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“Oh you scare me” the sweet words of tonight’s ER doctor🥰 . . Of course the day I feel like complete shit, the ER doctor on call is the one that I can’t stand🤬 He thinks he is GOD. He is so arrogant. I presented with my typical Gastroparesis/ dehydration symptoms and asked for a bag of IV fluids. Other ER doctors that I’ve had in the past give me a quick work up and pop an IV in, I feel better and I’m on my way. First things first, vitals. Whenever I am in a GP flare, my heart rate sky rockets, so because of that the nurse had to preform orthostatic vitals. My numbers were way off and caused some concern. The doctor walked into my room and I explained to him how I felt and what I would like to do as far as treatment goes. He looked me dead in the eye and said “well, let’s not make assumptions here. The symptoms you are experiencing do not scream dehydration to me.” He then proceeded to give me a lecture on how Vanderbilt University recently completed a study that showed how IV’s can lead to kidney failure. Once he was finished lecturing me, I politely asked “Okay so if you are not going to start an IV, what can you do for me?” He responds, “with your symptoms (abdominal pain, elevated heart rate and a slight headache ) I would highly suggest getting tested for covid and to stay on top of your water intake when you get home.” UMMM hello sir I would love to sit at home and drink water all day, but I cannot drink because I am in a GP flare and cannot orally consume ANYTHING which is why I am in your ER for IV fluids....He reiterated all of the “side/long term effects” that could happen if I chose to have an IV started, and so I took my chances and had them start one. Y’all want to know what the best part of the visit was? When he walked out of my room certain that I was not dehydrated and then walked back in after running 1 bag of fluids, rechecking my orthostatic vitals and said “Well, looks like you were dehydrated. I’ve never seen anyone react to fluids that well before. You scare me.” 🤯 WOW OH WOW. THIS IS WHY YOU ADVOCATE PEOPLE!!! You know your body better than anyone. PS that covid test that I did not come in for, yeah it came back NEGATIVE🥳

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🤩 who else is super excited for the new ACNH update?! I'm so ready to grow adorable little pumpkins! #nintendoswitchgames #nintendogamer #nintendoswitchlife #nintendo #ninstagram #nintendogirl #nintendoswitch #girlinpieces #kathleenglasgow #selfharmawareness #survior

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It's been 5 years since I got my favorite tattoo... . . Man time flies! When my oldest daughter went to juvenile hall, I struggled for about 6 months just to breathe. It took all my strength just to live from moment to moment. I felt like a true failure. I raised her. Her failures have always hit me differently. But this one took the cake. I had no idea what to do with myself. Then I got my kid's names tattooed on the back of my neck for Mother's day about 15 days into her incarceration. The pain was a substantial release for me. So when I found out she was going to do a year in jail... And she wouldn't be allowed to ever return home. I lost my breath. It was gone...I knew I wanted a new tattoo but It took some time for me to find what I wanted. Then I found this beautiful reminder that my only job is to just breathe. I survived 4 years of torture and hurt for the shit she did because that's what moms do. One thing that got me through it was the positive affirmations put on my arms. They remind me every time I deal with the bullshit that I am enough and I just need to breathe. . . Follow @fuckmomlife for more funny memes and content. . . #fml #fmlisalifestyle #beingamomisfucked #fuckmomlife #justbreathe #tattooanniversary #ilovemytattoos #iamenough #survior

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Empathetic is what I am. I am an Empath. So I feel everything and play everything close to the chest. Empath I feel energy so I protect my space...so make no mistake if I quiet you have hurt me and I choose to distance myself. #empath #empathy #empathic #rescueme #survior #hurtfeelings #hurtpeoplehurtpeople

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March 16th My Life Changed Forever 3rd And 4th Degree Burns To The Left Side Of My Body #burnvictim #burns #lifechanges #survior 📷 Note 9

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Episode 8!! We have merged!! Terry wins immunity and since casaya has a 6-4 numbers advantage they stick together and vote out nick bc he’s a physical threat Other thoughts: Brce got hit in the face with a machete, which was crazy Shane wasn’t as psycho this episode. My faves so far: 1.danielle 2.aras 3.Terry 4.Bruce #survior #survivorcbs #surviorfan #survivorsuperfan #survivornation #survivorfans #survivorpanama #survivorexileisland #exileisland #survivor12 #faves #surviormerge #tribal #tribalcouncil #immunity #immunitychallenge #survivorwednesday

