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5 weeks ago

[HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT LANGUAGE TEACHER] Recently I resumed my lessons with native-speaker teachers to practice 🇨🇳 and 🇨🇵. Once again, I faced a long-forgotten problem: finding a good professional teacher is very difficult. Especially if you’re a teacher yourself😅. And now I am happy to share 3 principles, which will also make it easier for you to choose a better teacher of Russian (or any other foreign languages ). ⠀ EDUCATION ⠀ ❌A PhD in plumbing. It may turn out that the plumber-sanitary technician feels his native language perfectly and can explain. But the chance to find such a wizard is equal to 0.1% (to find a miraculous plumber is much easier ). ✅And a teacher with a linguistic background looks at the phenomena of the language in general, knows how and at what stage to explain this particular language concept. ⠀ RIGHT QUESTIONS BEFORE ⠀ ❌What’s your level? Which textbook and/or method do you prefer? Really? Will you consider competent a doctor who asks you at the first appointment: What is your diagnosis? What drugs do you prefer?🥵 If you do not teach a language yourself (like me ), it is quite difficult to determine your own level. Or you will not determine it correctly. And that’s not your job anyway. ⠀ ✅How often are you ready to study? Can you find time for your homework? Tell me about your language learning experience. How long, where, when and with whom? ⠀ THE FIRST LESSON IS ACTUALLY A LESSON ⠀ ❌You just talk about the weather, nature and everything, often switching to English or your native language. A problem? Oh, no! We are making a personal contact here.🙄 ⠀ ✅The teacher comes with the prepared material. You feel that there is structure and purpose in the lesson and you leave the lesson with the feeling that you learned something new even if you just repeated something old😋. Do you agree with me or not? Share your thoughts and experience in the comments ⤵️⤵️⤵️

May 2020

To tell you the truth, 🦠quarantine hasn't really changed my life. As the mother of two little children🥳, I was already restricted in my free time. I wasn't alone almost 24/7 anyway. ⠀ It was impossible to walk in Moscow, so we went to the dacha. It's good for the children here and not seeing people in 😷 I almost forgot about 👑. ⠀ And still, the state of not being free is psychologically pressing. You cannot plan your life, you don't know what will happen in a week. ⠀ And we can go on forever. Life is multi-faceted. As well as the measures taken in different countries in the fight against coronavirus. It feels like no one's ever understood how better and more correct. ⠀ So I try to focus on the little simple joys every day. ☕ Good coffee. ⠀ 😺Children's laughter. ⠀ 🏵️Spring flowers. ⠀ And what pleases you?

Feb 2020

[FREE GUIDE. 7 VERBS ABOUT LOVE in RUSSIAN] Привет, ребята! Today is just another reason to tell about love to those who are near you. If you want to speak about love in Russian, I am giving away my 7 RUSSIAN VERBS ABOUT LOVE AND RELATIONS GUIDE. It is made with❤️ and contains: ⠀ 🍓 Grammar and usage information 🍓Illustrated examples and by word translation I will send the link for the GUIDE into direct message to all who give me your ❤️ and comment хочу! ⠀ С днём Святого Валентина! Любите и будьте любимы!

Jan 2020

[STUDENTS'DAY IN RUSSIA] Today in Russia we celebrate the students' Day or Tatiana Day (Татьянин день ). The tradition to celebrate this day started in the 18th century. In 1755, on that day the Empress Elizabeth signed the decree on the foundation of Moscow University (МГУ ). The day coincided with the memorial day of the Holy Martyr Tatiana (Татьяна ), who became the patroness of all Russian students. I like this holiday because I love studying and also believe that it is great to be a life long student, never stop learning, be curious and open to new challenges.👍 Вас я тоже поздравляю с этим чудесным праздником, друзья! (this is me on the photo ) during my University life, talking part in dance performance ) 😆

