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2 weeks ago

This is the first picture @becksmecks2 and I ever took together. We were dressed up as characters from the sandlot. We were not dating yet. We wouldn’t date until 3 years after this. Happy Valentine’s Day.

3 weeks ago


4 weeks ago

Hey have a good Saturday.

last month

“Hey follow my Tik Tok!” . . . . . . . . But seriously plz follow my Tok.

last month

It’s national hot sauce day! Check out the new episode of Eat The Menu where I take on the menu of Shake Shack! And get your bottle of my chicken sauce today!

last month

Just hangin with @nedfulmer . Check out the new try guys video!

last month

Neat room, right?

last month

My masterpiece. Visually, at least.

last month

The holidays are a blur with this one. Merry Christmas @becksmecks2 ❤️

Dec 2019

I worked very hard to screencap this last night.

Dec 2019

Talking about the @lewberger show, Chicken Sauce and @tryguys on @WindyCityLIVE tomorrow @ 1pm on ABC 7 Chicago! Tune in and then come out to our show if you’re in Chicago!

Dec 2019

Such a fun time this weekend at @chairmanbogue ’s wedding. We all looked great in our suits from @theblacktux . Thanks to them for hooking us up with such great looks for Chris’s big day. *Suit jacket not pictured due to heavy amounts of dancing prior to this pic.

Dec 2019

Oh shit! It’s back in stock and if you order this weekend you’ll get it by Christmas! Thanks for making this such a success, I’ve loved seeing everyone enjoy the sauce and I can’t wait to continue seeing your reactions for THE REST OF ETERNITY. Purchase link through my story!

Dec 2019

This photo makes me laugh.

Dec 2019

Without a recipe is back! Who can make the best cookies while also having no idea how to make cookies? 📸 @korndiddy

Dec 2019

My nose is so shiny it looks like I have 2 noses. Also a nose hair that is excited to make its debut.

Nov 2019

Secret’s out! I learned about the world of hot sauce so that I could make my own! Check the new try guys vid and then head over and buy a bottle of my Chicken Sauce! Link in bio!

Nov 2019

Thought you guys might like this.

Nov 2019

Cute new clothes at tryguys.com 💙💙💙💙

Nov 2019

7PM this Sunday in Washington DC! Tickets avail through the link in my bio! I hope we see you there! @lewberger

Nov 2019

I just got a flat tire and it was my fault. Oh dang.

Nov 2019

So much going on in this 10 year old photo of me. What’s your favorite part? #contacts #backstreetboys #puppet #bandana

Nov 2019


Nov 2019

Had a great time on the @lewberger tour! @iubloomington was an amazing show! If you are on a college program board hit us up and bring us to your school! And catch us in DC, Rhode Island, Chicago, St Louis, and Phoenix this winter. Tickets through my bio link.