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Just a small town girl who never stopped believing in her #dreams A year ago I was twirling alongside some of the beauties who paved the way for me to be a #batontwirler for the Brahmas of Stockdale 🐂💜 with MA by my name, talking of maybe one day being in the #phdstudentlife Never dreamt being 1400 miles from TX @keiseruflagship continuing doing what I love as a #studentathlete while getting to work on my #phd and be #rhinestonemamaseahawkmgr with the most spirited of #seahawknation @kuspiritteam they are the best #collegecheerfamily a #Texan could ask for Everyday I realize it's about soaring to new heights, #nodayliketoday and #sparkleshinesoar #youhaveapurpose Find your why's and passions and live out loud! #bealight I am #blessed and #thankful to say #thisisme a #survior #pcoswarrior #unfinished #collegetwirler #collegecheer #cheerfamily #youwillbefound

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There is something special and amazing about a person who had lost hope, her path in life, and pieces of herself along the way, to have to dig deep within and find the strength to fight cancer and come out on the other side as a survivor. As one of her best friends and sisters by marriage, I couldn’t be more proud of her. She faced all these challenges of cancer and life with an *unstoppable* attitude, which ultimately gave her the honorable title of Ms. April 2021. I have no doubt that she will go above and beyond her role of being an advocate to all the other women going through the same scary challenges that she and so many others have endured. She has come out on the other side as a force to be reckoned with but will always carry her experiences with breast cancer as a reminder to live your life to the fullest. I know you had two angels cheering you on last night and I’m sure couldn’t be any prouder. 💚💜 Continue to be unstoppable and remember the sky is the limit! You are truly an inspiration and a person I look up to. I love you my BFF and sister from another mother! 💗 @italianresq @h4tg_org #Ms .April #breastcancer #unstoppable #survior #advocate #strength #hope

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Adjusting to my work schedule and managing my new back has been challenging but day by day I see progress #Better #liveforyou #selflove #tampachic #survior #laloba #youmattertome #ptsd #anxiety

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The changes created by trauma in your life are not your fault. Trauma changes your nervous system, your coping mechanisms and in many ways your mindset. These changes occur because you are fight-or-flight mode ... surviving. This can look like: ▶️ Hypervigilance - always on alert ▶️ Overreacting to the given situation ▶️ Crying easily & often ▶️ Feeling unsafe at all times ▶️ Withdrawing or isolating ▶️ Sleeping excessively or not enough ▶️ Feeling anxious regularly But these changes are not meant to be lived with permanently. Once removed from the trauma, it is up to us to heal. And healing involves choosing to create change. To move from survival mode to thriving mode. I know first hand this is not an easy thing to do. It’s a process and does not happen over night. But you are not bound to live your life this way. You will have to “rewire” your nervous system to respond differently. This takes very intentional, consistent effort. Start with becoming aware. Aware you may still be responding to yourself and others as if you are still living in your trauma. This is the key first step. Healing Trauma by Peter Levine was a great resource for me. Highly recommend! Be patient with yourself. You dealt with a situation the best way you could to survive. Now, it is time to heal and get your life back! You are so much stronger than you know & when you realize this... you can regain your power and live a fulfilling, thriving life! 🙌🏻💜

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Survivors, I applaud your strength! Your surpassed the fight now it is time to celebrate! You can do this, and we are here for you. #survior #breastcancerfree #breastcancerawareness #breastcancerawareness #breast #cancersucks #cancerfree #cancersurvivors #celebrateyourwin #weapplaudyou #yougotthis #youdidit #cancerfree #breastcancerparty #breastcancertheme #backdropsignage #kksevents

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This tattoo represents that I am a Survivor. Its a reminder of how far I have come, how strong I am, and how I am still whole. Even today as I finished 4 miles in 35 minutes while pushing a stroller with my 3 year old and following my 7 year old on the bike. I am reminded of how strong I have become. It has taken me with out a doubt 20 years to get here #beingbrave . With survivorship comes alot of guilt, shame, embarrassment, and blame from others and yourself. It takes a long time to recover. I am not ashamed of how long it has taken me to be honest. Even now, it's still not a freely open subject I will talk about, unless you ask. But I am at peace though. I wish I had more inspirational words to say, but just to be kind and respectful. Treat others like you want to be treated. Kindness, Respectfulness, and Consideration for others is free and shouldn't take much effort in any situation you find yourself. Remember this is my own experience and journey. #loveothersnomatterwhat #survior #metoomovement #ladygagatattoo #sexualassultawareness #loveyourself #berespectful #bekind #beconsoderare

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We are on a mission A mission of life and death That is our mission What we choose to do Between those two missions Makes our reality


Episode 6 of panama!! It starts with Shane telling Danielle he wants out of the alliance, and later Danielle and Courtney go off on him for constantly lashing out at them, basically meaning Shane is the next to go This tim the reward challenge and immunity challenge were the same challenge. Casaya wins he challenge inning them a reward to go visit a local village! They also get to send someone from la Mina to exile, where they will be during tribal, meaning they can’t be voted out. They send sally who was the clear next person gone from la Mina. Dan ends up being the next gone bc even though the four la mina guys are incredibly close Simeon has to go and dan is the weakest physically #survior #survivorcbs #surviorfan #survivorsuperfan #survivornation #survivorfans #survivorpanama #survivorexileisland #exileisland #survivor12 #faves #surviormerge #tribal #tribalcouncil #immunity #immunitychallenge #survivorwednesday