Jan 2020

3 Facts About Russian Christmas You Should Know: ⠀ 🌟In Russia, Christmas is celebrated on January 7th. This is due to a difference in calendars: the majority of the Orthodox churches worldwide use the Julian calendar, created under the reign of Julius Caesar in 45 BC, and have not adopted the Gregorian calendar, proposed by Latin Pope Gregory of Rome in 1582. 🌟Many Russian Christmas traditions originated with the pagan culture that predated Christianity in Russia. 🌟Long-standing Russian Christmas customs include caroling, fortune-telling, and following a strict Nativity Fast for forty days leading up to Christmas Eve. MORE vocabulary in stories tomorrow 7️⃣🔹0️⃣1️⃣ ⠀ В России Рождество празднуется 7 января. Это связано с разницей в календарях: Большинство православных церквей по всему миру используют юлианский календарь, созданный при правлении Юлия Цезаря в 45 году до нашей эры, и не принимает григорианский календарь, предложенный латинским папой римским Григорием Римским в 1582 году. ⠀ Многие русские рождественские традиции возникли из языческой культуры, которая предшествовала христианству в России. ⠀ Давние русские рождественские обычаи включают колядование, гадание и следование строгому Рождественскому посту в течение сорока дней, предшествующих сочельнику.

Jan 2020

Каланки - провансальские фьорды. Это невыносимо красиво. Les Calanques in Provence, France. Irresistibly beautiful!

Dec 2019

More than half of all resolutions fail, but this year, they don’t have to be yours😉 Write ONE big wish of yours under this post (in Russian! ) and it wil definitely come true in 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣! ⠀ Более половины всех планов терпят неудачу, но в этом году они не обязательно должны быть вашими ... Напишите ОДНО большое ваше желание под этим постом (на русском языке! ), И оно обязательно сбудется в 2020ом! ⠀ Поехали! ⏬⏬⏬

Dec 2019

In Russia we believe in Russian Santa whose name is "Ded Moroz" in translation Grandfather Frost. 5 differences with Western Santa: ⠀ 🎅AGE. Russian Ded Moroz is definitely looks older than Western Santa (that is why he is called Grandfather - Дед, or Дедушка Мороз. ⠀ 🎅APPEARANCE. wearing a long red/blue/golden coat trimmed with white fur, traditional felt boots called (valenki ) валенки which are popular in Russia. ⠀ 🎅COMPANY. Russian Ded Moroz has a granddaughter, "Snegurochka", Снегурочка, Snow maiden who accompanies him on New Year Eve and helps him to distribute presents. Since the three horses of the Russian sled troika ( three horses ) offer enough power and speed to get Ded Moroz to where he needs to go, he has no need for eight reindeer. ⠀ 🎅TIME TO COME. Ded Moroz delivers gifts on New Year's Eve rather than on Christmas Eve due to the shifting of this tradition to the more secular holiday during Soviet times. ⠀ 🎅HOME. Instead of the North Pole, Ded Moroz lives at an estate in the town of Veliky Ustyug in Vologda Oblast, and children can send letters to Ded Moroz in the town in hopes of having their holiday wishes granted. ⠀ # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # В России мы верим в русского Санту, которого зовут "Дед Мороз". 5 отличий от западного Санты: ⠀ 🎅ВОЗРАСТ . Русский Дед Мороз определенно выглядит старше западного Санты (поэтому его называют дедушкой - Дед или Дедушка МОРОЗ ) ⠀ 🎅ВНЕШНОСТЬ. в длинном красном / синем / золотом пальто, отделанном белым мехом и традиционные валенки. ⠀ 🎅КОМПАНИЯ. У русского Деда Мороза есть внучка Снегурочка, которая сопровождает его в канун Нового года и помогает ему раздавать подарки. Поскольку русская тройка достаточно мощна и быстра, чтобы доставить Деда Мороза туда, куда ему нужно идти, ему не нужно восемь оленей. ⠀ 🎅ВРЕМЯ. Дед Мороз доставляет подарки в канун Нового года, а не в канун Рождества, в связи с переходом этой традиции к более светскому празднику в советское время. ⠀ 🎅HOME. Вместо Северного полюса Дед Мороз живет в имении в городе Великий Устюг в Вологодской области, и дети могут отправлять письма Деду Морозу в городе в надежде получить подарки.

