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14 hours ago

Hennessy or casamigo??? #explorepage


I Got One Eye On You Like Fetty Wap 👁

11 hours ago

I Been Winning , I Got All The Proof 🌊

8 hours ago

One week from today, I’ll be dropping the first single off my EP titled Broken Not Broke. Its a collection of 7 songs from 2019, which up to that point, was the wildest ride I’ve ridden. I had the best financial year of my life with insanely high highs, but also had the lowest lows imagineable. I was broken mentally, emotionally and spiritually, but somehow thriving financially. From my mom being diagnosed with cancer, my ex getting married weeks after our break up, being overwhelmed for the first time to moments of sheer bliss and financial freedom that I worked so hard to get to, this EP is a reflection of just that. There’s production from the 🐐 @xjaelunax @grp_beatz @kwakzzz @codybenjamin and @pablocznn 🤘🏼 Features from my boys @chowmane @lateleeof @flannelalbert @badatbeingmad and ??? Mixed by @mixedbycr Super excited to show y’all this EP, then nonstop drop thru 2021 🖖🏼 Hit da lincoln bio to pre-save the first single “Dunno” Artwork by @jasaintyuieor Editing/Coloring by @purtypat

2 days ago

Might Start Me An Onlyfans 😋

5 days ago

Leaving a lot of messages on read 💯💯💯✅✅✅