"I wanna be me me" These were very lucky plays Game:deadbydaylight User:xzixyx Platform:xbox Mains:nancy, cheryl, spirit and plague 🥰Check out my partners🥰 💕echomainbtw 💕 @llistless 💕 @mochidva 💕 @ayuuxi 💕 @girlytings_heals 💕 @dvayeon 💕 @xoxchstr 💕 @sailormercyuwu 💕 @ashxko 💕 @echomainbtw ~`tags~` #deadbydaylight #dbd #survior #surviormain #cherylmason #nancy #strangerthings #goodplays #wannabe #itzy #montage #wannabebyitzy #kpop #kpopmontage


Hello everyone! 💕 I decided to update you all on my progress since it’s almost been 3 months since my surgery. The full video is on YouTube. I have a few pictures of my cardio rehab! Head over there 👉🏾 https://youtu.be/MqeO6eGMUPU to watch tv 📺 💕 💕 Thank you all for following my journey! #openheartsurgery #openheartsurgerysurvivor #openheartwarrior #survior #heartdiseaseawareness #winner


Focus on what is important, get back to your center and find calmness during the storm.


Play supercharges Creativity Fun is necessary for Health and Happiness


It was THIS part for me. When he talked about @zanetaalexa healing and her living to see another day. Couldn’t even help myself y’all saw me jumping and screaming at her but i couldn’t scream anymore i had to help her praise Him 😭. Love you sis happy belated birthday to one of the strongest people i know 💕 #survior #sicklecellsucks #champion

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Last night I watched episode 5 of panama!! La Mina finally breaks casaya’s win streak at the immunity challenge. Casaya has wine wine in a reward tho and the whole tribe was expecting to drink together the next day but during the night Bobby drank the wine by himself this caused the rest of the tribe to turn on him and vote him out. I undertake where they were coming from but this is still one of the craziest reasons I’ve seen for someone being voted out!! Other thoughts: my fave so far is Danielle, Terry amd Aras close behind Another part of casya’s reward was a bunch of fish (fish had been used in the challenge ) and since they couldn’t cook it bc everything was wet, so they decided to eat the fish RAW!! Im pretty sure that can make you sick Shane is still a psycho who I don’t think will last much longer. Ps: next time you start a new season, y’all to a friend and watch a season neither of of you have seen together, I’ve been watching this with @parvsidolplay and discussing after each episode and idk about them but for me that’s made it so much more fun!! #survior #survivorcbs #surviorfan #survivorsuperfan #survivornation #survivorfans #survivorpanama #survivorexileisland #exileisland #survivor12 #faves #surviormerge #tribal #tribalcouncil #immunity #immunitychallenge #survivorwednesday

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Thank you @thrivegang for sharing your daughters with us for #nationaldaughtersday 🥰If you know any Cancer Thrivers shop @thrivegang for the PERFECT gift 💝 . #repost @thrivegang ・・・ We couldn’t miss #nationaldaughtersday Sending love to all the daughters and parents of daughters everywhere💕 Here are Pearl and Paris, our co-founder Amanda’s baby girls (or little monsters🤪🥰 ). So blessed to have these little sassy, smart, beautiful girls in our lives who inspire us everyday. We strive to make them proud and to let them know that they too can do anything #girlpower . ⁣ ⁣ Also check out @afrounicorn_official created by Amanda’s cousin, April Showers. She created this inspiring line of shirts and accessories for magical little brown girls and women everywhere🦄 ⁣ ⁣ #HappyNationalDaughtersDay #ThriveGang #afrounicorn In the comment #blackbusiness #femaleowned #momprenuer #sahm #sahmlife #girlmom


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“Honestly, I’m not gonna be one of those pathetic girls whose world stops spinning because of some guy.”- Elena Gilbert The vampire diaries (season 1 ) . . . This digital art of Nina Dobrev aka Elena Gilbert took a whole day to finish. Smart, compassionate, loyal, empathetic and at times sassy! She’s my present favourite <3 . . . Art by: @sindhuu .xx . . —————————— #thevampirediaries #theoriginals #thelegacies #elenagilbert #katherinepierce #tatiapetrova #amarapetrova #ninadobrev #doppleganger #stelena #delena #sassy #love #survior #vampire #stefansalvatore #damonsalvatore #tvd #digitalart #artistsoninstagram #bloodlust #gilbert #bonniebennett #carolineforbes #tvdforever #witch #arts_promote #theartville_ #artsy #instagram

