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Her favourite (and my favourite ) place to nap 😴 I’ve been using the @owletcare Smart Sock on Daisy which has given me peace of mind (and wish I had it with the other girls! ) It’s a simple, comfortable sock they can wear from birth that is designed to notify you if your baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels fall outside the preset zones. The @owletcare video camera also works with their Smart Sock so I can see, hear and know that Daisy is ok when she is asleep in her room, for peace of mind always 💛 #ad

2 days ago

Is there a condition when you constantly want to eat your baby? Asking for a friend 🍰🧁 Anywaaay, I’ve got another giveaway! I LOVE @wildwawa and they are giving away $200usd store credit to their store! Everything she makes is pretty much the cutest, you’ll love it! To enter just like this picture, tag a friend, follow @wildwawa and myself! You can tag as many friends as you want (one per comment ). Each tag counts as an entry so the more the better for you. I will pick and announce the winner on this post in 4 days 💕

3 days ago

Sweet cheeks 💞

3 days ago

That is daisy’s happy face, in case you thought otherwise 😆

4 days ago

The love is real 🌼

5 days ago

Just a couple of photos with my girls, I know I’ll be thankful for these pics later and hopefully they will be too, (even though I took that second photo when Daisy was 6 days old and I never shared it because I didn’t love it and was wondering how on earth I will ever have time to wash my hair ever again with four kids. ) Fast forward almost 10 months and I’m still wondering the same thing, but mainly wondering how the girls have got so tall so fast?!!

2 weeks ago

Shoving our faces in flowers is our go to lately. Makes us happy and only a little bit sneezy 🌼🌸

2 weeks ago

How’s the snack situation going on in your house? Our iso snacking game is still going strong and lucky for P she has her snack slaves home a lot more to attend to her every snack desire. We love hommus, always have, always will! @obela_au ’s smooth, creamy hommus is the guilt-free, healthy and delicious snack we eat all the time! The girls love dipping carrots and crackers in the Sweet Beetroot Hommus, and I love adding a spoonful of the Roasted Pine Nut Hommus on top of my salads 😋 #sohowdoyouhommus #obelaAU #hommus #dip #sp

2 weeks ago

Daisy ➡️ Penelope. Same same-ish but different 💛

2 weeks ago

Magical autumn evening, I love them so. (And these girls of mine ) ✨ Giveaway closed. Congratulations @_bubble_v I’ve teamed up with @shopdarlingclementine to give someone $200usd store credit to their store. She stocks all my favourite brands I’m sure you’ll love too! To enter just like this picture, tag a friend, follow @shopdarlingclementine and myself! You can tag as many friends as you want (one per comment ). I will pick and announce the winner on this post in 4 days. 🌸🌼

3 weeks ago

I’ve heard that the third child is usually the cheekiest. So that means the sass gets capped at the third? 🤞🏼 Girls dressed by @Melijoe .paris

3 weeks ago

Daisy’s face when the big girls go back to school and she realises she’s stuck with the threenager all day. #saveme 😬

3 weeks ago

Getting the girls roller skates in ISO was, um, interesting 🙃 I highly recommend it 🤪 @theiconickids #TheIconicPartner

3 weeks ago

Daisy didn’t make the final edit because she was so upset she also didn’t have a curly side pony ☹️ (swipe )

4 weeks ago

Girlfriends ISO workouts paying off 🍗

4 weeks ago

Being the fourth child, and not yet louder than her sisters (but almost there ), my one on one time with Daisy is harder to find, so everyday I make sure her evening bath time is uninterrupted and just me and her. I've always been fussy what I put on my babies skin, because their skin is so delicate, so I am always looking for safe and natural products and was happy to discover @lovekins_australia . Made by a mother who only wanted the best for her baby. I've been using #lovekins Hair + Body Wash on Daisy and then massaging her with the Baby Moisturiser which is not only safe and effective, but also made from all natural and organic ingredients including Kakadu Plum, Tasmanian Pepper Berry and Blue Cypress. Made by a mother for mothers with premium Australian products we can trust. #spon

4 weeks ago

Opps I accidentally blinked and my babies turned into teenagers 😏 I mean they have been acting like teenagers for a while now, especially the threenager 😅 Teenagers all dressed by @melijoe .paris

4 weeks ago

The most delightful but quickest 9 months since little dumpling daisy has joined us 🌼

4 weeks ago

Penelope reads the best stories to daisy, they remind me so much of olive and Adele at this age. It’s the exact same age gap (2.5 years ). 💛 On a different note we have only recently transitioned P from her cot to a big bed (she slept great so had no desire to change anything! ) So now we are slowly changing her room around to a big girl room and she is helping me choose prints and colours and is so excited, it’s pretty cute! Hopefully in a few weeks I can show you what we’ve done together 💛

4 weeks ago

D already stealing her big sisters boots behind her back. Get used to it girls 😏

5 weeks ago

School went back already yesterday where we live, but it’s optional for now. We decided to keep the girls home on a three strikes and you’re back to school basis 🙃 I’m curious what everyone else’s thoughts are on back to school and if you’re keeping your kids home if you are able too, or if I made a bad decision 😂

5 weeks ago

All you need is love. And a little nibble on the nose sometimes 💕

last month

Now that I’ve crossed the quarantine pillow dress challenge off my list of very important things to do, I am now able to start the first day of school tomorrow with a fresh clear mind. #quarantinepillowchallenge

last month

How does your lipstick look P? “So good.”