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2 days ago

“Why do you take more than you need? Don’t you know other people must wipe their butts too? Toilet-paper Chan will deliver divine justice on those who are greedy” #quarantober #quarantobertoiletpaper #toiletpaper #corona #waifu #babe #quarantoberunite #drawing #art #glow #woman #portland #oregon #corona #coronameme #coronavirus #stayhome

3 days ago

I sometimes make little process videos on my TikTok, just thought I’d share one here to see if you guys like this kind of stuff (interest in different content varies from platform to platform so you guys notice that too? ) if you’re vibing to it let me know I’ll post more of it. ALSO WHO IS DOING TOILET PAPER DAY TOMORROW? The fight is on to design #1 kawaii toilet paper Chan, I’ve decided I’ll send a sticker pack to whoever makes my favorite design, just for fun xD We’re all cooped up we might as well enjoy ourselves. ❤️❤️ #quarantober #procreate #process #video #art #drawing #kawaii #anime #wet #corona

4 days ago

( #Quarantober : Unite ) These last few days I’ve been thinking a lot about style. I was digging through a bin of my old art and found what I call the golden age of my art. It’s things from middle school that I drew. Back then I drew exactly what I wanted to draw, pretty anime warrior girls and things like that. Even now, to me, they’re perfect. However, as I got older and got teased about liking manga I grew self conscious started shifting my art to a more realistic style, and spent many years drawing that way, trying to seem deep and mature. People really liked that art but when I look back on those pieces there are very few that I love. Eventually when I went to college I was told that a more illustrative almost cartoony style was what would get me a job, and so I transitioned again. I started drawing things in a weird noodly was at that seemed fun and communicative. There’s nothing from this time period that I love. After I dropped out of college I kept floundering on my style trying to figure out, what would work? What would other people like? What’s marketable? What could get me a job? Or followers? I tried a million different styles, by then it had been a long time since I’d truly visited making art like what I made back in middle school, the stuff that made me happy. The things that inspired me. Starting this account was when I decided to just make what I like, despite being teased, despite it not being able to land me a job, or being marketable as I had been told. I’m so happy to be here now, and while I don’t regret my journey I wonder what would have happened if I could tell younger me to just draw what she loved and ignore all the voices. The best advice I can give to you now, since I can’t give it to my younger self is draw what you love, you won’t be happy otherwise, art will lose all its joy. I know there’s such a huge desire to have a ‘style’ that’s recognizable and makes people say “THATS YOUR ART!” and the good news is: that just comes with time. You learn muscle memory as you draw, that’s what makes you distinct. But never choose a style because you think it’s what others want to see or what you need to be, make what you love ❤ #art

6 days ago

Ok this looked cooler in my head, I’m posting it just to show I did it BUT IM NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. Making a whole colored drawing in a day is kind of a challenge. I took the weekend off but wanted to do #quarantober : stars. So not only do I hate this but it’s also a day late. Have you guys make any drawings you hate so far? Let’s comfort each other in this time of need xD Also edit: a lot of people are comparing this to Qinni art and I can see it but I honestly follow so many artists who draw glowing stars in their art that I don’t really associate it with her exclusively and wasn’t thinking of her when I made this, it’s actually a re-do of an older piece of you scroll down my page, it’s a boy with melting stars but at the time it kind of looks like cheese on his shoulders xD #sketch #drawing #handsome #abime #boy #stars #glow #glowing #corona #deletethis

