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5 days ago

Machine gun Nature 🐷

5 days ago

Made some new friends out here in the Bahamas 😂 tag someone who loves pigs 👇🏽 @vaunt

2 weeks ago

Proud to say that after only 2 months of owning this broom, he’s all grown up now and can stand on his own :’ ) words can’t describe how happy I am for him #proudbroomdad

4 weeks ago

Lost for words. Rest In Peace legend

last month

Sunday funday with the gang

last month

Just rescued this Indian Ringneck Parakeet who lost its leg and needed a new home 🙏🏾 Tag a bird lover 👇🏽🦜❤️ @jawsandpaws #rescuesquad

last month

Every other morning I take a hike with my dog to the dog park, and on the way back he gets so tired that I gotta carry him back 😂 tag a dog lover 👇🏽🐶❤️

last month

My girl mango loves that Drizzy lol 😂 Tag a bird lover 👇🏽 @Jawsandpaws

last month

#RP @karmagawa PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS RIGHT AWAY: Huge wildfires in Australia are growing steadily bigger, causing tens of thousands of people to evacuate while also killing hundreds of millions of animals in their wake! The state of New South Wales just declared a state of emergency, with the authorities warning that the fires heading their way this weekend might be the worst yet in an already catastrophic season. The devastation is immense. At least 15 people have died, with 8 deaths confirmed in the past week. Fires raged across forest and scrubland along Australia’s Pacific coast, choking cities with thick smoke, charring more than 1,800 houses and killing countless wild animals. Australia is normally hot and dry in summer, but climate change, which brings more frequent and longer periods of extreme heat, worsens these conditions and makes vegetation drier and more likely to burn. This is the worst fire season in Australia’s recorded history and what we can do to help is share these powerful images to make this go viral like the fires in Brazil did a few months ago as only then will international aid truly happen. Please join us in praying for Australia and also let’s all use our social media platforms for good and share this post with your followers and tag people, influencers, celebrities and news media that need to see this as we MUST get the word out about this urgent crisis and get international help for these communities! Photos by the great photographers @david .caird @bradfleet @mattabbottphoto and @nampix and some of the local charities we support are @wireswildliferescue @1300koalaz @deeppeacetrust @balubluefoundation @adelaidekoalahospital @nswrfs @redcrossau and every donation, great and small, are appreciated as we must come together to help Australia ASAP! #sendhelp #wildfires #karmagawa @karmagawa

last month

Rescuing baby pigs from a slaughter house today and giving them a new home 🙏🏾 @jawsandpaws Tag and share to animal lovers around the world 🌎

last month

Merry Christmas from my momma and I 🥰🎄

Dec 2019

There’s a Stallion on my plane!!

Dec 2019

Felt cute, might delete later idk

Dec 2019

2020 we working hard, drinking hella water, and reducing our use of single-use plastics 💕🥂 @palazzoversacedubai

Dec 2019

Brother Nature for @papermagazine ! Thank you guys so much for this opportunity ❤️ Writer: @fakeroberts Photographer: @brcarr Stylist: @wanna__b Groomer: @mollygreenwald Location: @animaltracksinc

Dec 2019

My first time feeding a bear 🤩🤩🤩

Nov 2019

This Thanksgiving I’m thankful that I was able to run into @canelathesavage 🧡

Nov 2019

Smh today is the worst day ever. Please click the link in my bio to try and help save our Koalas 🙏🏽

Nov 2019

My girl Stella is out here shittin on em

Nov 2019

I’m feelin way better 🕊

Nov 2019

Just wanted keep you guys posted on why I haven’t really been active lately. So about 10 days ago I got a fever and didn’t think much of it. Then as days went on it started to raise, I started getting chills and couldn’t control my sleep, I slept for days on end then began to vomit a lot + diarrhea . I thought I only had the Flu, but things ended up getting so bad I ended up getting checked into the hospital and found out I had Malaria Falciparum, the deadliest Malaria there is. You get the parasite from mosquitoes and they inject parasites into your blood. I’ve been treated and am getting better, but the process has been hell and has opened my eyes to how important health is. So, that being said, I’m gonna slow down a bit on life til I’m all the way healthy 🙏🏽

Nov 2019


Nov 2019

This my favorite one 😂😂😂

Oct 2019

First time holding my baby bro :’ ) Ima work my ass off for you homie!!!