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4 days ago

Wednesday, August 5th at 11am I’ll be featured on a Digital Panel with Business Insider alongside @shelbychurch and @katybellotte to talk about how We have been able to run our businesses during the pandemic. Text lavishruby to +1 (917 ) 540-8373 for the link to register and a reminder so you can tune in, I’ll be dropping a ton of gems! Thank you @businessinsider for choosing me for this opportunity!

2 weeks ago

Thankful for the trials and the blessings in disguise💛

Jun 2020

Earlier this week I got the keys to my new office space and Shared Conference room for Lavish Life Brand HQ ✨ As a BLACK WOMAN I understand the systemic racism and oppression forced upon people that look like me. ✨ As of recent I just donated $5,000 to BLACKLIVEMATTERS. ✨ But it did NOT start here Since the beginning of my social media “iNflUenCer” journey I’ve tried to help my black sisters and brothers by: Giving job opportunities, internships and college credit under @lavishlifebrand to predominantly OUR college students. ✨ Giving away thousands of free money to my followers and subscribers ✨ Personally mentoring over 600 of OUR millennials all around the world in my new business @lavishlifeacademy ✨ Giving FREE financial and personal development education to a predominantly BLACK audience of 170k YouTube subscribers teaching how to make money, save money, build credit, budget, build multiple sources of income, get good grades in college and more. ✨ This is a never ending journey but I vow to help my people along the way. ✨ We Are Black Women!! ✨ Our bones are strong from carrying our families on our backs, after our brothers and fathers are stripped from us! WE educate and raise the next generation to love and to fight for one another. Our minds are sharp and full of wit to correct every wrong brought upon us! WE FIGHT FOR BREONNA TAYLOR! WE FIGHT FOR ATATIANA JEFFERSON! WE FIGHT FOR IYANNA DIOR AND SO MANY OTHERS! WILL NO LONGER BE FORGOTTEN! WE WILL NO LONGER BE KILLED! WE VOW TO HELP OUR FELLOW SISTER AND OUR FELLOW BROTHER TO SEE THE LIGHT WE HAVE IN EACH OTHER AND FIGHT THOSE WHO WOULD TRY TO EXTINGUISH IT! I’m a 22 year old BLACK MOGUL in the making. WATCH ME WORK.

Feb 2020

Brown skin like Eva, Sweet like Indomie 👸🏾

Feb 2020

I be staying low but you know what the vibe is 💫💫

Nov 2019

Miami Nights 🌴

Nov 2019

Thank you Costa Rica🌴 #puravida

Nov 2019

Took a flight to escape the cold weather 👙

Nov 2019

Thank you for all the bday wishes❤️ hoping for continued happiness and more vacays for my chapter 22

Sep 2019

♕ 𝐿𝒶𝒸𝑒 𝒸𝑜𝓃𝓋𝑒𝓇𝓈𝒶𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃, 𝓂𝑜𝓇𝑒 𝒶𝒸𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃

Sep 2019

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Sep 2019

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Aug 2019

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Aug 2019

My five against your five and we winning every time✨ #thefamily

Jul 2019

Huge Shoutout to @yedcorp for having me speak today! Super proud of all the people I met from my fellow panelists to the attendees!! Looking forward to seeing how far the Young Entrepreneur Diversity Summit will grow in the future ✨✨ Book me to speak at your next event: Lavishruby @Gmail .com Business Masterclass on August 10th DM for more info.

Jul 2019

650 orders complete in 2 days🙌🏾✨✨✨ completed half at the office/HQ and the rest at home! There’s a lot of ups and downs when it comes to entrepreneurship but the support I receive makes it all worth it! Thank you for shopping with @lavishlifebrand ,we received International orders from Canada France, UK, Switzerland and Germany. (Shoutout to my assistant @rororasa and my brother Ron for helping me get it done ) Your small business is always gonna be a small business if you think it’s a small business. Think bigger, improve your skills, learn different ways to market and expand, or just take my Master class August 10th! dm for more info!

Jul 2019

Brown skin girl ✨

Jul 2019

You glow different when you mind the business that pays you and you’re completely f*ck boy free ✨✨✨

Jul 2019

Hot girl summerrrrrr🤩 👙: @prixworkshop micro bikini

Jun 2019

The Exotic curl from @lavishlengthsco is the perfect summer hair! It is super low maintenance and it kept me right my entire vacation! Use code “summerslay” for 30% off all exotic curl and wave patterns all summer long!

May 2019

Bahama Mama 🇧🇸❤️

May 2019

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone 🦈 Never would’ve done anything like this a couple of months ago, but the adventure of life begins when you rid yourself of fear. When I saw these pics in the past I thought that the sharks were in a cage of some sort and trained, but no, they are in their natural habitat. The instructors give you tips of what to do so they don’t bite, some including acting like you’re part of sea life as well and staying calm. The whole experience is an adrenaline rush😭 #swimmingwithsharks @piecesof8charters If you’re in the Bahamas, you definitely have to try the pieces of 8 charter 5 Island excursion. Check out my Bahamas Vlog on my channel to see all of our adventures! #graduationtrip

May 2019

Just a masterpiece trying to master peace🇧🇸🇧🇸first vacation of summer 2019 in the Bahamas!

May 2019

Tommorow I finally Graduate from my University with a BS in Biomedicine Before I came to my university I was just a basketball recruit, the advisor of the STEM program told me to choose an “easier major” even though my highschool SAT scores and GPA matched up with the requirements for the program. His reasoning was because 1. They’ve never had a women’s basketball player in their program and 2. He claimed that Its hard to manage their intensive coursework with ANY extracurriculars. 4 years later, I am the ONLY student that will be graduating with a Biomedicine degree in Class of 2019. People either switched majors, couldn’t meet up with GPA requirements etc. In the passed 4 years I became the face of the same major that my advisor told me to reconsider before even trying. Not only did I Play college basketball but I beat my schools record of blocked shots in a season my freshman year with 117 blocked shots. Started 3 businesses Made my first 6 figures Started getting booked for Motivational Speaking at multiple colleges Completed a Cancer Cell Research Thesis and received an Honors Distinction in research Neuroscience presentation award winner VP of the premed club While taking an average of 18 credits a semester All while Vlogging and gaining millions of views on YouTube and almost 60k subs while being able to impact thousands of lives thru my journey. I had more than a couple of bumps along the way; I tore my ACL for the 3rd time sophomore year forcing me to quit basketball, I sacrificed ALOT of time i could’ve been at parties events etc, I spent countless nights in the library, I lost a ton of friends i thought I would have forever, my ex boyfriend passed away sophomore year, my Dad had a brain aneurism and was in the hospital for weeks. This shit was NOT easy at all. I tried my best to motivate even when I needed the motivation myself. But I persevered and that’s my biggest accomplishment. You’re life is literally in your hands, you can achieve EVERY goal that you have for yourself. I give ALL the glory to God, I am so grateful for all that He’s done and will continue to do. You guys will be calling me Dr. Ruby real soon I promise u! #kean2019