2 weeks ago

#quarantober day 5: Bottle I feel like this has some @/meyoco vibes even though that’s not what I was going for and I just want to acknowledge that up front. I’ve had this idea for a cute ramune girl for forever and I love how the sketch turned out so much. But by the time I was done coloring it I was like “oh no xD”. Sometimes it’s this weird inescapable thing about making art, even when you think you’re making something new you’re not? For example my recent drawing of the red girl with all the hands, people kept referencing this music video from an artist I had never heard of (‘in this moment’ I believe ) but when I looked it up I was honestly shocked, it was uncanny how similar they were. Even when I was making game art on the ‘world next door’, the most infuriating thing was when I tried to make very unique designs but every time I posted them people would say it looked just like some other character I wasn’t aware of and BAM when I looked it up it really WAS SO SIMILAR. Its inescapable I think, and just one of those weird unfortunate things about us being saturated with so much media. I just wanted to draw a kawaii bottle girl here haha. I do love meyocos work so much though so I’m sure I’ve been influenced subconsciously. But have you guys experienced this before? You thought you were making a unique idea and ended up having it look like something else?? #bottle #ramune #kawaii #pinkhair #anime #girl #glow #transparent #tradigital #sketch #pentel #portland #oregon #coronavirus #drink

2 weeks ago

Happy day 3 of #quarantober ! The prompt is: Wet. Do any of you guys remember the original piece this is from? It was a few years ago. I always really liked the piece but my mom has a sticker of it on her fridge and every time I walk past it I just see that SHORT NOSE, it’s the gosh dang SHORTEST NOSE OF ALL TIME ITS LIKE HALF AN INCH FROM HER EYEBALLS. So I’ve been wanting to do an update on it for a while now, and wet seemed like a good time to do it. You’re of course welcome to like the original piece better, but just know that makes you a HALF INCH NOSE LOVING WEIRDO. This has been my ted talk thank you. #wet #drawing #art #water #kawaii #pretty #green #corona #coronavirus #portland #oregon #procreate

2 weeks ago

Be responsible and #grisffiti from home -only- during quarantine time. ——- This is march’s patreon sticker reward! I know times are weird right now and so of course there’s no obligation for anyone to become/ stay a patron, but for anyone who does want to get their hands (👌 ) on this spooky spaghetti girl there is still time to sign up (the link is in my bio ). As long as you pledge by the last day of the month you’ll receive march’s rewards! Some FAQ’s: The print club tier automatically comes with this sticker as well as the gold foil wet print seen in the last slide All tiers ship internationally and come with free shipping. Rewards do not ship out until the first week of April Keep washing your hands and social distancing! #sticker #slaptag #video #corona #virus #graffiti #portland #oregon #stickermule #hands #art #drawing #sketch #coronameme #red

2 weeks ago

Happy first day of #quarantober ! I was so shocked to wake up this morning and see there were already OVER 2000 ENTRIES IN THIS HASHTAG! It’s so neat to see everyone creating together. This situations sucks but seeing the way people are finding ways to interact despite the distance is so beautiful to me. It gives me a bit of hope. In general it’s nice to see us uniting instead of dividing. I hope this craziness can come to an end eventually and we can all go back to normal but in the meantime stay inside, keep drawing, and let’s have a good time uplifting one another. #quarantober #bloom #sketch #drawing #art #flowers #peony #kawaii #anime #dripping

3 weeks ago

How are you all feeling right now? What’s been your experience with everything happening so far? I’ve been trying to stay positive and take it one day at a time and enjoy the extra time I have with my loved ones but to be honest I’ve been feeling really scared. The virus alone is frightening, with how quickly it spreads, and the lack of available testing in the US is discouraging. I’m scared about how long we will be locked in our houses, my boyfriend and I are long distance, he came to visit last week just a day before shut down was announced and I’m scared to send him home because I don’t know when I will see him again. So many people I know and love have been laid off, I recognize the fragility of my own job which is essentially reliant on my patrons and the businesses that make my product, if they shut down I’m out of luck. So many businesses are closing forever. The economic aftermath of this is looming. I don’t mean to be doom and gloom I just haven’t really voiced before how this is affecting me. I want to be happy vibes but sometimes I can’t sleep thinking about all this. I’m excited for the drawing challenge starting Monday which will give me something to focus on and put all these worries on the back burner but I want to hear about you guys. Are you feeling scared too? What’s it been like for you so far ? #art #drawing #graphite #marker #strange #weird #corona #coronavirus #portland #oregon #pentel #sketchbook #doodle

