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13 hours ago

cloudy with a chance of bad bitch 🌩 (📷: @nicholasscarpinato )

4 days ago

say aloha to this BAD 👏 BITCH 👏 ENERGY. 👏 congrats to the iconic @bretmanrock on his sickening #JUNGLEROCK palette.

2 weeks ago

I’ll always have his back 😏🥰 I’m finally accepting the fact that I’m the clingy one. I’ll always love you, no matter what @misterpreda 💙

3 weeks ago

the person who correctly guesses how many chest hairs I have will win a free Tesla*! . **Im lying

4 weeks ago

Storytime: My Uber Driver Tried TO KILL ME!!!!

4 weeks ago

This is the same look I give @misterpreda when I ask him to do something for me 🙃

last month

never a Dole moment 😏🍍aloha, beaches. drop me your fave tropical emojis below! 🧡

last month

It’s 2020 and I’m leveling up my magic... no wand required. ✨✨

last month

CHOOSE UR FIGHTER 👩🏻‍🦰👱🏼‍♂️👩🏻 Three days into 2020 and we’ve already defused a bomb 💣 escaped an underwater prison 💦 killed a vampire 🩸 & went to space 🚀

last month

2019 🙇🏼‍♂️ What can I say? It’s been one of the most challenging years of my life regarding my health but with those challenges came some incredible moments. From another award-winning season of @escapethenight , to traveling the world, becoming a dog dad of 7 puppies & growing closer with dear friends and my relationship — I am so grateful for it all, but mostly all of you. ❤️Thank you for making this year so special, I’m so excited to see what 2020 brings us all! #HappyNewYear #2020

Dec 2019

Merry Christmas from my furry family to yours! 🎄🐺🐺♥️ What’s you’re favorite gift Santa got you? 🎅🏼

Dec 2019

First he’s sour then he’s sweet! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my handsome boyfriend @misterpreda this man is the most selfless loving person I know. He’s always putting others before himself and always gives his whole heart into everything he does. He tells it like it is which can be hard to hear but I always look to him for his advice for so many things. He’s smart and shockingly gorgeous and I’m so lucky to have him as a partner in life! Love you the most mister ♥️

Dec 2019

A merman in his natural element 🧜🏻‍♂️ who wants summer back?💦

Dec 2019

WE WON A STREAMY! 🎉 Well, two..but who’s counting ..hehe. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, this show, the cast & our entire @escapethenight team, I love you and I’m so excited for what’s next 😈 And a massive thank you to @viktorluna for creating this beautiful custom lewk for me, go show him some love! 🖤

Dec 2019

The happiest place on earth...36737474 pictures later @misterpreda still loves me! 🥰❄️🎄 thank you for the perfect start to the holidays @disneyland 🎁

Dec 2019

Wham bam thank you GLAM! 💄 Natural man or glam ma’am? What do you prefer? 😍 ps: are you following me on #tiktok yet?!

Dec 2019

Reunited with my Pinky girl! 😭 I can’t believe @lunathepaulsonpup remembered me & wouldn’t stop giving me kisses....might have to steal her back! 🥰 link in bio to see the emotional video

Nov 2019

This Christmas, we ARE the gift 🎄 The new @crystalwolf holiday collection collab with @misterpreda is HERE! 🌈 You can now shop the iconic hoodie and sweats that we shared when we first started dating! If you know, you know! Enjoy 20% sitewide and bundles of the new hoodie & sweats include a mystery box with 3 free items, shop while they last! Link in bio ❤️

Nov 2019

You know Elsa, you know Anna, meet Edvin, their gay brother from Antarctica who’s obsessed with sequins. 🌬❄️☃️ Thank you @disney for having me at the #Frozen2 premiere! #Frozen

Nov 2019

Our @thehuskypac just keeps growing! Still can’t believe we’re keeping these two! Thus making us a family of 5 huskies, what should we name them?! 🤯🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺 new video, link in bio!

Nov 2019

BLAST OFF! 🚀 My sweet yellow boy has found his forever home and I miss him already. 💛

Nov 2019

R̷̨̥̣͚̬͚͛͗͊͜ê̸̺͉̭͉̏͑͐͑̚͝d̵͎̳̪͚͓̤̥͉͛͂ṙ̵̥̜͙̞͜ư̶̟͖̋̏̾͐̾̔̇ͅm̸̨̛̖̲̖̼̻̟͖̬̦͒͛̉̿̓😈 Who’s ready for one final scare before the holidays? Go watch @DoctorSleepMovie in theaters tonight! #DareToGoBack #ad

Nov 2019

Goodbye mister Greeny! We may not have bonded at first but in the end you stole my heart! Miss him so much already!! 💚🧩📗🎾🌲🐸

Nov 2019

The web show I filmed with @nickelodeon is out now! Go watch Ep 1&2 link in BIO! Comment only orange emojis 🦊🍊🧡for a ♥️