Dec 2019

🤶❄️🌟Поздравляю с наступающим Рождеством всех, кто отмечает его сегодня! Друзья, всего самого тёплого и чудесного вам в этот день! 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 Merry christmas to all my friends, who celebrate it today! Warm wishes to all of you on this wonderful holiday! ❤️

Dec 2019

[RUSSIAN WINTER] #triptorussian_2020 Even if you have never been to Russia in winter, you must have heard tales of severe frosts, of knee-deep snow, and endless holiday festivities. ⁠ It is true in many ways. Winter in Russia may start and end not exactly when you expect. Sometimes temperatures in December rise above zero (like this year! ), which is not very conducive to creating a festive New Year atmosphere. There is no sparkling snow, skiers in the park, children on sleds, or snowmen. But do not let it fool you: Most likely that means that in April, when people in most other countries are already preparing for beach holidays, people in Russia will be wrapping up in scarves and playing snowballs.⁠ ⁠ Not mention that we have such parts of the country where winter actually never comes (like Sochi ) and where winter actually never finishes! While Moscovites complain about a 20-degree frost, life in the tundra or beyond the Arctic Circle are much more severe. ⁠ Oymyakon village, with the population just over 500 people, is the coldest point on Earth, located at sea level. The absolute temperature minimum (–71.2 C ) was unofficially recorded here in 1938. ⁠🥶🥶🥶 And you - do you like winter? Which is the coldest temperature you have experienced? ⁠ ⁠ Даже если вы никогда не были в России зимой, вы наверняка слышали рассказы о сильных морозах, сугробах по колено и бесконечных праздниках.⁠ Это правда во многих отношениях. Зима в России может начаться и закончиться не совсем так, как вы ожидаете. Иногда температура в декабре поднимается выше нуля (как в этом году! ), что не очень способствует созданию праздничной новогодней атмосферы. Никакого искрящегося снега, лыжников в парке, детей на санках или снеговиков. Но не заблуждайтесь. Скорее всего, это означает, что в апреле, когда люди в большинстве других стран уже готовятся к пляжному отдыху, люди в России одеты в шарфы и играют в снежки.😅 Не говоря уже о том, что у нас есть такие части страны, где зима никогда не наступает (например, Сочи ) и где зима фактически никогда не заканчивается. Пока москвичи жалуются на 20-градусный мороз, жизнь в тундре более суровая.

Dec 2019

[ДЕКАБРЬ🎄] Well, it started! The craziest month of the year, when everyone is trying to do everything that they did not managed to do in the entire past year. What is usually in the list? ⠀ ❄️Buying gifts for Christmas / New Year (and you remember that in Russia the New Year is the main holiday, and Christmas is more religious. I will definitely write on this topic ) ⠀ ❄️Finish all the "must dos" and give out all debts. Well, if, for example, you put off a visit to the dentist for the whole year, then it's time to do it now! ⠀ ❄️Start (and often do not finish🤭 ) cleaning and cluttering the house. Now I’m doing this too. ❄️Set up new plans for the New Year! For example, start playing sports, eat less harmful food, meditate, go to bed earlier. Or maybe finally start seriously studying the Russian language? 😉 What is the main focus in December for you? ⤵️ ======================= Ну, понеслось! Самый сумасшедший месяц в году, когда все пытаются успеть всё, что не успели за весь прошедший год. Что обычно предлагается успеть сделать? ❄️купить подарки на Рождество/Новый год (а вы помните, что в России Новый год - это главный праздник, а Рождество - больше религиозный. Я ещё обязательно напишу на эту тему ) ❄️закончить все дела и раздать все долги. Ну, если, например, вы целый год откладывали визит к дантисту, то самое время сделать это сейчас:- ) ❄️начать (и часто не закончить ) уборку и расхламление дома. Вот я сейчас этим тоже занялась. ❄️настроить новых планов на Новый год! Например, начать заниматься спортом, есть меньше вредных продуктов, медитировать, ложиться спать раньше. А может, в вашем списке есть начать наконец-то серьёзно заниматься русским языком?😉 Напишите, что для вас самое важное в декабре? ⤵️

