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2 days ago

Took the pups on a hike yesterday and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine ☀️ 🐾

2 days ago

Grateful for my zombie apocalypse partner 😛🧟‍♂️🖤

5 days ago

Trying to remember that there is still beauty in all of this...🌼 Thank you, @anthousai for the lovely flowers 🌿

2 weeks ago

Hello everyone! 🩰 Just want you all to know I am working with @ryan_instagraham on some ballet/modern class videos, which I’ll start releasing this next week! So keep your eyes open & remember to keep dancing, and support local artists, creatives, and musicians!

2 weeks ago

A week ago was a scary time for us, but today we are happy and healthy and enjoying our time in quarantine together! Thank you to everyone who reached out and for those who have financially supported us—we feel so loved and very grateful! If you’re still wanting to help out at all my cash app handle is $LexieJoLove, and my Venmo is @Lexie -Sweeney. We love you! 🐾💛

2 weeks ago

We are close to the one week mark since my puppers were in “the danger zone.” I am so grateful that they are such strong-willed, tough dogs. I honestly believe they carried each other through it. These dogs love Ryan and I so much, I think they would fight through just about anything to be with us and give us kisses. I truly feel so lucky to have my girls and to have people around me who care for me AND for my sweet doggos. 💛

2 weeks ago

The threat is real guys! If you can—stay home. If you HAVE to go out, wear masks (if you have them/are sick ), wash your hands, limit touching ANYTHING (including your face!—which I personally have a hard time avoiding ). We have a responsibility to each other and our community to try to keep each other safe. Don’t forget to thank your doctors and nurses—their work doesn’t stop and they’re committed to continue caring for their patients! 🙏🏻🙌🏻 #washyourhandsyoufilthyanimal

2 weeks ago

Had a mini-heart attack yesterday after feeding the dogs. 😣 Starbuck was gagging excessively without throwing up. I called our vet and they felt she would be okay, but to bring her in the morning if she continued. She seems to be okay now, but I can’t ever be too cautious. Keep us in your thoughts, friends 🙏🏻

3 weeks ago

My sweet little babies seem to be on the up and up! I am now faced with covering the hospital bills. If you are able and can help in any way send me a message, my cash app handle is $LexieJoLove, and my Venmo is @Lexie -Sweeney. Thank you all so much for your love and support! 💕🐶

3 weeks ago

Home from the vet & the blood work looks very stable. I guess Ari’s baseline blood work actually showed some elevated kidney functions (which I was not told ), but her labs appeared normal today. We will continue with our meds for the next week and closely monitor behaviors and stool, but it appears that my babies are going to be OKAY! I can’t tell you the emotional relief it is to find out that my sweet girls will most likely be just fine. The hydrogen peroxide so soon probably saved their lives. I hope to find some normalcy with our home lives and continue to focus on the positives amidst the turmoil of the outside world. One of the hardest things for me to do is to ask for help... there’s no cost I wouldn’t pay to make sure my babies are healthy and well. If you can, we would be grateful for help in ANY form, even if it is just kind words or a (virtual/air ) hug. I’ll keep everyone updated if any changes happen with my pups! Love you all! 💕

3 weeks ago

Hey everyone... It has been quite a rough 12 hours for the pups and me. We are extremely tired and I am emotionally drained. I came home last night to one of my worst nightmares...the dogs got into and ingested ibuprofen (which can be extremely fatal to dogs ). I was able to get them to vomit most of the contents in their tummies and we did find pill remnants in the vomit. We spent a few hours in the hospital to try to figure out next steps. We chose to try at home treatment (it was only an option because they threw up most of it—and hospitalization is very costly but could still be necessary if they show signs of GI tract issues and renal failure ). There is still a lot up in the air, and time will tell how adversely the affects may be, but we are hoping and praying that the next 24-48 hours come with no abnormalities. We will be running bloodwork every 24 hours to check that their renal functions are stable and pray that we got it out of their bellies quickly enough. Please be praying for us as we go through this horrible experience...there is never a good time for something like this to happen, but I am grateful I am home with them these next two days at least. (Pictured: two sleepy pooches and big sis taking care of little sis )

3 weeks ago

Even darkness must pass, a new day will come and when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer.—J.R.R. Tolkien 📸: @ryan_instagraham

3 weeks ago

Does anyone else feel like it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to actually slow down long enough to let yourself really relax? I find myself in these small moments like when I’m washing my hair in the shower, where I realize that I haven’t stopped pushing to complete the next task in my day, week, month, etc. There is so much to keep busy with: lesson plans to write, choreography to remember, food to buy/make/eat, making time to stay connected to my family, carve space for friendships, my relationships, my doggos, then there are so many shows to catch up on on Netflix, so many updates on social media, local events to attend, books to attempt to read, the list goes on and on...even my “self-care” feels scheduled and therefore, less relaxing. It seems trivial, and I am truly grateful to have such a full life with so many wonderful things to wake up for every morning, but I also miss days when slowing down was easier. Maybe there’s something to learn by this and perhaps my subconscious mind is trying to help me out by showing me just how “rushed” I’ve let myself become these last few years. I’d like to get better at taking more time to spend away from screens, outside or just relaxed at home drinking coffee with the pups... ☕️🌾🦥

4 weeks ago

Daylight savings has us feeling ALL sorts of tired this morning! It was way too dark outside when I got up for work this morning. 😴

4 weeks ago

Sometimes I feel a little twisty 🌪 📸: @jordantaylor .studio

4 weeks ago

I am fairly certain Ari-Joy is Baby Yoda...just a hunch 💚🤍

4 weeks ago

I’ve been dealing with sickness for about a week now, (which I hardly have time for—who does?? ) but it has shown me the resilience I have in the other areas of my life that I gained from training to be a dancer. Over the years, I learned that you can push through A LOT in order to dance every day and perform. I learned discipline, dedication and through my trials, successes and education I found something I’m passionate doing and can now impart to my own ballet/dance students. I am so thankful for my upbringing, my education in both school and in dance, and I hope to live with excellence in all I do. Picked these flowers from our front yard yesterday 💛

5 weeks ago

Had a very productive Leap Day! I taught my 3 dance classes at @tulsaballet , went to Stoutfire Fest at @cabinboysbrewery , grabbed a draft latte at @cirquecreativelibations , then took the dogs on a walk, gave em a bath and did a big load of laundry! Happy Leap Day!!

last month

Starbuck is super sweet and very smart, but she’s not the best at sitting still long enough for a picture together! 😆 Most of what I get is her nervously starring at me, or trying to lick my face! BUT I still love her! 😂

last month

I love my sweet Ari-Joy! She is always ready for anything and tries her best to make everyone happy! She loves me so honestly and unconditionally, I sometimes feel I don’t deserve her! Since she was a pup, Ari has loved playing with toys...and after all these years she could still play ALL DAY! Check out the last pic to see us lookin super goofy! 😝🙈 #puppyappreciationpost

last month

last month

I really am so lucky to have them. Love means so much more

last month

I had @autumnleafsss make this sweet illustration for me for a lil Valentine’s gift for Ryan! If you swipe to the last pic you can see the first illustration she did for us a year ago! 📸: @jordantaylor .photo

last month

Had a really fun Valentine’s date with my babe! We ate a really lovely meal at @lowoodtulsa (we especially loved the bread! 😆 ), had a few classy cocktails at @hodgesbend and then played games at @neffbrewing ! Then we went home and ate a bag of chips...I LOVE YOU, Ryan Graham! ♥️ P.S. I ate my first real mushroom (4th pic ) and it was good?? Also, special thanks to my girl, @monalola for the gorgeous dress! 😘