies but fortunately they were very chill about the whole thing. Review of this newly created box coming soon from yours truly...! #shed5 #crabshack #pravda

4 weeks ago

It’s 11:30 and the club is pumpkin pumpkin 🌽 #chicken #china #seasonalveg #commonsenseeating

5 weeks ago

Wellington Walks are my favourite 🌱🤸🏻‍♂️