Nov 2019

[HOW TO DEAL WITH FAILURES] It is very mean of me to attract you by this title and then say that actually I don't know.🙈 I don't know how to overcome the disappointment of having tons of plans for this week and then: 😫The nanny says she cannot come due to family reasons 😫My son suddenly felt unwell and got a fever 😫I planned to start the preparation for the #russianlanguagechallenge this week as well as some other projects... 🛑And now everything is stuck and in limbo. Is there any solution? No. I cannot change what I cannot change. But I can change my reaction to it. I can 🧘‍♀️breath deep 🧘‍♀️give up on perfect plans 🧘‍♀️find some advantages in the situation. I didn't yet, but I will try. How would you deal with failures? Some useful Russian expressions from this post 📘быть в подвешенном состоянии = in limbo 📘забивать/забить на что/кого? (Accusative ) =to give up on something You can give your examples in the comments and I will correct ⤵️⤵️⤵️ =========================== Очень плохо с моей стороны привлечь вас этим названием, а потом сказать, что на самом деле я не знаю. Я не знаю, как преодолеть разочарование, связанное с кучей планов на эту неделю, а затем: 😫Няня говорит, что не может приехать по семейным обстоятельствам 😫Мой сын внезапно почувствовал себя плохо и у него поднялась температура 😫Я планировала начать подготовку к #russianlanguagechallenge на этой неделе, а также некоторым другим проектам. И теперь все застряло и в подвешенном состоянии. Есть ли решение? Я не могу изменить то, что не могу изменить. Но я могу изменить свою реакцию на это. Я могу 🧘‍♀️глубоко дышать 🧘‍♀️отказаться от идеальных планов 🧘‍♀️найти некоторые преимущества в ситуации Я еще этого не сделала, но я попробую. А у вас как получается справляться с неожиданными неудачами? Также для вас, мои дорогие друзья, несколько полезных русских выражений из этого поста.

Nov 2019

[WHAT MAKES ME FEEL HAPPY] Why do I like to work as a teacher? ❤️First of all, I love to delve into the language, understand how it works, and explain how it works, find simple ways, break complex into simple digestable pieces, work them out, move on. ❤️It is also interesting to observe how a student’s personality affects the learning process. The same topic never goes the same with two different people. And this is cool, because it gives you the opportunity to look at the language every time in a new way, the language passes through a person and his personality. It is like a dress 👗 that will never fit the same on different figures. ❤️It gives me pleasure and satisfaction to see how something that seemed incomprehensible, unfamiliar becomes clear, and a person can use this tool himself! A teacher is a guide to a new world that a person opens through language.This is absolutely a magic feeling! 🧚‍♀️ There are so many insights happen in the process of teaching, which never happen if you just sit in front of a computer or read a book about the language. If you are ready to start or continue your Russian language journey in a good company, drop me a line, I will send you the details😉

Nov 2019

[GAME TIME*ASKING QUESTIONS] 🧸🧸🧸 Most of us have taught not to question authority, especially at work, school, or family. Because of this, we rarely ask the right questions. To achieve a fresh look and develop curiosity in yourself, you should constantly doubt everything and ask the right questions. Today we will train to ask and answer questions in Russian. I will start asking question, the first person answers my question in the comments and ask his/her own to the next person. I remind you of some common question words in Russian: ❓ПОЧЕМУ? Why ❓КАК? how ❓КОГДА? when ❓ЧТО? what ❓КТО? who ❓КУДА? where (DIRECTION ) ❓ГДЕ? where (PLACE ) And don't forget the question words modification in cases, e. g. О ЧЁМ? КОГО? ⚠️My question is: КАКАЯ У ВАС СЕГОДНЯ ПОГОДА? Ready? Let's start! ⤵️⤵️⤵️