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After a nasty controlling, abusive ex-husband. ( I still have scars on my body that reminds me of the pain, but I used them to make me stronger ) and an ugly divorce. I let myself go, eating anything and drinking away my pain. Before I knew it. I was close to 300 lbs. Then I met the now true love of my life, who adores me and would go into the clouds and curry them if I asked him to. ( yup he knows how much I love curry ). I would watch him working out every day, looking leaned and toned. Until one day I was like wait a minute. I can't have him looking better than me I am the Diva in the house. So I got my act together and start working on me. Then I was introduced to the Vegan lifestyle. I had no idea what I was doing. But hey! look at me now cooking and currying the air we breathe, and showing people you can still eat Vegan food and not miss out. This lifestyle helped me become so much aware of so many things. Including the earth, animals, and self. Many of you may not know I suffer from very, bad migraine headaches. I have been keeping a track of the foods and things that triggers my headaches, and so far not bad at all. My goal is to be 100% healed. From 296 lbs to 156lbs. Did it all naturally. All it takes is discipline, will power and determination. Feels good to be fitting into a size 8 & some 6. Instead of an 18/20 40 years old and living my best life, with a hubby that loves and supports me the way I always love and support in my relationship. #survior

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Happy cancer survivor awareness month! Almost every childhood cancer survivor will have some sort of health issue for the rest of their life. So many childhood cancer survivors experience PTSD and anxiety disorders. After being declared cancer free, these kids still have to go to scans every few months and go to heart checkups due to the toxic and harsh chemo and radiation these children are given at a young age. The battle is not over when hair grows back. Celebrate and support your cancer survivor this month and every month! #cancer #childhoodcancer #cancersurvivor #gogold #amputee #survior IG: @teamabri @prayersforclaire @4_gym_girls_rbmc @lillybumpus_giveforward

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This Saturday the one and only bartender Alex is returning to Pine Box from noon to 5! Alex is donating ALL her tips to the North Brooklyn Coalition: A foundation supporting survivors of domestic violence founded right here in a Bushwick. Pine Box will be matching her donation. Show your support and love for Alex and #allwomen . Read Alex’s story in her own words on insta @nursebuci #bushwickbrooklyn #survior #eastwilliamsburg #bushwick #domesticviolenceawareness #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #nofear #wonderwoman #metoo #healingjourney #supportsurvivors

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Chemo again... only 3 more weeks after this one.... #fuckcancer #survior #battletested @richthebarberhfbs @archerhybridfitness @roadragebarbie90

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ITS MY SURGI-VERSARY!!!!!!!! July 20, 2017 i went to the ER with horrible pain and wound up getting emergency surgery which left me with a colostomy bag. So what was supposed to be temporary turned into permanent and life changing. I will forever celebrate my surgery date; i was knocking on deaths door and i refuse to ever go back!! I spent a total of 11 days in the hospital before i could gain strength to come home. Through everything i celebrate the person I’ve become. I have learned that my new normal is ok and i am no longer ashamed of petunia (yeah the bag has a name! ) people often call me strong and an inspiration and i always say “me?!” I guess because often times i don’t see what y’all see lol. But i appreciate every message and all words of encouragement because on the days where i just can’t, those words move me. Crohns will not keep me down. Head up and my heels high 👑 DROP A 💪🏾 FOR MY SURGIVERSARY!! • 3 years down and it’s still no colon and still Rollin! • •Working on two years straight of no hospital visits!!! • 📸 MY MOMMA! • #crohnsdisease #crohnsawareness #colostomy #colostomybag #crohnswarrior #survior #warrior #phillycrohns #securethebag #chelleslaysit #stomachout #crohnsandcolitis #crohnslife #crohnsfighter #crohnsgirl #crohnssurvivor #crohnssurgery #strong

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⁣She Did It!!! CANCER FREE😭❤😍 Little 3year old Lula was diagnosed with Stage 2 Kidney Cancer and we couldn’t be happier to share this post. “It Came. We Fought. I Won.”🤩 Tap to congratulate this warrior🥰 #CancerFree ⠀ ⠀ 📷 @kris_bowden & @kbowdenphoto ⠀ ⠀ Follow @she_saidyes & tag #she_saidyes to your inspirational stories💞💞⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ...⠀

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What happens when you start taking care of yourself? You begin to grow. You begin to understand what you truly need and who you need around you. You begin to feel. Feel things that you haven’t wanted to feel for so long. You begin to speak up. Speak up against injustice and advocate for yourself & others. You begin to learn. Learn who you are in this big world and why that is significant. You begin to create boundaries. Boundaries that keep you safe & challenge you at the same time. You begin to step away. Step away from friendships that don’t fuel you anymore. You begin to find you again. The raw, vulnerable, truest you. When you start taking care of yourself, you will find you all over again.

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The choice was hers 👑 #survior #humor #courage #grace