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2 weeks ago

Happy Fathers Day to the person who gave me the best opportunity at life. Dad I was really hoping we could celebrate this day together I was rooting for you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to travel the world and experience so many different things and taking me to concerts and waiting in the parking lot. I love and miss you. Even when I’m on my own I know I won’t be alone. I know you’ll be looking down and I’ll make you proud, you will be living through everything I do. I’ll live one life for the two of us and you will experience everything with me❤️ #happyfathersday #louistomlinson #twoofus

4 weeks ago

R.I.P It breaks my heart to even write this. I feel like I’m living in a nightmare I can’t wake up from. It doesn’t feel real, it all happened so fast. I feel so dead inside like my heart is shattered completely I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest I can barely talk or breathe I never expected this to happen I just wish he knew that we were there and love him and that if we could we would have seen him more and I wish we had called and FaceTimed him more but then they lost his fucking phone I’m so pissed I know you didn’t wanna go to the hospital but I wanted you to get the best opportunity to get better. I promised you that you’d come home and now I’ve forever broken that promise I’m sorry Thank you for giving me the best opportunity at life ever, Love your forever dad ❤️

Mar 2020

I miss my curly hair and my nose ring 😢

Dec 2019

London Bridge is falling do- wait that’s Tower Bridge

Dec 2019

You’re not really a tourist in London unless you take photos inside a phone booth #london

Dec 2019

From “oh my god😱” —> “Unbothered😒”

Nov 2019

Didn’t get to go in but the outside square was beautiful 💐🌷🌹🌻🌼🌸🌺

Nov 2019

Throwback to my Khalid concert back in August #khalid

Sep 2019

A few photos of the different islands away from the resort 🌴 🏖 🌺

Sep 2019

Who else can say they climbed a waterfall without slipping #praisintheasian

Aug 2019

Why was dumbo sad?🐘🐘 Because he was irrELEPHANT 😂 🐘🐘

Aug 2019

I can now check Scorpion off of my list of weird things to eat

Aug 2019

Compilation of me next to things significantly bigger than me 🤣

Jul 2019

Around the world and back 🗺🌏 #southkorea

Jul 2019

I finally got to see my favorite bands 😍 @themaineband @maydayparade #sadsummerfest #themaine #maydayparade #statechamps

Jul 2019

Back When I graduated from my EF school. I felt like I learned nothing new but also felt like I learned something

Jul 2019

Sunsets on the ocean😍

Jul 2019

February 16th, 2019 The bluest water I have ever seen 😍It looks like photoshop with the saturation turned up but it is all natural

Apr 2019

It has been 2 weeks since you passed away I’ve tried so many times to write this but it ended in tears 💔😓 I still can’t get over the fact that I didn’t get to hug you one last time or say “goodbye” or “I love you”😥It breaks my heart knowing that you didn’t get to see my goodbye videos 😰 But I know you would tell me not to feel guilty because you wanted me to enjoy my trip and you told me you were excited to see me when I got home and hear my stories. I know you were a fighter👊🏼 and you tried to hold on until I got home no matter how much pain you were in. I just hope that you know that I loved you and I was rooting for you on the other side of the world ♥️You would be so proud of me and I’m glad you got to see how far I’ve come and why I am going to do💜I love and miss you forever ♥️🥺😇👵🏻👼🏻

Apr 2019

{A bit out of order} 🌸April 3 2019🌸6 years ago I NEVER would have worn this but this night was different ✨ I looked SEXY AF and I never felt this confident or beautiful in my life it took me years to reach it I last day of my gap semester and i decided to throw away my insecurities and wear a dress I never thought I wouodve confident in 💜💜💜💜💜 I always thought of myself as fat but that night I felt sexy as fuck in it and super confident but also a bit drunk #efgapyear #efgapsemester #ef #london #confidence All thanks to @bodyposipanda for making me feel much more confident and @littlemix

Apr 2019

{January 31, 2019} I got yelled at for sitting on here 👀😂 BUT I’m back at my favorite and most beautiful place again! Park Güell💜 Except this time it was under construction #efgapyear #efgapsemester #spain #parkguell

Mar 2019

{January 28, 2019} Eiffel in Louvre with Paris 🇫🇷 once again💜 #efgapyear #efgapsemester #educationfirst #paris #france #puns #eiffeltower #louvre

Jan 2019

What a great way to start off 2019!🎉 A Panic! at the Disco concert 🎫 Right before I leave to go abroad 🌎🌏🌍 2019 is going to be amazing #prayforthewickedtour #panicatthedisco #brendonurie #timesunioncenter

Dec 2018

‘‘Tis the Season🎄🎅🏻Yes I did a festive photo shoot with my dog Toto 🐶 Yes we are wearing matching outfits🎅🏻 Don’t judge me 😬 #festive #santa #christmas #matching #christmastree