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Mar 2019

Long boi 💁‍♀️

Jan 2019

Squish 🌸

Jan 2019


Aug 2018

Hello! ❤️

Mar 2018

Hi everyone! It's been a while. I've been super busy but I'm happy to be back : ) How was your day?

Feb 2018

: )

Jan 2018

Thank you so much for 100k! That's insane! I never dreamed of reaching this amount of followers so to see it happen is mind blowing. Thank you so much to everyone who stuck around and to everyone who continues to actively support my account. It means to world. ❤️

Jan 2018

Happy new year !! Be safe! ❤️ (thank you for 99.7k! )

Dec 2017

Merry Christmas everybody! Be safe and eat lots of food! What did you get for Christmas? 🌲❤️

Dec 2017

: ) )

Dec 2017

Hi all, I'm just here to remind you that I'm not Lizzie. It's stated in my bio after she asked me personally to put it there. I'm deeply sorry if I let anyone down because I do get a lot of people thinking that I'm Lizzie. But as I said, it is in my bio. ❤️ thank you. Edit: Hello I'm not Joel either.

Nov 2017

Who's watched stranger things season 2? I have and I love it so much! What are your thoughts? (Edit: by the way, congratulations to Lizzie and Joel !! ) And another edit: thank you all so much for 92.4k! That's insane! When I started this account I never dreamed of reaching this many followers! Your on going support means the world to me, truly. ❤️

Sep 2017

Lookin' goooood

Jun 2017

☺️😸 (I can't thank you enough for 67k followers! Thank you all so much for following me❤️ )

Mar 2017

Joel. ☺️

Dec 2016

Good morning everyone! ☺️ How is your day going? (And in advance, MERRY CHRISTMAS !! Have a happy and safe holiday! ) Love always, Buddy 💜 (Ps, thank you so much for 47k KittenCadets, I can't thank you enough! <3 )

Nov 2016

All dressed up! 😅☺️ Note: this is my 100th post! : ) )

Sep 2016

Hi KittenCadets! :D how are you all? I'm good, I've been sleeping a lot as you can probably tell : ) Love always, Buddy. ☺️

Aug 2016

Hi everyone! I'm terribly sorry for not being on. I definitely will be on more. But to make up for it here's a picture of me and Lizzie with snapchat filters! : ) ) Love always, Buddy. ❤️

Jun 2016

Hiii Kittencadets! 💕 having a lil hug with Lizzie. <3 (Ps. Thank you so much for 23.1k! I can't handle all the support you guys give me! ) ❤️ Love always, Buddy. <3

May 2016

Hiii kittencadets! :D how are you all today? I'm hanging out on the sofa :3 Love always, Buddy. X (Credit to @shadow .cadet : ) (Note: Thank you for 20k kittencadets! I can't thank you enough! <3 )

Apr 2016

•hiiii kitten cadets :D Thank you so much for 18k! That's insane! <3 I can't believe you all chose to put up with me, thank you so much! Also, does anyone have any music suggestions? Kinda' like Florence + the machine, youth lagoon, daughter & nick cave and the bad seeds? Thank you! >.< Love always, Buddy. <3

Apr 2016

•hello! How's everyone today? I'm pretty good, I've been sleeping a lot XD Also, thanks for all the edits you make I really like them. ☺️💕• Love always, Buddy. <3 Song of the day; no light, no light — Florence + the machine.

Mar 2016

•hi! (: I'm so sorry for not being on! I've decided to do some facts about me because I feel as if a lot of you don't really know me, "so after I'll make up some questions for you guys to answer, here we go! :D 1: I went to a Florence and the machine concert last year and I still can't get over it 2:I really like tea 3:I love the stars and moon and the sky, clouds and stuff. I like to look up at the sky when the stars are out too (: 4:I like to wear a lot of bracelets up my arm, and pair two necklaces together 5: my favourites songs at the moment are blinding by Florence and the machine, Heros by David Bowie & O' children by nick cave 6:I love books. A lot. Slightly obsessed maybe. 7:I'm doing production at school (for the first time: ) and there's singing involved and I can't sing 8:i like to dress in black 9:I'm a hufflepuff! 10:I don't watch a lot of tv but I watch a lot of movies and read a lot of books 11:the last movies I saw was Amelie 12:my hairs flaming red at the moment (naturally blonde ) but I want to go purple? 13:adding onto that I actually had to dye my hair back, but in the end I didn't have too 14:i like to draw which I'm okay at, (I can show some if you'd like? ) I'm trying to paint and I like watercolours too 15:I'm trying to fill my room with posters and things on the walls 16:I try to fill up my time with things like sewing, drawing, things like production and stuff because I feel like I have to much time 17: I love the perks of being a wallflower. It describes so many things I couldn't (like feeling sad and happy and infinite ) and I just finished the book and I'm emotional 18:I'm a very, very fast reader. I could do it all day every day c: 19:I do so many embarrassing things but I can't remember one to tell you guys! XD 20:I like to lay in bed. Like, I'll lay there for hours and won't have to move because it's so comfy and warm 21:I love rain so much and storms and it being grey and overcast. I love it. I love winter so much. My questions to you; what's your favourite book? Do you like tea or coffee? Last movie you watched? What do you dress in? Things you do a lot? And anything Else! :D Love always, Buddy. <3