Oct 2019

[WHY THERE ARE NO RESULTS]? Russian version IN THE CAROUSEL. Last fall, I decided to resume my French 🇫🇷language classes. We have just returned from fantastic vacations at Cote d'Azur⛱️, and I had a lot of enthusiasm to refresh this beautiful language which I learned at school. I downloaded several tutorials and even took a couple of lessons on skype. But then the cold autumn began, I fell ill, then was busy with new apartment renovation etc. And now it’s October again, and my French is still where it was. Is it sad? Yes. Is it unexpected? No. And this is why: 👎There was no clear goal. Why do I suddenly need French? 👎Lack of organization and poor motivation. I didn't set any regular time for my studies. 👎I didn't think how I would measure my results. This fall, I decided to be wiser. 😜I started learning French with my children. And now I have in place: 👍 SPECIFIC GOAL - I want to make the language a part of my children's life and get them familiar with some basics (appropriate for their age ) ===================== 👍MOTIVATION AND RESPONSIBILITY - I am responsible for their training! I can't just quit. ===================== 👍CLEAR SCHEDULE- I know for sure when the children have time, desire and strength to learn. ===================== 👍MEASURABLE RESULT- now they already know a few phrases and try to sing songs in French! ===================== And this is a KEY SUCCESS FACTOR to learning any foreign language! If you have problems with Russian language, try to think which of these 4 is lacking. 💪And of course, I am here TO HELP YOU! Answer in the comments: ❓HOW IS LEARNING RUSSIAN CHANGING/CHANGED MY LIFE TO THE BETTER? I will give a FREE 🇷🇺LESSON to the person who gives the most interesting and detailed answer! ⤵️

Oct 2019

[RUSSIAN YOUTUBE CHANNELS]⁠ Perhaps this will be a revelation for you, but real Russian television journalism has long moved from TV to the Internet. ⁠ If your level of Russian is 🅱️1️⃣➕and you are interested in modern Russian life, politics, history and culture, then do not forget to like❤️ and save this post! ⁠ So, 3️⃣YouTube channels that will help you feel like a real Russian intellectual:⠀ --------- 📺ВДудь. An Internet show in the form of long interviews with musicians, politicians, figures of culture and cinema. The author and presenter is Yuri Dud, a person with the appearance and vocabulary of a hipster but who knows how to ask accurate and unexpected questions. Now his channel “vDud” has 6.2 million subscribers, and the most popular video has 27 million views. Good news: they are adding subtitles to their most popular shows and documentaries. ----------- 📺 Парфенон. A weekly online video blog show from the famous journalist Leonid Parfyonov, where he shares his impressions of the past week with a bottle of wine from his collection. Recent events, historical connections, people, cultural events - everything that touches Leonid’s heart and what he wants to share with the YouTube audience. --------- 📺 Осторожно, Собчак! - An online interview show where the presenter is the notorious socialite Ksenia Sobchak, the daughter of the former governor of St. Petersburg and the boss of Vladimir Putin, and who is also her godfather. ⁠ ⁠ And what topics are you interested in and what are your favourite YouTube Channels?⁠⤵️⤵️⤵️ ⁠ ⁠

Oct 2019

[PLAY TIME*ASK PUSHKIN]🎈🧩🧸 Вы знаете, что осень-любимое время года Александра Сергеевича Пушкина? Сегодня я приглашаю Вас погадать на Евгении Онегине, знаменитом романе в стихах! Do you know that autumn is the favourite time of the year of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin? Today I invite you to read fortune with the help of Evgeniy Onegin, a famous Pushkin's novel in verse. Ready? Let's go! 🍁Put ❤️to my 3 recent posts 🍁Think of something that bothers you 🙄 🍁Tell me any page number from 5 to 396 and the number of row from 1 to 14 in the comments. And I will answer you with the quatrain from Alexander Sergeevich with translation! ⤵️⤵️⤵️

Oct 2019

Говорят, сегодня последний тёплый день в этом году,по крайней мере в Москве. --------------------------------------- Today is the last warm day this year at least in Moscow. 😫