3 weeks ago

Well everyone, we’re all stuck in our houses for who knows how long so we might as well make the most of it with a fun community drawing challenge! This is 30 days of drawing prompts for you to participate in! All styles and mediums are welcome here. The challenge starts this Monday 3/23 because I wanted to give people a few days to prepare before they got started. Just follow the prompt for each day and post your drawings to #quarantober when you upload them! I will be sharing entries in my story but this is also just a great way to interact with and enjoy the company of your fellow artists as we all slowly go crazy from isolation- I mean as we celebrate one another’s unique creativity! I tried to pick uplifting and hopeful words here because honestly it’s scary out there, if I’m on my phone too long I go into a bit of a panic so I have to just take some time to sit in the sun and go on walks while I can. I appreciate that even in this time we have the strange world of the internet to come together and keep each other company with weird dark memes and encouraging words. I love you guys and am even more appreciative than ever to have you in these bizarre days of corona. Please note while this is a daily drawing challenge it’s meant to be fun, don’t stress yourself about having to post every day, as even I will not be doing the full list (but I’m definitely not skipping toilet paper day ). Also I want to say thank you to @annacandy_art for suggesting this idea to me in the first place, she deserves all the credit. As always I can’t wait to see what everyone makes and I look forward to being able to interact with other human beings xD #drawing #challenge #art #inktober #geoffrey #quarantine #corona #coronamemes #coronavirus #community #dtiys

4 weeks ago

Ok I colored it! Don’t worry it’s just a digital overlay (for everyone worried I was going to mess up the original graphite ). I hate the color red, you’ll notice I almost never use it, but for some reason it just felt right here, so this is an extremely rare red dominated piece from me. And now that she’s colored she’s a perfect #feemon . Congrats @feefal for hitting 666K followers! I’m so happy to have been around since you were just a wee baby account, your art just continues to get better and better and I always look forward to seeing it on my feed. Here’s to more demon babes in the future! #demon #oni #procreate #kawaii #anime #dibujo #hands #creepy #fashion #portland #oregon

4 weeks ago

Should I color this little scribbly dibbly? I can’t think of a good color scheme for it :0 #sketch #drawing #art #sketchbook #pentel #drafting #hands #creepy #artist #doodle #portland #oregon #graphite

4 weeks ago

Tell me about what’s ailing you. Lately I’ve been feeling kind of lonely. #art #drawing #procreate #sketch #yellow #green #plants #fashion #girl #wet #greenhair #kawaii #anime

5 weeks ago

Which sign are you? Where are my fellow Virgo’s ayooo. ——————————————- Took on a rare commission for @jewice ❤️ #procreate #zodiac #sign #art #digital #glow #moon #goddess #hello #portland #oregon #girl

last month

Hey guys! This is just a reminder that patreon members get TWO stickers instead of one this month, the lily girl AND the holographic fish boii because I couldn’t decide between the two. I like spoiling you guys anyway and I missed out on doing it at Christmas time. Patreon is the only way to get prints and stickers from me right now because I am doing a lot of work on my store and really don’t know when it will be back. You can find my patreon through the link in my bio! If you would like to join I would be honored and you’ll also get some really cool stickers ❤️ I’m going to answer some FAQ’s because I’m getting these messages constantly now: Is it too late to sign up: not at all! You have until the last day of the month to sign up, rewards do not ship out until the following month. Do you ship internationally? Yes I do ship worldwide and the cost of shipping is already included in the tier price so there’s no extra costs. I only want this months rewards Is it ok to sign up for just one month/ the months where I want the rewards?: This is totally fine! You can sign up and delete your pledge at any time it won’t make me upset xD I signed up earlier this month and haven’t gotten anything yet: rewards don’t ship out until the following month (so February’s rewards will not ship out until March ) this way I have an accurate count of everyone who became a patron that month! Thank you for your patience! I can’t wait to mail these out to you guys you’re the best! #sticker #video #slaptag #lilyredraw #frog #art #portland #oregon #kawaii #anime #patreon #rewards #salemoregon

