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3 hours ago

Yesterday's perfectly crisp evening in the city - complete with dusky pink skies fading to blue, shimmering lights across the harbour (more on this soon ) & thousands of birds chirping as the sun set (swipe for the noise ) 🐦🌇 Especially on days like these, there's no place in the world we'd rather be 😍💙 #lovewelly


An absolutely beautiful day in the Capital over lunch hour, but still particularly sleepy by its usual standards! 🌅😴 Do try to get out & make the most of these clear skies before the southerly change tomorrow evening... 🌬️💙 #lovewelly

2 days ago

“A rendezvous for undesirables.” For decades from 1911, that’s how this former Men’s Toilet block was described. By the 1990s it was locked shut, before finally in 2011 being leased to @scopacubastreet for pizza & gelato 🍕🍦 In 2012, the @tommymillions flagship was born, & just 5 years later Tom Kirton (aka Mr. Millions himself ) opened @lucky_chickn right next door. Lucky hasn’t even been around 3 years, but it’s already fixed among our fast food faves, at almost any hour of the day or night 🤤💙 #lovewelly

3 days ago

In the late 1980s, childhood friends Tim Rose & Geoff Marsland decided to buy an espresso machine in Canada & bring it back to Wellington ☕ 🌃 In 1988, they opened Midnight Espresso - now a Cuba Street icon, one of Wellington’s most-established all-day & late-night cafés. At almost any hour, if you’re after strong Havana coffee, wholesome food (mainly vegetarian ) & an unpretentiously grungy gallery to either escape or watch Cuba St. from, this is your kind of place 🤘💙 #lovewelly

4 days ago

Well, that's one way to start the week - with a decent shake & some wild weather! 🤔🌧️ Hopefully it's all looking up from here! 🙄💙 #lovewelly

5 days ago

Watching the city come alive ☺☕ Deluxe café @deluxecafewgtn opened in 1988 as a temporary café (long-time residents may remember the name "Sweethearts Coffee Lounge" ) & was originally a part of the De Luxe Theatre on Kent Terrace. Years ahead of its time, this coffee bar soon became iconic for its espresso coffee, roasted locally @havanacoffeeworks , grungy interior, colourful art, vegetarian/vegan food options & all-welcoming vibes 🙌💙 #lovewelly

5 days ago

Easing our way back into innercity life this past week 🚸 We've been so pleased to witness kind consideration of new signs & distancing practices, as well as a generally positive attitude everywhere we've been - keep it up, Welly Lovers! 🙌💙 #lovewelly

6 days ago

Indulging in guilty pleasures has never felt so guilt-free! 🍝🍷 It's not just "eating out" anymore; it's "supporting local" 🙏💙 #lovewelly

2 weeks ago

Brr! Are these nikau palms or snowflakes? 🌴❄ It's a chilly start to an otherwise glorious day in the Capital & while we intended to share something more profound, Ian Athfield's palms stand out as a key symbol of the Capital & LoveWelly. Made from zinc, copper, terracotta & steel, the 15 palms are a signature of the Civic Centre & inspiration for the naming of @nikaucafe 🙌💙 #lovewelly

2 weeks ago

A glimpse of a soaring kāhu (harrier hawk ) in the clouds, as the sun sets over Kāpiti Island ⛅🦅 We didn't at first notice the distant silhouette of this frequent flyer, marking the historic dividing line between the lands of local iwi Ngāi Tara & Rangitāne: "Te Waewae Kāpiti o Tara rāua ko Rangitāne" 🌅💙 #lovewelly

2 weeks ago

While in the Kapiti Coast over the weekend, we popped into @duncansbrewing , fast becoming one of our favourite Welly-region breweries, thanks to their keen experimentation & unique brews 🍺🤙 We picked up their brand new pastry stouts: "Nibs 'n Nuts" & "Maple Pancake", which drink just as they sound - almost more of a dessert than a beer! Our favourites are still their incredibly smooth lacto-sours, combining flavours that might seem wrong but taste SO right: "Strawberry & Mango Ripple Imperial Ice Cream Sour" & "Raspberry Ripple" 🍻🍨💙 #lovewelly

2 weeks ago

While it’s not quite as mystical as Rivendell, the dense native bush of Kaitoke Regional Park was in fact a filming location & proves just as captivating in its own way 🌿🧝‍♂️ This Elven stone archway represents the entrance to Rivendell & one of the film sites from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, as Frodo & his fellowship of nine leave the safe haven for the Misty Mountains ⛰💙 #lovewelly