Oct 2019

[HOW TO SUCCESS WITH EVRYTHING](For Russian PRESS❤️ ) 🇷🇺⤵️⁠ Have you ever tried to do everything at once, and when it doesn’t work out, you feel like you are a looser. 😫⁠ ⁠ My list of tasks is growing much faster than I put ✔️⁠ Children are always at the first place: how to feed, how to entertain, how to dress, where to go... ⁠ Children are a constant mess. Cleaning of the toys 3 times a day and being in the permanent risk of breaking a leg by stepping on a small part of LEGO. ⁠ And I also want to not forget about myself, and about you, and about the Russian language… ⁠ Is it possible to survive and live the full rich life? ⁠ What is your time management, my friends?⁠ 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺⁠ Хо́чется успева́ть всё и сра́зу, а когда не получа́ется, то начина́ешь думать, что ты неуда́чник. ⁠ Знако́мо такое? Когда́ всё или ничего́? ⁠ Мой спи́сок дел растёт намно́го быстре́е, чем я успева́ю ста́вить ⁠✔️ На перво́м месте всегда́ – де́ти: чем покорми́ть, как развле́чь, как оде́ть, где погуля́ть и ещё очень-очень мно́го… ⁠ Дети – это постоя́нный беспоря́док. Это убо́рка игру́шек 3 раза в день и риск сломать но́гу, наступив на детальку ле́го, почти́ постоя́нно. ⁠ А ещё хо́чется и про себя́ не забы́ть, и про вас, и про ру́сский язы́к…⁠ Возмо́жно ли вы́жить и жить по́лной насы́щенной жи́знью? ⁠ Как у вас с тайм-ме́неджментом, друзья́ мои́? ⁠ ⁠

Sep 2019

[WEEKEND PLAY&PRACTICE] Привет всем! Давайте поиграем немного и потренируемся составлять предложения по-русски. 🇬🇧Let's play and practice to build sentences in Russian. Press❤️and read the rules. ⚠️HOW TO PLAY: I will give you a subject +predicate sentence (noun +verb in other words ) and the first question. Your task is to broaden the sentence by answering the question and adding your own for the next person. The next person takes your sentence, answers the question by adding the relevant info and asking another question to the next person and so ON. FINALLY We will have a story! 🔊EXAMPLE Sentence sceleton: Студент читает. 1️⃣ My question: какой студент?>>2️⃣ next person: Умный студент читает. Где он читает? >>3️⃣... ❓Понятно? Тогда поехали! If it's clear, let's go! ⭕TASK: ДЕВУШКА СМОТРИТ. QUESTION: На кого? 😜Who will be the first? ⤵️⤵️⤵️ #russiangames #practicerussian #russianlanguage #russian

Sep 2019

🏮[HOW I MANAGED TO LEARN CHINESE]🏮⁠ September, 1st. I am 17 and I have just moved from my native town to Moscow to start my BA in Pushkin State Institute of Russian Language. I remember how two exotic names sounded among the long list of Russian names - and two slender black-haired young men in glasses went on stage to get their student cards, blushing under the gaze of their future classmates. 👲👲⁠ ⁠ 🇨🇳I didn’t know that very moment that those Chinese boys would become my first foreign friends and link my whole life with China and Chinese language. ⁠ In many aspects, learning Chinese is very similar to learning Russian. It seemed like everybody around tried to warn me it’s one of the most difficult languages on the Planet, Chinese characters are a nightmare and pronunciation of Chinese 4 tones is impossible to reproduce. I understand all my students so well, because all those horror stories around the Russian language create an atmosphere of fear and disbelief in your own abilities. ⁠ ✈️After I completed my MA I went to China to teach Russian knowing just a couple of phrases but eager to learn Chinese from scratch. ⁠ 😱I was completely shocked. It was just another Planet in all the aspects - people, culture, habits, food and - language learning tradition. I could break the habit of my 25 students (in ONE. LANGUAGE. GROUP. ) to swot everything without thinking. But I faced the real problem in finding a good tutor of Chinese for myself. ⁠ All I wanted was the system, the structural approach. All I get was chatting and explanations like " Chinese language doesn’t have any rules, it’s just like that”. Yes, I met foreigners who learned the language that way and could confidently use the set of memorized phrases, but when they want to go beyond this their speech reminds of a waterfall of unconnected words.⁠ I didn’t want to sound like that. I decided to become a tutor for myself... ⁠ ❤️ in the comments, if you want to hear the end of the story.⁠ #russianlanguage #learnrussian #studyrussian #russianlearnschinese #russianwords #russianteacher #bestwaytostudyrussian #russianlessons #apprendrerusse #langrusse #russiantutor #ruslango #russiancoach