last month

Hey look! It’s my old glowing hair tutorial! I don’t use autodesk sketchbook anymore (I use an iPad pro with procreate ) but these tips should apply no matter what platform you’re using. You can even use this to help you create glow with traditional art, it’s not a step by step guide for that but the color theory is all there. I used to not understand how to make glow, I would always just add more white around the thing I want to glow but really I should have been using deeply saturated colors for the glow (and light pastels for the color of the object ) It was a real learning moment when I finally figured that out, and now I get to enjoy making glowy ladies! Let me know if you use this tutorial I’d love to see what you guys make so feel free to tag me! #glow #tutorial #howto #gristutorial #glowing #glowup #wow

last month

Thank you everyone so much for participating in #lilyredraw ! As usual I’ve had a rough few days going through entries trying to compile my favorites because there are so so so so many INCREDIBLE entries. This is by NO MEANS a comprehensive list here and I wish I could tag like 200 more artists in this post because you guys killed it. I love seeing everyone’s unique styles and skill sets and CREATIVITY, I think in this particular challenge I was really blown away by how inventive you guys got with your concepts. That’s why I love this gender bender version so much! And ones where you made Geoffrey into a huge frog. In general I’m thankful for an amazing community where I can see you all connecting with each other and being kind and supportive. Please take the time to look at the beautiful artwork of these amazing artists, each person is tagged in their photo so you can get to their profile easily and tell them just how amazing they are! And thank you once again for sharing your artwork with me I feel truly blessed to be part of such a kind and supportive group of talented artists. #contest #shoutout #winners #lilypadwater #yay

last month

Everyone say hi to Waffle! I started designing her as a pin but I liked her so much I wanted to do a real drawing of her. What do you think her back story is? How does one end up with waffles in their hair? These are the real questions. #waffle #breakfast #syrup #maple #tasty #art #tradigital #procreate #strawberry #kawaii #anime #manga #fashion #drip #goo #etsy #sale

last month

What are your art goals this year? Are you trying to improve at anatomy or color? Are you trying digital or traditional for the first time? This year I’m trying to push myself a lot, I want to improve in so many ways and one of them is facial expressions. I think in the past I’ve mostly mastered the ‘dejected stare’ but I want to capture anger and excitement and curiosity among other things. This is just one page in my sketchbook of me trying to figure that out. It’s pretty messy. I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those artists that has an immaculate sketchbook where I can wow you with my sketchbook to a but that’s ok. I think the most encouraging part about art is that you grow just by doing. It’s really easy to psyche yourself out of trying and wonder “is what I’m doing even working or am I just wasting my time?” And if you feel like you’re wasting your time, it’s easy to quit. You have to remind yourself that every stroke is progress, that you learn just by the process of creating. It’s a bit like running, if you do it every day you’re going to get fit, there’s no “what if”, it’s guaranteed, so if you draw every day you’re going to grow and learn and improve, you don’t have to sweat about it too much or rush yourself. It’s not a race, even though social media makes it easy to feel like it is. Don’t give up on your goals this year, work on them every day and you’ll shock yourself with how much you improve. I’m excited for you guys, and I’m excited to grow along with you 💕 #sketch #sketchbook #pentel #anime #kawaii #dibujo #drawing #glitter #color #fashion #grow #journey

last month

This is Geoffrey Sugarloaf. He would like to be your valentine, but if not hopes you never... frog-et him. ;w; Do you accept? (Y/N ) Share him for good luck with your crush (sort of ) but mostly flies. #frog #chonky #drawing #art #animal #lilypad #valentinesday #valentine #cute #kawaii #dibujo #procreate

last month

I couldn’t decide between these two stickers for this months patreon rewards and the vote was so even on them I decided to go wild this month and just send out both stickers. Ergo if you’re part of the sticker club or the postcard club you will be receiving both of these! And if you’re not but you want them just sign up during the month of February and they’ll be yours! This is not a normal thing though, next month it’s back to one sticker for you my children! It’s been nice not having a shop tbh because I’ve been able to paint and draw way more but now I keep wanting to amass product with nothing to do with it. SO MANY STICKERS AND NOWHERE TO SEND THEM! In other news we’re very close to our patreon goal of 400 patrons which means I have to actually commit to a pin club with has me nervous and excited. Hope you guys are excited for koi boii and lily! #sticker #slaptag #free #etsy #sale #product #patreon #reward #frog #kawaii #anime

