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The most important things selena taught me is to be true to yourself, to be kind and to fight in everything i believe for. She taught me to turn the other cheek, to let the critics be critics and let us just trust ourselves. 🧡 (ignore tags ) #selenagomez #selena #selenators #selenator #selenatorforever #selenagomezfan #selflove #selenagomezoutfit #selenagomezedits #selenagomezfan #selenagomezrare #rarebeauty #raredeluxe #rarealbum #selenaedits #fanpage #selenavideos #selenanoticeme #sexlikeselena #selenaandchef #family #fans #fyp #likeforlikes #killemwithkindness #gomez #selenaisback #selenainbw #blackandwhite #wearerare #sg

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Happy 1 year to this masterpiece ❤️ @selenagomez @rarebeauty

3 days ago

So I'm an overthinker. I overthink a lot. It's like my mind never rests. I keep thinking and thinking without realising. Sometimes it gets to the point where I'm thinking about somebody's death and what's gonna happen after that. I get so scared and anxious. I cannot sleep at night most days. Feel tired,angry & exhausted the whole day. It's like my body wants to sleep but my mind doesn't let it. Saw the list below today on the internet & almost everything written happens to me: SIGNS OF OVERTHINKING 1. Second guess everything 2. catastrophize or expect the worst 3. Have insomnia 4. Regret often 5. Can't let things go 6. Take things personally when they aren't 7. Are a perfectionist 8. Criticize yourself a lot 9. Never feel 100% certain 10. Feel tense 11. analyze things to death 12. Feel like you can't turn your brain off I've been trying to not do it but I'm not able to. It really messes me up. I start doubting myself. Think negatively about things happening or about to happen. I know many of you go through this. And if you do something that helps you please share it with me. Also do share your stories with me about absolutely anything. I wouldn't judge you & will not let anyone else either ❤️ Let me know in the comments

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Selena wearing yellow💛 #selenagomezoutfit

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Isn't it crazy? Isn't it crazy how you put so much effort into a person and they just don't see it. It hurt and it hurts so much but you still continue to do your best cause you love them, continue lying to yourself that it will get better but deep down you know it won't. You deserve a lot so put that effort into yourself. Stop worrying about that one girl/boy cause they ain't worth those tears. When they see you're happy with someone else trust me they will come running back and that's when you tell em "You had me but you lost me." You have to love yourself before you can love somebody else. One day someone is going to sweep you off your feet, it may take long but you will get it, you just have to be patient. Live day by day. Don't worry. @selenagomez @rarebeauty @selenafanclub DISCLAIMER: I DON'T OWN THESE PICTURES. CREDIT TO RESPECTIVE OWNERS.


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Dec 2017

All looks in one day ❤️ Which one do prefer: 1,2 or 3? @selenagomez 😍 My favorite is 3rd 👑

May 2020

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Jun 2020

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