2 weeks ago

The word "burger" tends to conjure up an image like this 😍🍔 It's the only 'Donald' we're into & a perfect level 2 weekend treat @dirty_burger_nz 🤤💙 #lovewelly

2 weeks ago

We know that re-entering the central city & workplace after 7+ weeks carries a range of emotions 😷😖😅 Please be patient & thoughtful as we start to share the same spaces again - some have been working throughout & need a break; some are scared & nervous; others still are just excited to see the world again. But we're all rebuilding together & we're making great progress 🙌💙 #lovewelly

3 weeks ago

A brave new world, as we cautiously but optimistically enter Level 2 🌏🙏 And a little something from Shakespeare's The Tempest: "O wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, That has such people in't." 🙌💙 #lovewelly

3 weeks ago

Daydreaming of our old local haunts - from Cuba, through Leeds/Eva, to Lambton... It feels a world ago that dining out was even a possibility & we're all nervous/excited like it's a first date 😅 Who's first on your list for an overdue visit? (photo: pre-lockdown ) ☕💙 #lovewelly

3 weeks ago

We received a very special care package from @maoandconz featuring their delectible purple vegan dumplings (tofu, shiitake & spinach ) & new range of sauces 🥟💜 We used the spicy signature chilli oil & spine-tinglingly good sichuan pepper chilli oil for dipping - & the soy peanut sauce in our edamame noodles with stir-fried veges - talk about an easy weekday dinner! 🍜🌶️ The dumplings & sauces are already available via Mao's Facebook page, but keep your eyes peeled for their new website & online store launching this week 😻💙 #lovewelly

3 weeks ago

Patiently waiting for the beautiful doors of hospitality to open to the public... 🚪🔓 Of course, just narrowly at first, but enough to make a start on the new 'safer normal' 🙌💙 #lovewelly

3 weeks ago

Happy mother's day to all you wonderful mums! We hope you've been able to spend some real time, facetime, or phone time with your loved ones today 😊💙 (Although this photo was captured this time last year, it's a touching moment that has stayed with us ever since ) 🙌💙 #lovewelly

3 weeks ago

Happy weekend, Welly Lovers! 🙌💙 Hopefully it's the final weekend of Level 3 & we'll be back to exploring exciting city views like this in no time (photo: pre-lockdown ) 😍💙 #lovewelly

3 weeks ago

Still Room is an Eastbourne favourite of ours. It's usually a sunny evening treat to enjoy the beach, followed by an easy dinner out with the doggos. Earlier this week, the weather was a bit miserable, but we decided all the same to treat ourselves to fresh beer-battered fish & crispy hand-cut chips 😋🍟 Pictured are our usual over-ordering to share when dining in, followed by the delicious takeaway fish 'n chips this week. Other takeaway options include dumplings, crumbed prawns, pizza, wings, tacos, burgers & a craft beer fillery coming soon! Order from their website & if you live out that way use the code "Free Delivery" 🚚 💙 #lovewelly

4 weeks ago

Dreamy autumn vibes, as some of the more stubborn leaves accept their fate & 'let it go'... 🍂🍁💙 #lovewelly

4 weeks ago

GIVEAWAY ☕💯 Coffee just looks, tastes & feels better from a real mug. Whether it's a Hasami porcelain, an Acme tulip, or something quirky from the Lashings mug library, this is the way it should be. Together with @takeawaythrowaways , we're giving away a $100 voucher for one of you lovely people to spend at your favourite local café - BUT it must be waste free. If you're on board with this: 1⃣ Check out @takeawaythrowaways to see what they're up to, 2⃣ Promise to have this post-lockdown cuppa #wastefree (dine in or UYO cup ), 3⃣ Tag the café we should send the money to, 4⃣ Each of your new comments tagging a different friend is another entry. Lucky winner drawn Sun, 10th May at 7pm! 🤞💙 #lovewelly #takeawaythrowaways AND for more chances, check out our other eco-friendly friends: @caliwoods_eco @ecomailbox @theecosociety @paigealexisscelly @thegreatecojourney @thislifeasjasmin @timbattnz @lovefromyourdads @weareallsunlight @uyo .nz @ethicallykate @lucyrevill_residents @keepnzclean 🌿💙

4 weeks ago

Just a little something from the 'moody autumn skies' appreciation society ⛅🔥💙 #lovewelly