Sep 2019

STEPS to START OUT RUSSIAN THE RIGHT WAY]🚀⁠ Feel confused by all the fragmented stuff and controversial tips on learning Russian online? I totally get all of that! ⁠ Press❤️ and let’s dive into the exact steps you need to give your Russian the right direction!⁠ ⁠ 🇷🇺STEP ONE. DETERMINE YOUR MOTIVATION💡⁠ What’s your initial impulse which led to this decision - to learn Russian? Try to visualize your goals, cut the big boss goal into smaller easy achievable more practical goals. Think of all the good and pleasant things you will do/achieve if you are fluent in Russian one day!⁠ ⁠ 🇷🇺STEP TWO. SET UP THE TIME⏱️⁠ First I urge you to think how much time are you ready to dedicate for studying Russian on a daily basis. Yes, the key word here is - EVERY DAY. Our brain in this case performs the same as our stomach - it digests small bite-sized “snacks” much better than a big high-calorie dish. So, 20 minutes everyday is better than 2 hours a week.⁠ ⁠ 🇷🇺STEP THREE. LEARN HOW TO READ🅰️⁠ Not just separate letters but rather long words like преподаватель, здравствуйте etc. Pay attention to 2 things first - word stress and reduction of vowels. Fluency in reading and preferably in writing will build a solid base and save your energy further on. Writing will help you to speed up the process in cementing a new alphabet in your brain.⁠ ⁠ 🇷🇺STEP FOUR. FOLLOW THE TEXTBOOK📔⁠ You heard that right - not Duolingo, random videos on Youtube. You don't need 100 Russian phrases, you need the structure and the system with practice to learn HOW to build those phrases by yourself. Intense memorizing without understanding will be of no use in unless you are planning to parachute a remote Russian village and will need those phrases immediately to survive.⁠ ⁠ 🇷🇺 STEP FIVE. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS 📈⁠ Keeping a learning diary will help to measure what you’re putting in and getting out—measuring the time you invest and seeing just where you are on your language journey. And this is what I am worlking right now - a perfect #myrussianplanner for every and each of you! ⁠ Would you like to be the first one to try it out? 🔥

Sep 2019

[STARTING OUT WITH RUSSIAN]🚀⁠ ⁠ So, you have decided to learn Russian and immediately bump into the discussion on the Internet where everybody is talking about insanely difficult Russian Grammar. 😱O'kay - you think - I’ll watch some top Youtube videos, download Duolingo and memorize100 most common Russian words and then - magic! - I can speak Russian!🧚‍♀️ Oh, can you?⁠ ⛔ No, that doesn’t happen that way. If your goal is to become fluent, you have to make it a project of yours, you have to plan it; you have to see what’s working for many people like you you and what’s not, you have to focus your attention and to do only the things that get your results. And please stop wasting your time with the wrong tools, harmful pieces of advice and sensless techniques.⁠ So, if you are just starting out there are the exact steps you need to do to start your journey the right way. ⁠ +++ in the comments, if you want to know what those steps are!⬇️ #russianlanguage #learnrussian #studyrussian #russianwords #wednesday #russianwordoftheday #russianlessons #apprendrerusse #langrusse #russianteacher #ruslango

Dec 2018

🌟С Рождеством, дорогие друзья!🎄 Вы уже открыли свои подарки? 🎁🎁🎁 Merry Christmas, dear friends! Have you already opened your presents? 🔝❤