last month

Before @qinniart had passed away I had been working on this piece. I was going to post it plain and uncolored the day of her passing, but once I learned the news I couldn’t, I felt like the only art people should be looking at that day was hers. But I wanted to take the time to color this piece now as an homage to everything I’ve learned from her. The colors, the light, the textures, the movement, all of it is thanks to her. I’m guilty of being a silent observer often in my life, there are many artists I love but never truly take the time to tell them what their art means to me or how it impacts me. I hit like or save when I see a new piece I love, I download their pieces and excitedly share them with whoever will listen but I often fail to actually tell the artists how much I love their work,how much it inspires me. I certainly had never taken the time to make a post to truly the gratitude I held for Qinni being such a strong source of inspiration for me, I very naively thought I had more time to do it. I want to say thank you to her now, I know it’s too late but I still want to say thank you for creating, for teaching, for inspiring, for never giving up, for being the reason we all know how to draw glowing things, for making us stare baffled at the screen wondering if your art is traditional or digital because you transitioned so incredibly smoothly between the two, for making us laugh and sharing your intimate journey with us when you didn’t have to, for creating pieces that were cute, feminine, but also emotionally powerful. Thank you for your bright neon colors and your ability to draw so tiny and still make a masterpiece, for taking the time to make tips and tutorials when the rest of us are staring at you like an unfathomable art god, you are amazing and I wish I was going to see all the art that was left in you. I can’t believe how much I’m going to miss your art and your presence. Thank you for everything Qinni. #galaxiesforqinni #starsforqinni #qinni #qinniart #drawing #sketch #graphite #glowinthedark

last month

I was going to make an art post today but when I learned about the passing of @qinniart I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It’s an understatement to say Qinni has been a huge inspiration to my art. In fact, I’m not sure there’s one person who I’ve spent more time going to their page for inspiration and to desperately study their art wondering if I could ever be that good. If you don’t know qinni she has had multiple open heart surgeries by the age of 29, and was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer; she was given a 1-1.5 years to live and she didn’t even get to have that time allotted to her, we lost her so fast. Up until just a few days ago she was still posting updates and making art, she hoped to take this last bit of time to make her art into a book before she passed and she never got to do it. I never met qinni but she was a blessing on this earth, her art and upbeat personality and ability to persevere despite the fact that she was dealt a bad hand over and over and over again, I’m honored I ever even got to be on this earth at the same time as her, but I’m also gutted. I wanted there to be a miracle, I really did, I’ve never felt more desperate for a person I don’t even know but I kept hoping something magical would happen and she would be ok. I’m sharing with you guys some of my favorite pieces of hers, I’m sure you can see her influence on my own work. Her elegant simplicity and emotional vulnerability in her pieces is something I admire so much. I hope she’s somewhere better where she can create without suffering. I’m going to take the rest of the day to hug my loved ones and tell them what they mean to me, even when promised time you never know when someone can just be gone. I will truly miss seeing your beautiful works Qinni, Rest In Peace . #starsforqinni #qinni

last month

Hey guys! I’m celebrating hitting 4K on Twitter with a mystery bag giveaway. The event is happening on Twitter but I wanted to give you all a heads up on here because I’m getting a ton of people asking if there’s any way to get my product while my shop is closed. I know some people don’t have Twitter and I will host a giveaway on here probably at my next milestone (600k!! ) but for now if you do have Twitter just head on over to my page on there for the rules! I’m @ lord_griselda on there because somebody else has my name 👺I need to resolve that at some point because it’s a dead account. Anyway if you’re one of my twitter followers thanks for 4K! Excited to send this bag of delectable prizes to one of you. #giveaway #event #mysterybag #lordgris #sticker #slaptag #merch #tote #pretty #kawaii #dibujo