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16 minutes ago

There was a time where I would wear pyjamas in the day time, everywhere. Leotards were also in there. The silk, lace, pastels, baby blues and soft pinks accompanied a pair of old worn ballet slippers perfectly. Ah the white tights, that's right.. Sometimes there were intricately woven Italian lace up Gypsy shoes, sometimes just barefoot. In contrast, I was exploring some of the most heavy (metal ) and gritty grungy music I'd ever feasted upon at this stage of my life. (13? ). It was a satisfying sensory juxtaposition in it's time. I tried out for 1 of the local theatre shows I was in as a youngster, in my pyjamas. I met one of my very best friends at the casting, also in her pyjamas. It's a vivid memory seeing her in the foyer and thinking MARVELLOUS! I wonder if she's into the same music and practices magic and has a fascination for the spirit realm as I do. She did. She still is all of these things and more. Accompanying that memory, I see a girl melodramatically eating a sundae ice cream in a most challenging way for those who suffer from the dreaded misphonia. It was her whining and attention seeking that etched the sound and visuals in even more so. I remember being polite but absolutely fucking burning on the inside. Not everyone holds that super power to trigger such suppressed rage, but every now and then I meet a suitable candidate. Isn't it a funny thing. Life's peculiar challenges, even when you think you have things by the balls. Well, we should be moving on from that anyway, and arriving back at my focus on tonight's rekindling of my pretty pyjama appreciation. I'm not sure why I left you back there with parts of myself that had zero inhibitions. It was a happier time in some ways. I am at Mum's tonight feeling elegant and nostalgic in this baby blue number. If you read to the end of this dribble, what are some of the times you cherish from your childhood? 🧚‍♀️💙🦄🌸 #babyblue #softpink #pyjamas #sensory #lace #satin #silk #cotton #ribbons #balletshoes #whitetights #theatre #magic #gypsys #witchy #music #metal #grunge #teenyears #peculiar #selfexpression #art #dancing #journey #blessedbe #floweroflife #canihavethistopmum

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missing onstage moments like these 💞 // #TBT 2016, bows after Ben Stevenson’s Cinderella, with my Cinderella @nayaramlopes 👑 #savethearts #wearamask #voteblue


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3 weeks ago

Trying to do law school readings and still be cute 🤭 I mean, I know we're mostly staying indoors, and law student life is a busy life. But dressing your best helps you feel your best, no? Btw, going for the Gucci tights look on a budget 😅 @osgoodefashionlawsociety , what do you think?

May 2020

Av, dét er pænt 🤍 Vi har stadig lidt af de hvide tights fra danske Sneaky Fox i biksen - find dem i butikken eller i vores onlineshop 🦊 // 📸 @soffe .soffe // #pragcopenhagen #pragaarhus #whitetights #pragonlineshop

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Публикация в @scorpiojinmagazine ⠀ стиль мы с @yablokovastyle модель @tanya .mdl ⠀ Вообще-то мы снимали beauty, не было мудборда для иного, но вдохновение в моменте будоражило. Так случились полноростовые кадры и одна из любимых серий фото. Где-то в них ключ, к моему видению (некоторые фото рождают это чувство, как-будто «вот-вот такова моя реальность через фото», но пока не вычислила, не сформулировала. Ускользает. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #пермьфото #tightslegs #whitetights #визажистпермь #wedyzz #beauty #beautymagazine #beautyphotographer #моделипермь #мюли

Jun 2020

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1 weeks ago

During the vernissages, I had the opportunity to reveal a few painting secrets 💅Artist talk at @pilipczuk_gallery about the individual exhibition 'Pearl Earring, Tear Drop (stuffy sweet )' 🍭 #matchingoutfits #femaleart #paintingexhibition #artexploration #whitetights

2 weeks ago

Here’s one shot from my story for @the_ones2watch 🤍Thanks to everyone 🤍 Model: @hanna_lnzg @modelwerk Stylist: @malin_rickertsen Beauty: @naomzz Photo assistants and digital: Olli-Pekka, @chris .puttins Editor: @rosiemdc